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[ heeeeerreeee's spock(y). sitting in the small assigned flat he'd been given upon arrival and it still pretty much looks like what a standard issue one might look like. he hasn't had much time for decorating. his face appears to be neutral, but if one can pick up on it, there is a slight hint of frustration in the sigh he breathes out before speaking. ]


I am Commander Spock, First Officer of the USS Enterprise, and as it must be apparent, still quite new to this city.

[ he's been here a few days already but that spatial and time dislocation tends to take its toll!! also trying to navigate the new york subway in addition to all the odd stares at his ears, followed by murmurs of cheap prosthetic, but that's a story for a different day.

spock hesitates before staring down into the camera with the utmost focus. the reason behind his message must be explained with great precision. ]

In my studies, I was able to become familiar enough with the history of the Earth in the twenty-first century, yet, it appears that there is a phenomenon which eludes me.

[ dramatic pause ]

Earlier, I overheard something about a singular direction, involving one identified as 'Harry Styles'. Though this would be of no concern to myself, as I passed by the group, I became overcome with— [ his face contorts as he tries to find the appropriate word to describe the feeling, but spock, alas, has neither been a huge fangirl nor has he discovered tumblr, so he simply settles on: ] joy at the mere thought of seeing the aforementioned individual. It appears to have lasted only briefly, yet, the strangeness of this encounter has not left me.

If any valuable input can be offered, please do not hesitate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[ ooc: fyi, ~the incident~ is spock's first experience with his empathic powers! ]


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