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[ When Raven's comm clicks on, she looks... well, ecstatic. Kind of crazed, actually. Her arrival here was rocky, in that she spent the first twenty minutes raving at the imPort machine that she couldn't be here, that kidnapping was a felony, that her friends needed her back home, all that. When she finally listened to what the machine wanted, it made her furious for a second (you took me away from my home and you don't even know my name?!), but then... Code name. Hey, she had a code name. A great one! After receiving her dogtags and being told to leave, she was actually in a much better mood. Because clearly this is all okay. This is how she would be helping mutant-kind. She wasn't home, exactly, but there must have been a reason she's been brought here, right? Finally, finally she had a sense of direction, instead of feeling like she was just a pawn in somebody else's war. Clearly she isn't alone here and there's a reason she was being referred to as "hero". Yes. This is all good. ]


[ T R I U M P H. The technology here is astoundingly different than what she's use to back home (in 1962), so the fact that she's managed to turn on her communicator at all is a freaking miracle. She's so very proud of herself for figuring it out.

Way to go, hero.

Hello everyone! My name is Ra-- Mystique. I'm a new hero here. Though I'm actually looking for a few friends, and I don't know how to call them personally, so, um - Magneto? Hello? Professor X? You're here too, right? I mean, you have to be.

[ Slight falter in that smile - what if they're not? ]

Um, Havok? And Banshee too...

You guys are all here, right? I can't- ['do this without you' but, ah. that's not very hero-like. ] They're crazy if they think I can do this alone.


Dec. 24th, 2011 02:49 pm
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So, as I sit here wrapping a lot more Christmas presents than I thought I would have to, I was thinking about Christmas's before. When I was little I didn't celebrate for...well, just because. And then when I got a little older, after I met Charles, I did, but the presents tended to be...hit or miss.

Some of them were just awful. Charles's mother once gave me bright green socks. That were much too big. Four pairs of them.

So what's the worst gift you've ever gotten? And who was it from? Well, unless they're in the city, then you probably shouldn't say...

Unless you want to. Or don't care.

[Filtered to Donna Troy] )

[Filtered to Hank McCoy] )


Aug. 30th, 2011 07:30 pm
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[Raven is perched on her couch in her MAC apartment, in blonde mode, legs folded under her as she absently flips through a magazine. She smiles at her phone.]

So, not waitressing anymore. Which is...a relief, really. I genuinely don't like doing that, even if I am good at it. In theory I'll be working at the Institute! I'm actually looking forward to it. I think. I'm a little nervous.

[She shrugs.]

Anyway. Can anyone point me towards apartment listings that are...reasonably priced and not awful? I've never really needed to find one before, and I figure if I am getting a job that isn't, well...terrible...I can probably afford something a bit more upscale than the MAC.

Filtered to Charles )

Filtered to Tonks )


Jul. 10th, 2011 08:41 pm
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[Raven is sprawled out on the couch in her MAC apartment in a pair of slacks and a blouse, looking vaguely annoyed.]

Okay, I know I haven't lived alone in...ages, but it is supposed to be this boring? I go to work, I come home...I go back to work. At least back home...Home-home, I mean...Charles would be around. He's a huge stick in the mud half the time and he was always working on his thesis that was duller than dirt but at least he was someone to talk to.

I need something to do. Somewhere to go. Anyone maybe want to go dancing? People still do that, right?

[She looks like she's about to hang up, then she pauses.]

Oh, has anybody seen Wally West? He's not answering his phone.

[Raven's first experience with people getting ported out.]


Jun. 29th, 2011 04:39 pm
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[Raven is sitting on a bench when the phone clicks on, in her 'blonde, normal guise,' dressed in a mix of modern and out of date clothing, her legs crossed, foot bobbing in a faint, unconscious twitch. She's not looking at the camera at first, but watching some people go by before her gaze finally shifts to the screen. She's still not really used to the whole idea of a tiny television that functions like a telephone and that she can keep in her pocket, but she's...adapting. Considering what else this world has.]

There are people here, who look...different. Furry, or red, or with wings or a tail

Well, anyway, different.

[She shifts a bit, as if she's not entirely certain how to say what she wants to say.]

If any of you are listening, do you ever have any problems walking around like that? do people...get scared, run away, get...dangerous? Or if you don't look you have any opinion when you see people like that?

