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Prom is coming up!

And I'm sure no one who plans to attend would want to be caught in an outfit which is less than perfect. That is why I, Tarvek Sturmvoraus, am humbly offering my services as a tailor to those of you who don't wish to buy something pre-made and risk someone else showing up in the same outfit, or those of you who for other reasons cannot find what you require in a store, or who simply have put off acquiring an outfit for far too long.

My prices are negotiable depending on the complexity of the work, and I do require measurements, but I am a diligent and attentive worker and can certainly have a dress or suit finished including alterations well before Prom night.

Of course, this offer isn't only extended toward those who are attending! As of today I am officially taking commissions or alteration work from everyone and anyone who is interested. You can reach me over communicator, at [MAC address], or at Spark Roast Coffee, my main place of employment.
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[Tarvek has not been enjoying the sudden man-eating addition to the local flora. It's nothing he can't handle, of course -- at least these aren't the kind from back home that drug you and eat you while you smile yourself to death -- but accidentally tripping into a patch of them on his way home from work today means that his clothes are completely ruined. And that... that will not stand. It's one thing to take a chunk out of his leg, quite another to rip up his coat.]

Hello, Cityzens.

[Anyone observant might notice something going on behind him on his MAC-provided desk. Parts from various electronics are moving about on their own, fitting themselves together and forming an evil, fiendish, maddeningly physics-defying... sewing machine.

Shut up. Every mad scientist has a hobby.]

If any among your number could point me to the place I would be the most likely to find fabric and sewing supplies of decent quality, I would be much obliged.
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[The video feed clicks on to show a huffy-looking young man with red hair and pince-nez. He's sitting in a chair in what is clearly a MAC room, his hands steepled in front of him, looking directly at the camera. This is no accidental video. He did read the provided pamphlet, he's not stupid. He is, however, very annoyed.]

So. If I understand this correctly, I was just ripped out of my native reality and away from a very real crisis, possibly given powers I do not need and likely cannot control in order to protect a city and a population I don't care about at all, and I am expected to simply smile and nod and go along with that? Not to mention the promise of --

[He picks up the pamphlet and flips through a few pages, before adjusting his pince-nez and reading aloud:]

'Attacks by the undead', 'Several spree and serial killers', and 'Dinosaurs'. Dinosaurs?

[The pamplet gets smacked down in a huff.]

This is ridiculous. I am Prince Tarvek Sturmvoraus, descendant of Andronicus Valois, heir to the Storm King throne, and I will not be used in this manner. I am staying right here in this room and I refuse to move until someone apologizes for this gross injustice.

[He leans back in his chair, staring the communicator down. Ball's in your court, everyone.]


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