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[ a video pops up shortly, showing off a pair of NEKO MIMI EARS sitting on her head. they don't appear to be doing anything at the moment. ]

See how they twitch? They're suppose to follow your brain waves or something and it's super cute don't you think? [ ... still not moving. ] Fuck, I think I'm too excited right now they're standing up right.

Okay I'm going to relax watch.... Oh, c'mon!

[ she looks down, a little perplexed by the situation (how awkward is this!) when the ears finally moves downward and twitches back up. ]

Yeah! There you go. Cool as fuck right? Anyways, big thanks to Kanaya for them. My cat can't stop staring at me when I wear them. Don't think I'm going all kitty-kin on you guys though, one hundred percent human here who has made her way to a sweet number of sixteen.

But let me say it again guys because this is seriously important... Wizard Club.
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[ Hello everyone! You thought it was going to be a quiet day now didn't you? Well, you thought wrong! One Roxy Lalonde has turned on a communicator during some serious baking talk! Or well, really exciting baking talk from her bestest friend, Jane Crocker. Jane is super excited to share the experience with her BFF5EVERZ. ]

Now then, I've the recipe right here. This pie business is a lot of work, but If we divvy up the tasks, we're sure to come out on top! [ Jane gives her a big, toothy grin. ] So, my dear friend, do want to be in charge of the crust or the filling?

The filling, of course! I got a top secret ingredient in mind for that too.

[ Roxy then gives a wink to the audience. It's show time! ]

Welcome to The Cake and Bake Show of Janey and Ro-lal guys. So listen up! I'll reveal the little secret for everybody right away because who likes waiting.
[ ps: it's a bottle of wine... ] Now let's just pour that in the bowl.

[ This causes Jane to go pale immediately, her eyes wide. She can't.... She can't tell if Roxy's being serious or not. ]

No! Roxy, there's no gosh darn way you're pouring that in there! It'll ruin the whole thing!

Oh, Jane. Don't be such a tight ass. It's good to experiment.

[ Oh but, she's serious, and she tips the bottle as Jane waves the spoon she had in her hand. ]

No, no no. Experimenting is the very last thing you want to do with baking! Things need to be precise.
 [ Nope, Roxy's pouring. ] Roxy, NO!

[ Jane flings the spoon in protest in Roxy's general direction. It slips out of her hand, barely misses Roxy... and embeds itself into the wall. Roxy looks at the spoon... and back at Jane. ]

What the FUCK?

[ The feed cuts off quickly after. so much for that baking show.

... and few minutes later text pops up: ]

we are experiencing tehcnical difficulities please stand by
this is rolal btw reporting on janeys phone so nvm mind the color and all
guess we foudn out one of her powers :3
and yes im stlil alive <3
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[ ps. sober tags will get drunk and drunker as we go. ]
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caption: i am a cat yes i play vid games

Check out my new cat dudes, found him in the alley when we were blowing shit up. Already a pro gamer and everything, but def not as good as me. I still gotta name him, so I'll be taking up on some names if you have something good. Gotta be cool as fuck or else I'll put a big x mark on your screen and you're banned for life.

[ she holds up her hands and forms an x with her fingers. ]

Glad to be back to normal beeteedouble-yew, not that I didn't enjoy walking into bars without my id getting checked and shit. But I'm sticking to my semi-sober schedule program once again thanks very much. [ didn't stop her from totally stocking up the whole house with alcohol though, ololol. you're welcome guys. ]

Oh, and don't forget how I'm gonna look in ten years, 'cuz I'm gonna be hot as fuck.

[ file attached: checkoutthishothaxxorbitch.gif ]

You don't wanna miss out. [ wink. ] Ne-ways! Serious cat names please. And maybe some video game recs too while you're at it. Something old school or I'mma have to kick you out again. Bam, another x marks the spot of someone that needs to be ripped a new one. We don't even do strikes here, just one and you're out forever. So I guess you're technically dead by the time I give you x number two... whatever. We can have video game sessions if you want too, can't play video games with only my cat forever.

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[ arriving a little while ago roxy doesn't take long to introduce herself. she was already starting to feel a little sick and she knew a hangover was coming, but she can ignore that for something like this for the time being!! who wouldn't?

time to enter with a bang.

or what she thinks is a bang. ]

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