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Excuse me... [Shahrazad turns on the camera and points it at the mirror. She is wearing this outfit.] I wanted to thank whoever sent this to me. It's very beautiful, but I'm having some trouble with it. It doesn't want to come off.

[She tugs at the dress and sure enough it does not move at all.] I don't think Shirley will okay with me wearing this to work. Is there some sort of trick for getting out of it I should know about?

[ooc; Thank Calender Man and Kiyo for never failing to give unneeded fanservice to a very serious business canon.]
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[A calm, collected voice of a young woman is joining the fray. Shahrazad has had just about enough of this. ]

This has to stop. The way we're behaving is unacceptable. It may not have been our will, but we were sent here to be the defenders of this city. We were meant to work together toward the goal of keeping everyone safe because it is within our power to do so. It is alright if you do not wish to embrace that. We were never given a choice. I agree that it isn't fair to those of us who had their own worlds or precious people to protect, are unwillingly, or unprepared for this life.

But it is not alright if you begin to turn against your fellow ImPorts. Right now we have to stay strong together. If what the others who have firsthand experience with the Skrulls saying is true, then we will have to fight someday soon together. If we are already destroying ourselves what chance do we have of winning when that day comes? Think carefully on this before you start accusing or harming another person. Even if these Skrulls are truly our enemies let us not forget they are not the only ones.

[She is quiet a moment before her voice softens to an audible whisper. There's no mistaking the anger and threat in her voice for anything else, but what it is. It would be undoubtedly surprising to anyone who knows her.]

The children listed as Skrulls earlier... no harm will come to them. If I hear otherwise, you will deal with me personally. I will not forgive anyone who tortures children to satisfy their paranoia. Those kind of people are the true monsters above anyone else.
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[Shahrazad is on a rooftop somewhere in the City. She hadn't intended for this to be video from the way she is addressing the Network. Those who know her would be surprised to see her so clearly concerned and not hiding behind her usual warm smile.]

Has anyone seen Ned? It isn't unusual for him to disappear without any word but, he always left Digby behind before. [She looks offscreen.] I think something may be wrong.

[Shahrazad ends the feed there.]
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[Shahrazad sighs wistfully before she begins to speak. Her voice is both kind and sad.] 

I confess I know very little of what sort of life awaits us after we have fallen. Our Great Mother did not believe in souls. The fact that I am here must be proof she is wrong. They say I am a hero now. I even have a name like Esther did when she fought Count Gyula as a child. I feel truly honored and humbled by this. I would like to say now that I will not let any of you down. 

But... I'm afraid I don't know what to do. Wandering the city aimlessly is not the best way to begin my mission here. So please.... will someone tell me what I am meant to do next? I will go wherever I am needed.


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