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[ Hello, there, Network. You are now presented with a perhaps-familiar face, though it's not one that's been broadcast over the communicators before. This is Kurt Wagner's choice of disguise, and he smiles very convincingly for the camera. He's in some sort of dining hall, well-dressed (by appearance, at least) and seated beside another potentially-familiar individual. ]

Certain people close to us might have noticed we're running late in returning from vacation. As it turns out, we decided rather suddenly to make our return trip aboard this lovely ship, here. Never you worry, though, we are having a fantastic time and meeting plenty of wonderous people.

[ The lady beside him, also dressed formally, bats him lightly on the arm] Heads up. Blondie and Frank.

[ Both Selina and the holographically-disguised Kurt adopt very bright expressions as they're greeted by a voice beyond the camera's view. There's a short bout of friendly hellos between the off-camera couple, and Selina promises that they'll meet up for drinks later. Once the interruption is done with, Kurt turns back to his communicator. ]

We are Stefan and Emeline Müller, by the way.

A stage actor and romance novelist, respectively.

Introduced by a mutual friend, residents of Westchester... This is so entertaining, it almost makes up for the split lip and the shiner I've got hiding under this hologram.

[ As if on cue Selina delicately pushes back the sleeve of her dress, revealing the discolored bruising that reflects some rough handling. ]

Honestly, you'd think they forgot how to treat a lady.

Oh! That reminds me! Apart from wanting to let friends and aquaintances know we are alive, we do also have a warning... Do not try to teleport into the countries blocked off to us. They are apparently very good at finding you if you do that sort of thing.

Just to let you know. Hopefully, that is helpful.
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It feels good to be all settled in. I'd give you the grand tour, but a girl needs a bit of privacy. Trust me, it's nice.

With that out of the way, my datebook is achingly empty. How much time do I have before someone else completely loses it and tears our little city asunder?

I wouldn't guess much.
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[ The communicator clicks on, voice only. How mysterious. Though she doesn't do anything to disguise her voice. ]

Wherever you go, there you are. That's what they say, right? And here I am. Now, I've got nothing against a change of pace, but I'm the kind of girl who likes to plan these things out in advance. I guess I won't be seeing a return ticket any time soon.

But hey, I'm adaptable, I'm sure I'll find something here to keep me busy.

And just who is it that I'm speaking to, by the way? Call me curious.
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[ Look at the fancy bedroom! Selina's tangled up in the sheets, still asleep. Pussy Galore is curled up in a ball on the pillow next to her. A low rumble of a voice comes from behind the camera, smug and lightly amused. And British. ]

Always a pleasure to wake up next to this Pussy.

[ Selina opens one eye. Not so asleep after all. ]

Very funny. I still say you should change her... Are you recording this?

[ Though the video drops just slightly, James doesn't seem to be making much effort to hide it. ]

As if I'd do that.

[ Selina bundles the sheet even tighter around her. No need to flash the whole Network. ]


Selina, darling, don't be shy.

Shy, right. A life-long problem of mine. You're going to give people the wrong idea.

Or entirely the right one. [ You can all but hear his smirk. ] Did you sleep well?

Yes. Is breakfast ready?

[ She smirks right back. There's a lingering pause form behind the camera as James realises just how that question will come across, along with his answer which is a hesitant sounding;] ]


[ She's grinning. ] Good. A girl does like feeling pampered.

Hn, I'll go get it, shall I?

In a minute, perhaps. Want to give me my comm?

Not if you're going to switch it off.

Damn. You saw through my clever plan.

The network needs it's entertainment. Let's allow them that much.

[ The camera creeps forward more and more, mostly because James is aiming for smooches. Selina rolls her eyes but lets James kiss her. ]

There. Pride satisfied?

Not completely, but it'll do for now.

I swear, you're the most...

[ She breaks off as she starts to glow. Her smile disappears. ]


[ And with a flash, she's gone. Ported out. ]


[ The comm is dropped as he grapples in thin air and then, seconds later, the feed cuts. ]

ooc | bold = Selina Kyle, Regular = James Bond
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[ A super posh hotel room or apartment (spoiler: James' place). Selina's sitting on a leather couch, idly eating a truffle from a fancy box of chocolates. She wears a fluffy white robe with something silk underneath. Ramus the leopard is curled up on the couch next to her and a little gray cat peers over he shoulder. ]

It's been a very difficult few days. But I've somehow managed to make it through.

[ Another chocolate. Pussy Galore, the gray kitty, snuggles against her cheek. ]

Not exactly the first time I've had my residence blown up. [ Or the second or third... ] But I can't say I've ever had so many offers for help afterward. Particularly from those willing to brutally murder the mystery perpetrator. It's incredibly sweet, thank you everyone.

[ A little pause, like she's reveling in the friendship and all the luxury around her. Ramus growls a bit, catching her attention. ]

That's right, almost forgot. [ Ramus gets a scratch behind the ears. ] Anyone have an explanation for how exactly Andy Bernard ended up carved up at City Hall in a copy of my costume? Aside from the skullheaded freak, of course.
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[ BIG HUGE FIRE AND SMOKE AND STUFF. There's a posh apartment building in the background with the upper levels on fire. Anyone who knows where Selina lives will recognize it as HER apartment building. OH SHIT.

