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[Today we have quite a presentation! It's Ren and Kai, at a cafe. It's brightly lit, and Kai seems to have only just noticed the camera.

He's also got a scarf tied over his usual spiky mess of hair, and has an apron on. The drinks he's balancing expertly give a telltale explanation - clearly he has a job.

It's Ren's communicator, though, and Ren who speaks up.]

Kai, say hello, okay?

[Kai pauses to set the drink Ren had ordered onto his table, and then he gives his friend a stern look.]

Don't take a video of me while I'm working.... It's distracting...

I'm trying to get you business! Besides, you should smile when you serve a customer!

[The camera turns fully to Kai, almost... expectantly.]


[He gives Ren an earnest looking smile, then, but by the twitch of his eyebrow, it's obvious he's a little annoyed.]

...I'm not sure this will get this place anymore business, Ren..

Sure it will! Hey, if anyone's free, come down here. You can keep me company while Kai is working!

[An address is left with the post, presumably for this cafe. Ren signs off with a pleasant wave as Kai stalks off, presumably to actually do his job.]

[[ren is red, kai is blue. action responses are a-okay and encouraged!]]
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[Good morning, Network! Ren's here at the park with a pair of cheap fuzzy bunny ears jammed over his hair and a handful of small foil-wrapped eggs held up for the camera.]

It's Easter! I don't usually celebrate it back home, but it's a much more important time here, so I thought I'd get into the spirit of things. Sometimes it's just nice to join in with the celebrations and add a little bit of colour to the day, right?

This is all I bought for now, though. [He turns over the tiny eggs in his hand, watching the foil shine absently.] I'll buy some on sale during the week, probably. After all, I'm still pretty broke!

So, I guess this has two purposes. First to say happy Easter to everyone who cares about it, and two... I'd like a job! If anyone is hiring, please consider me!

[Says the guy who is probably past the age where it's acceptable to be wearing bunny ears in public.]
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[Good morning, Network! It's Ren, his hair swept over one shoulder - because clamped between the other and his ear is a box. His hands are otherwise preoccupied by two black-backed stacks of cards. Setting them all down in front of the camera, he readjusts his hair before offering the video feed a slightly forced smile. He turns away slightly pick up the top card of the left pile, staring at it thoughtfully.]

Having friends arrive is a great feeling, isn't it? Even though part of you is sad that they've had to leave home as well, you can't help but feel a bit better since you're not so lonely.

[The card is set down, the little box opened, and both piles stacked neatly inside. Ren leans on his forearms, still avoiding looking directly at the camera.]

That's a feeling everyone has, but what about other things that can be missed? Places or objects only found back in your own world. There's not really a way to bring them here. No matter how many friends arrive, there are some things that just aren't the same - you can't hang out at the usual place, play with the usual things, connect the usual way with people.

[A few moments of quiet, before he seems to brighten and laugh.]

Maybe it's a silly thing to worry about?
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[This evening on the Network, there is a video that starts off with nothing but a shot of someone rifling through the Porter's pamphlets, and the occasional surprised noise offscreen.

A few moments in, though, the camera is turned around to Ren's face. He looks pretty confused.]

Ah, hello! I'm Ren Suzugamori. I've been reading these handouts properly just now, even though I got here a couple of days ago. When I got here, I thought I was meant to be somewhere else, and I got really worried. But then I kind of realised this was a different place, which seems right.

[There's a frown, and a hand pressed over his right eye. The one left visible is squinted, but you might just see it... glowing?]

Since- Since I can't hear them anymore, even though this is-- ow. [A sigh, and he looks up again. The glow is gone.] So the brochure said we were supposed to have powers, but mine aren't the same. Well, they're a bit the same, but...

I feel a little lonely!


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