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I guess a lot of us are finishing up school for the semester soon. Oh and there's Christmas coming up too. Anyone have any big plans on how you're going to celebrate? Either occasion is fine. I'm just curious since you know it's my first full school semester and Christmas outside Sunnydale. I could use some ideas.
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[There's a long silence before Tara speaks.] She's gone; Buffy I mean. I've looked everywhere for her and she's just gone.

I don't know if Buffy will be back or not but, I just wanted her friends to know she'll be okay. You don't have to worry about her.
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[A soft spoken young woman addresses the Network calmly considering the situation she's found herself in.]

I think there's been some of kind of mistake. Buffy is the super hero of the group. [She rushes out quickly.] N-Not that I want her to be here in my place! Oh God no. She has plenty of superheroing to do at home. You really shouldn't bring her here. Ever. You don't want a mad real life superhero on your hands.

[She takes a breath and continues. Tara sounds genuinely concerned.]

It's just I don't belong here... but I think maybe none of us do. Dragging so many of us out of our home dimensions must really upset the balance here. I wonder what the world must be like outside this building. Guess I better find out, huh? If it's really going to be my job to help out here. They didn't make it sound optional.

Oh... I should probably introduce myself. Sorry, I just keep talking about all this stuff. Um... do we go by our real names or superhero names here? Dumb question I know. It's probably superhero names. So according to the dog tags I'm Glinda. Nice to meet you fellow heroes?


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