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Jan. 7th, 2013 05:04 pm
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I think I keep forgetting I can use this thing to talk to people.

[ an embarrassed wince. Tavros is in the living room of trollhaus, and the TV behind him is most definitely playing Telemundo (he doesn't understand a word but he finds it very fascinating in an awful, masochistic kind of way. human quadrant drama is so weird). ]

There's so much to do here, and so many individuals to talk to, that I guess I just, uhh... you know, haven't been lonely, lately. Which, is kind of a unique experience, given the general isolation I was experiencing in my old hive, aside from a few notable friends that would make such a trip to see me. And humans are, particularly sociable, from what I've seen, and will just say things to me on the street, even though we aren't acquainted, such as, uh, hey, what's up with your horns, or, why are your legs like that...

[ ... ]

But I don't mind, I guess.

But, anyway, the inquiry which I wished to make was actually to ask if anyone can recommend some types of recipes for food, which don't involve meat. I got some cookbooks from a store, but I don't think they're the right kind. It's just, uhh, I really prefer not to eat things that I can talk to and make the acquaintance of, so the dead milk bovines and egg layers aren't really appealing to me for a meal. ...at all. And, going to buy things that are just plants is okay, but also sort of expensive? So, maybe I should just learn to make things myself, irregardless of how I don't use the nutrition preparation block very often.

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Nov. 9th, 2012 08:25 pm
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courier cut )

[ text opt-out here and hover for translations: ]

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Oct. 10th, 2012 07:02 pm
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So, being grown up sure was a thing. It was really interesting to see how things could possibly be, in the future, if many sweeps were to pass for some of us, but, I'm pretty glad to just have my regular old self back again.

[ Tavros is walking and talking, his eyes pointed ahead of him to watch where he's going. as he makes the turn from the hallway to his bedroom, however, he glances down at the comm and grins faintly and that's when the screen jerks suddenly. there's a loud THUNK somewhere off-camera and everyone gets a nice view of the floor when the comm gets dropped.

a moment later, Tavros groans and picks it up again, also on the floor. ]

Uhhh, I guess my horns are still too big, though...

[ he is Too Embarrassed. the camera is turned off for a few minutes, but later he returns, safe and sound in his respiteblock. still embarrassed, but not so much now that he can't proceed with his questions. ]

So anyway, uh, I was wondering about something, and it seems like maybe asking the City at large would, be the best way to obtain some answers. So, given that, if you don't mind giving me your insight... what sorts of things are there that are to do for fun? I noticed that there are some places for recreation, such as the park, and also that there are games—but not Fiduspawn, which is, pretty disappointing. So maybe, you could just say what are things you like, to put up for consideration? Trying something new probably, wouldn't be so bad.

[ a pause. ]

As long as it's not, going to a club. That wasn't really so much fun.

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Sep. 21st, 2012 02:07 pm
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[ a young troll stands in the middle of a city street. it just so happens that today, the twenty-first of September, is the day of his arrival to The City. though he has been here for a few hours already, it is only now that he will address the network!

what will this young troll say? ]


[ that, apparently. that and that alone, because he hasn't quite figured out what he's doing and is far more invested in what's going on around him than what's going on with this shiny new piece of merch he has in his hand. he was fully aware when he turned it on that it would record, but then he spied something out of the corner of his eye and promptly turned his head to watch it, showing off half of a great big rack of horns on his head.

eventually he wrangles in his attention span and looks back down at his communicator. ]

Wow, this place is really big. Where exactly am I, supposed to go?

[ he makes a face, a face that says what am i even doing and then he turns the feed off. but never fear, some text appears: ]

courier cut )

[ text opt-out here, and hover for translations: ]
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[ Being a troll, it's counter-intuitive to attempt to verbally adress the people at large. So even if the initial post has a few false starts, an uh, an um, a flash of long horns and a glimpse of something fluttering and copper, Tavros has no intention to start speaking. ]

cut for troll text! )

[ translation!: If I am going to be honest, I think that, maybe, there has been a mistake, being in that my arrival here doesn't actually make much sense, or at least, I'm not sure why I was chosen, as things that are bad seem to happen often to me, and, I'm not really a hero, or, able to do the things that are listed in "do" section. Though I guess if this is a commicator for the purpose of talking to other Imports, this question is actually, uh, kind of moot.


So instead, I will ask if, the fact that I have wings means, that I might be able to fly? ]
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"Uh. Hi everyone. Um. So my partner was kidnapped and beat up, and that is a very not-okay thing, and other attacks happened and people are flipping out about aliens which...uh, is problematic for other reasons."

Since, you know. He's a grey kid with giant bull horns from another planet and all.

"I-I don't know what's being done already, but, uh...it's pretty clear that we are all freaked out and, uh, and it occurs to me, that maybe, because there is a lot going on, and a lot of chaos, if we had some teams that were just focused on one problem or another, we might get more done. Or even both problems, sort of competing to solve them, like a game or something.

"Maybe that doesn't make sense. I, uh, am not a leader person, but we did that before, my friends and me, and it, uh...sort of worked. We found out a lot, anyway."

And now a bunch of private messages in orange courier with a dumb typing quirk!

Private to: Terezi )

Private to: Kanaya )

Private to: Tali'Zorah )

Private to: Garrus )

Private to: No Name (Trowa) )

Private to: Gamzee )
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Hi, uh, I have a question! And that is: if someone wanted to take a time off of going to school, or maybe not go to school anymore but still learn things, how would they do that? I know this was a thing people talked about before, but finding records on the new comms is, uh, not always easy.