And there's Selina herself, sitting on a rooftop across the way, smudged with a bit of ash but otherwise looking okay. Her expression is cold enough to kill.

You missed.

[ The comm lowers and there's a glimpse of a small fuzzy broken body in her arms before the video shuts off. ]

ooc || Selina pissed off Osborn and he sent Bullseye to blow up her apartment. She just lost 3+ years of stuff and a couple of her cats (whom she heard die in her brain). She isn't in a good mood.
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I knew it was a good idea to let other people test out the new comms first.

[ Someone sounds amused. ]
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When I got here, it was 2008.

[ A little pause to ponder that. ]

And now it's 2012 and everyone's talking about the world ending. At least it wasn't one of ours this time.

[ She pauses like she's about to say something else, then disconnects instead. ]
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People always seem to like those moral quandaries people throw up on here. So here's an easy one.

How far have you gone to protect someone else? And how far would you go?

[ Encrypted separately to James, Kurt, Zevran, and Logan. ]
We need to talk.
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So the world didn't end. And now I've been here over three years.

Mm. I was never big on anniversaries anyway.
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[ Selina's wearing a stylish new leather jacket and sitting in a cafe with some distinctive decor sipping a coffee. ]

They say Caffè Greco is the oldest cafe in Rome. Been around since 1760. So this little coffee spot is older than the United States. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

[ Yup, someone ditched James Bond at the airport and didn't come home. ]

I should be back next week. I seem to recall a few boys owe me a few dates, after all. But I might as well see some of the sights while I'm over here.
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Eleven million for a date with little ol' me. Can't say I expected bidding to go even higher than last time.

[ She doesn't exactly sound thrilled, though. ]

As nice as it is to feel wanted, I'm actually a bit more concerned about the rampant string of murders at the moment. Does anyone have any idea what the hell's going on yet?

[ She hesitates, then disconnects. ]
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Has anyone heard from Dick? The Joker said...

[ The voice clicks off. And then she sends a text link to this. ]

[Addition: 20 minutes later]
Never mind.
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[ Someone hasn't posted on here in a while. Voice-only for the moment. She sounds a bit resigned, as if she always expected to be making this post. ]

It looks like Bruce Wayne's been Ported out again.

[ A pause. Nope, nothing else to add. ]
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[ Someone's out and about in the City. The video shows more of the streets than the speaker. ]

I don't really think about it most of the time, but I guess I have been stuck here longer than most people. Been sent home a few times, but a lot more time passed there than here.

And the why of it doesn't make any more sense now than it did way back when.

[ Someone's in a contemplative mood and she doesn't seem too pleased about it. ]

Most seem to settle in here okay after a while. Hell, maybe some are happy to have a second chance or whatever you want to call this. But I'd bet most of it is just adapting to whatever crap life throws at you, even when it's as screwed up as getting tossed between realities.

[ A little pause. ]

A lot of people are better at adapting than they realize.

Interested in taking over managing the bar when you get back?

ENCRYPTED to Cassandra
You doing okay running things at the dojo?

How do you feel about rolling the operation of the Starlight Center into the Wayne Foundation?
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[ Selina's seated on a plush leather sofa. Anyone who knows her apartment will recognize it. She's holding an exotic-looking wild cat a bit larger than a domestic cat. And she looks rather bemused. ]

Okay, I know my tastes are a bit on the obvious side. But my home address isn't. So who the hell sent me this?

[ The cat looks up at her almost like it's offended. Selina strokes its head. ]

Not that I don't like her...

ooc || Spoilers: It was Daken.
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[ Giant fangs! The camera focuses on what looks like a saber-toothed tiger chilling out in Central Park. And then the view pans around. There are quite a few of them, actually. At least a dozen. All gathered together...

And finally the video shifts around to Selina. It looks like she's wearing her black leather catsuit, although her cowl is absent. She's grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary.

Guess this whole thing isn't that bad. I've always wanted one of these guys.
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I've heard people talk about stuff disappearing when certain people are Ported in. Like if they're from a movie in this reality or something. Never seen it happen myself until now.

Anyone working on how or why it happens? Guess it's nicer than leaving it for the people coming in to see for themselves. But the Porter usually isn't nice, is she?

ooc || Someone's been looking for her/any copy of Casino Royale since James got back.
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[ It's an adult! Who looks rather peeved. She briefly aims the camera at a scared baby leopard cowering by the window. ]

Does anyone know what the hell caused this yet?

[ She reaches over to stroke the baby leopard's head. The camera catches baby Ramus' rather sudden shift in mood before she switches it off. ]
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[ Oh hey, look who's back. She's decked out in the full catsuit and it looks like she's already found a rooftop. Typical. ]

Having two and a half years of memories suddenly jammed into your head is a hell of a way to get a headache. But at least this place isn't on fire. Gotham was pretty much... damnit!

[ The camera shifts enough to show a couple pigeons in the process of divebombing. One, two cracks of the whip and they're down for good. In bloody pieces. ]

Not exactly a sign of Armageddon.