[Another little pause, more awkward thought collecting, and she sucks in a little breath before the rest of the words come out in a rush.]

Would you hide? Or disguise yourself? I mean, if you could.


Jun. 19th, 2011 11:26 pm
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[The camera clicks on to a screen half-covered by a couple fingers, and the faint click-click of some of the buttons on the phone being fiddled with. Raven can be seen, looking up at the ceiling as she listens to the porters 'Welcome to the City' greeting and toying with the phone it had told her to pick up. She's in 'blonde' mode, dressed in a light grey blouse and a pair of black pants that are rather obviously many decades out of style. She looks almost bewildered, really, a little perplexed frown on her face as the porter explains being in the city and being a hero and all of that. She doesn't seem to realize she has turned the phone on.]

[When the porter finally mentions using it to contact people, her gaze immediately drops down and her finger slides off the screen, frowning at it. She taps the screen lightly with a finger, her expression getting even more befuddled, and then looks back up as the porter finishes her explanations.]

Well, that was nuts.

[Finally, as silence settles in, Raven looks back at the phone. It does sort of look like a phone, she supposed. If you looked at the buttons the right way.]

[She runs her free hand through her hair, looking around the room as if expecting someone to jump out and yell 'surprise' at her, and then she moves across it to the doors out onto the street. But she pauses at the doors, apparently not exactly liking what she sees out there as she takes a few steps back. What had the voice said about the date? Good lord...]

[She turns back to the phone. had said she could reach people, right? She turns it around a few times in her hand before she decides she's holding it properly.]

I...My name is Raven. I'm looking for Charles Xavier, if...if he's here? Or Erik Lensherr. Or any of the others really god this is completely insane.

[Her attention shifts away from the phone again and she takes a few pacing steps, the screen swinging, not even trying to turn it off as she begins searching the porter room for a way home.
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You all know the saying. While the mice are away, the cats will play.

Anyone out there want to buy a girl a drink? Saturday nights can be so boring when you're alone.
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[The video feed opens with footage of a young woman sitting at a table outside what appears to be a big chain coffee shop. She brushes a strand of short green hair out of her face, absently touches one of the many piercings that outline the curve of her ear, and grins at the camera. Yeah, it's genderswapped Teddy, what of it? When she speaks, it's with a heavy Chicago accent.]

You know what I love about this place? It's so easy to blend in. [She winks one bright yellow eye, grins again, and settles back in her chair.]

Now, I'm sure you're all very busy preparing for Herr Major's little Charge of the Light Brigade, so I'll keep this short. [Mystique leans forward over the table.] I've decided to reform the Brotherhood. The real Brotherhood. Those of you who are interested in joining me may leave your names along with this message. Those of you interested in sponsering the team may do likewise.

[She flips the camera a salute.] Have a nice day, meatbags.
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[The scene is much as it was in Mystique's first post, only instead of an old man in red and purple, the figure sitting in the chair is female, completely naked, and dark blue. Her eyes glow softly in the semi-darkness as she regards the camera.

Slowly, she stands, displaying her unmarked body. After ten seconds or so, she begins to shift, sedately at first, then faster and faster until identities are riffling across her skin like playing cards being shuffled by an expert croupier. Many of them are immediately recognisable: Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Captain America, Spider-Man, Jubilee, Sabretooth, Catwoman, the Joker, Archangel. Cameron Hodge is the last, and she remains in his body for a few more seconds. Then, with a shake of her head, she's blue once more. She walks towards the camera and picks it up, so the image swings to a close-up of her face.

If you try that again, I'll blow your fucking head off.
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Do you people intend to kill this creature?

[a thoughtful pause]

Would you do the same, I wonder, if this were one of your own?
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[The video feed begins with footage of a man in red and purple, sitting in a metal office chair. His face is partially obscured by heavy shadow. He leans forward, looking directly into the camera.]

People of the City, I have a question for you. It will be within your best interests to answer this question truthfully.

[He brings into a view a newspaper, folded to focus on the lead story and accompanying picture. It's months old, but still readable. The banner headline reads: ANTI-MUTANT RALLY ATTRACTS RECORD CROWD. There's a nice shot of Hodge mid-speech.

The man in red lowers the newspaper. It creases and buckles in his grip. When he speaks again, his voice is low, and dangerous.

Where is Cameron Hodge?


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