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[ Stiles Stilinski has seen the Spiderman movies (even the shitty sequels, and of course the remake) about a thousand times. He can quote the scenes pretty much by heart, cries every time Uncle Ben dies, and has spent his fair share of his life imagining himself as Peter Parker, webbing his way through the trees, kissing brilliant and sassy redheads upside down in the rain...

Whoa, slow your roll there, Stilinski. The most important thing here is that Stiles' fantasies of actually becoming Spiderman are going to become true, because he'd been gifted superpowers, apparently. Gifted superpowers. Stiles isn't sure what happened or what the City or imPorts are, but he's ninety percent sure this is actually heaven, a teenage boy's fantasy literally come to life. 

So what're you to do once you've gotten your superpowers, your apparent apartment, and, oh yeah, the ability to, apparently, believe things into happening? It's time to take a page out of Peter Parker's book, and test his limits. So currently, you'll find Stiles standing on top of a roof, flexing his hands, and in the process, jostling his communicator so the voice function comes on.

There's a lot of rustling as he backs up and looks at the roof in front of him and starts to mumble to himself in a voice that might or might not be familiar. ]
This has got to be hokey bullshit. Okay, Stiles. Okay. Ooookayokayokayokay. I believe I can make it to the next roof. Totally believe I can make it to the next roof. Totally--

[ And then, there's the sound of thudding footsteps, like he's running, and you can just hear him going-- ] OhmygodohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD!

[ The last one goes up half an octave, and then ends in a loud shriek, followed quickly by a bang and a thud, and dead silence as he apparently managed to close the feed.

At least the couple of short buildings he was jumping between had a dumpster in between them. ]


Dec. 22nd, 2012 03:29 pm
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[ Usually when Stiles uses this thing, it's video, so the fact that it's just audio this time probably says something about how he's feeling, to anyone who's actually interacted with him at length. ]

So, it's, like, the season to be merry. Or whatever. And yeah, I guess there's something to be said for celebrating with a bunch of my heroes.

Except not one of them actually knows me, or knows I exist, and half of them would probably be pissed because I read too many comic books and that's probably hella awkward if you're in a comic book.

Uh, anyway.

So if you don't have anyone from home to chill with on Christmas, you know. Hypothetically.

Where would you go?


Nov. 25th, 2012 01:55 pm
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[ Here is a teenager with a very expressive face, talking into the communicator, probably a little bit too close to it. Oh well. He mostly doesn't look directly at the device, since he's just going on about things without paying too much attention. ]

Okay. So I'm going to pretend for a few that I'm not having some really crazy, well-developed hallucination and just fly with it.

I already figured out the where and the how, or as much of the how as they really let you know, since it's a little bit shaky trying to figure it all out. It's like a really big plot hole in a sci-fi movie, but the movie has really good effects so you forgive it, right?

Except I guess...no one here really forgives the fact that they are here.


So anyway, I really wanted to be Batman, but apparently that hero alias was taken. So was everything I thought of! Jeez, I never get a break! Some crazy AI offers me the chance to be a hero and I still can't think of anything cool enough.

[ He pauses and looks directly at the camera again. ]

Oh, right.

So, uh, my question was actually about how this superhero thing works. People get super powers, right? Well I have spent the past two hours trying to do everything from shoot webs to look through walls and I am severely disappointed. How the heck do I figure this out?


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