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I have been in the City for a little more than forty days. I do not believe I will be sent home as I had been hoping I would.

[There is a moment of silence, Ryusei taking just a moment to gather his thoughts.]

Adjusting to living in this City has not been easy but I have been managing. I have a question about something I read in the pamphlet I got at the Porter building though. It mentions that we may have acquired super powers upon being Ported in. I was wondering if there was a way to find out whether or not that has happened. [Really he's just trying to find out if there's something that would reveal that he's secretly Meteor but there's no need to let everyone else in on that.]

I do not feel super but I am not sure if I would. If anyone can tell me, I would be very grateful.
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[Meteor's standing on top of one of the City's taller buildings right now. All transformed and sparkling, he gives a slight nod to the camera.]

I'm looking for Aries. If they're here in the City, let me know now. Their fate is mine to decide.

[There's a pause, Meteor debating whether or not he should say anything else.]

Don't bother trying to take them on yourself. You'll just be in the way.

[Rude, yes. But he doesn't want to have to deal with anyone getting between him and his goal.]

(ooc: The name attached to this comm is just 'N/A | Meteor')]
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[Ryusei's looking a little bruised when he turns on the comm. A cut on his forehead's been recently patched up and he's putting on the timid act again. By the looks of things, he's in the clinic.]

Is it safe to come out again? There are no more monsters?

[He frowns, looking around.]

I am sorry I was not able to help while there were. I was attacked by the men in masks and hid. I am very sorry.

[He bows sightly to the camera. There's a pause, Ryusei needing a moment to hide his annoyance at this act. Eventually he straightens back up.]

Is there anything I can do to help now that the fighting is over?
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[He's still in the Porter building, pressed against a wall and looking carefully out of a window. Ryusei's looking worried, like he thinks something might jump out at him if he moves from where he is. He jumps when he notices the camera is recording, giving a forced smile to the communicator.]

Ah...hello. Is anyone listening to this broadcast?

[He knows people are but he's still acting.]

Can someone please tell me where I am. This place does not look like anywhere I have ever been before.

[He frowns.]

That machine told me I am supposed to be a hero but I believe there has been a mistake. I'm just a student.

I would appreciate any help getting back home.

(ooc: The name attached to this communicator is just 'Ryusei Sakuta | N/A'.)


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