[ Weighty pause. ]

Moving targets are fun and all, but a girl does prefer scaling a building in peace. I hope someone's working on this mess.

[ And her voice softens a bit, some of the bravado fading. ]

Just a week, huh?
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[ It's Ivy's apartment!  Which... really isn't apparent at first glance, because there is a wide array of pillows just everywhere and all kinds of candy and popcorn strewn all over everything.  The distinct strains of Hakuna Matata.  Ivy is looking carefully composed and generally displeased. ]

For those of you who care, Harely Quinn has been ported out of the City.

[ There's a pause, like she's about to say more, but she grimaces and shifts to turn off the camera.  Selina appears in the background, similarly composed and generally displeased, tossing in with an almost pointedly casual tone: ]

Anyone up for looking after a pair of Hyenas?

[ooc: Backdated to before the Beard Plot . /derp]
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[ Someone sounds rather bored. Bored enough that she was actually flipping through the TV channels. ]

Considering the number of endangered species that are routinely slaughtered for their hides, making a coat out of a fairly common breed of dog isn't all that horrific in the scheme of things.

This is why I rarely bother watching movies.
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Everything's set for Danny Rand's new dojo to open tomorrow. Even if Danny's not here at the moment.

[ A little pause. ]

Guess that means we'll need another teacher or two.

[ Private to Cassandra ]
Everything's in my name, but Danny wanted you to be the one in charge day-to-day. You okay with testing any potential instructors?
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Seems like too many people in this business have major beef with their parents.

[ She's silent for a moment. ]

Or else they love them maybe a bit too much.

[encrypted to Bruce]

We need to talk.
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[ She sounds tired. And angry. ]

Swung by the Tool Shed and it was chaos. Seems the night crowd saw Logan get Ported out and thought that meant the booze was on the house.

Cleared them out for now. Who all is working there? I'll make sure everyone gets paid their salary. Keep the place afloat in case he comes back. Porter does seem to like him.

[ But she doesn't sound that hopeful. ]
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[ Yelling, sounds of fighting. The occasional scream. Wherever this is coming from is in chaos. Selina's voice comes on, hushed and hurried. ]

Bunch of thugs attacking Rand's dojo. Look like the Joker's men. The kids in class...

[ A crash and the comm cuts off. ]

ooc | She won't be replying until after the fighting is over and the dojo has been destroyed.
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And a week later, everything's back to normal. Aside from a few extra countries that is. Isn't it nice to have brand new places to visit without hopping realities.

[ Why yes, that is sarcasm. ]

Seems like most people have gotten good at adjusting to this crap.
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[ This is a TV clip, but it is being played directly from Selina's comm. After all, she promised Norman. Late night TV viewers might recognize Joe O'Neil's show, broadcast from The City. And the guest happens to be none other than one Selina Kyle, dressed to the nines and looking utterly relaxed on the set. ]

...tabloids exaggerated a few things.

So you're not here to tell us you're actually Mrs. Looney Tunes Robot Man?

[ He does some ridiculous little gesticulation in chair that the audience cheers on, clearly a standard of his. Selina smiles. ]

No, thank God. The relationship was never serious. But joining his Avengers was.

You weren't there very long, were you? Was anybody? Maybe they should call themselves The McVengers.

Well, if Osborn hadn't tried killing his teammates, it might not have been an issue.

[ Dead silence from the audience. O'Neil immediately switches off the goofiness. ]

Are you saying he tried to kill you?

Threw me out a window. I only survived thanks to Tony Stark. Who can confirm these events, of course.

[ O'Neil is struggling to keep up. ]

This is quite a revelation, Miss Kyle. Is there any reason you waited so long to speak out?

Lack of proof. Repercussions for those who helped me. But there are plenty of us who have been working to bring down Osborn via legal means. Looks like he was willing to do the heavy lifting himself.

So you have no doubt he belongs in his own hospital?

[ Selina looks right at the camera and smiles. ]

None whatsoever.

You've stayed under the radar for a while now. And it sounds like we just found out the reason why. Any plans for the future you're willing to share?

I'm contributing all my funds from my time with Norman's team to the Justice League, a group of heroes from my own world. Beyond that, I guess time will tell.

There you have it. More shocking news about the fall from glory of Norman Osborn, one of the more prominent members of imPort community...

[ And the clip cuts off there. ]

ooc | The bold text in the interview is Selina. Since this was posted from her comm, she WILL be replying. This clip is actually taken from tonight's show, which has yet to air. She stole a copy, of course.
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[ encrypted separately each to Logan, Bond, and Bruce ]
I know you'd prefer to brood or beat the crap out of someone than actually celebrate the holidays. But no one should be alone this time of year. I'm cooking a Christmas dinner next Sunday, the 19th. My apartment. I hope you'll be there.

[ encrypted to Helena ]
Christmas dinner at my place next Sunday?

[ encrypted to Tony ]
I know we're not exactly friends. But you do know where I live. I'm having a small holiday dinner next Sunday. The more the merrier.

ooc | Zatanna has magically infected Selina with the ~Christmas spirit~. Terrible things will follow.


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