[Locked to Redbird] )
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Uhhh, hey everybody!

[Why look, it's Tavros. ...Tavros with a bruise darkening under his eye that looks like it's goign to turn into one hell of a shiner. He seems pretty pleased for some reason, though.]

So! I'm actually doing pretty awesome, because look!

[Tavros turns the comm to show a ratty thug sitting on the ground with his arms secured behind a lamp post with plasticuffs. Some bystanders can be seen, but they're keeping their distance. The perp glares balefully up, seeing Tavros's attention on him. 'I'm going to fucking kill you, freak! You are dead!' The feed blurs, and there's a "thwack" of something impacting flesh, then a groan, and the guy is quiet. The little troll reappears, unfased and smiling like this is totally cool and normal.]

I was coming back from the store and even though I didn't have my costume, I still had the wrist ties, so when I saw this guy trying to break into a car, I got him! But, uhhh, now that I have made this totally legitimate citizen's arrest, I was going to tell Leutenant Gordon so some police could come, but he's not answering. So, I guess what I need to know is, who should I tell so that they come get him?


Oct. 8th, 2011 07:45 pm
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[This video of Tavros comes to you straight from somewhere in the MAC! The place doesn't...look like the home of a young teenager, even one as odd as Tavros - he's just not a floral curtains and doilies kind of guy. If anyone has been to Mother Squirrel's apartment, however, the decor is instantly recognizable. Tavros himself looks happy and calm]

Hi, everyone. Uhhh, if anyone knows where Mother Squirrel is, uhhh, could you let her know that I found her communicator? And, also her tags? I came over to introduce my lusus to her, but...uh, she hasn't been back, that I can see, since Friday?

[He turns to sort of nuzzle the empty air over his shoulder and pet nothing at about cat-height - another hallucinating person, apparently.]

So, uh, yeah. Oh, right, this is Tinkerbull, everybody, he's my guardian, like a human parent, even though he's a little fairy bull! Anyway, that's it. Sooo, bye!
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[It had been almost a month since the...the thing at the school, over a week since Dave and Jade had... since the last time anyone had mentioned Gamzee on the comms, that Tavros had seen. Maybe Eridan was right, and it would all blow over, and people would maybe forget about it some.

Tavros hadn't forgotten about it, though, and it had weighed heavily on him. He'd spent every day he'd been here torn between loyalty to his bro and loyalty to his other friends, offering options and arguing the need for compromise with both sides only to be rebuffed again and again. He was too late to fix anything, and he knew, he knew that things would either need to change big time or he'd have to make a choice, and soon.

But not tonight, he hoped as he took his comm up to the roof. Not yet...]

cut for trolltext! )
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((OOC: Backdated to maybe five minutes after this post.))

[You can tell it's Tavros because of the shape of the horn that's just visible, before his panicked face appears - his comm is jiggling, so that it's clear that he's running.]

I found Terezi- Oh hell.


She's in the sub-basement, uhh, below the laundry. There's...hurry, it's bad.


Sep. 21st, 2011 12:35 pm
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Hi everyone. Sorry for the, uh, mass broadcast, but I need help.

[He sounds exhausted.]

For, uh, various reasons, both due to, I guess, troll biology and, uhhh the whole diurnal thing that this world sticks to, its hard to get some decent shut-eye. Can you, uh, give me some pointers on stuff to help keep me awake? I'm starting to get in trouble, in school.
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Tavros had explored the MAC and found the clothing drop, and there, sitting right on top as if waiting for him, was the most amazing shirt.

After confirming about five separate times that he could actually just take it (without ever being told that it was, technically, a girl's shirt) he immediately absconded back to his respiteblock apartment to try it on. He tosses his comm onto the counter, not noticing that the video has switched on.

First things first, off with his old shirt. CHECK OUT HOW STRETCHY THAT THING IS! The fabric still strains a bit but with some maneuvering and taking it one side at a time, Tavros gets it off despite the crazy huge horns and tosses it aside. His time spent hauling himself around with his arms only has given him a little more muscle definition than the average 13 year old, but he's still very much just some scrawny kid.

And now on with the new shirt! Horn number one, check! Horn number tw- ...Horn number t-


Maybe if he...turns it around? Nooo, that's not going to do it. Maybe if he steps through feet firs- no that was a really stupid idea, nobody puts a shirt on that way. ...He can get one horn and the top of his head through, but then his head is in the way and there's a ripping sound as he tries to stretch the shirt over his other horn, which makes him yelp and let go. The fabric springs back and he wobbles over, ending up sitting down with the entire affair hanging off of his horn, as pictured.

"...Well, shit."

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[The video comes on to show a friendly but decidedly inhuman-looking teenager smiling down at his communicator with pointy teeth.]

[His skin his grey and he has some impressively big yellow-orange horns, poking out on either side of a black mohawk, longhorn cattle-style. He is also COVERED in pigeons. They're all around him on the park bench, on his shoulders, atop his head and of course perching on the horns. He seems to be miraculously poop-free.]

[He waves and smiles at the camera, but doesn't say anything: first round of communication in troll-text begins NOW!]

Cut for troll text: They are the children who fall out of their perambulators when the nurse is looking the other way. If they are not claimed in seven days they are sent far away to the Neverland to defray expenses. I'm captain. )

[OOC: Permissions post with opt-out for troll text option is here!]


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