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[Here, network, have a Ted! He is looking a good deal less stressed than he has been in the past, and is in fact at home for once, flopped down on his couch with a bag of chips. Made of class, that Mr. Kord is.

He stretches, and gives the camera a cheerful grin.]

Soooo. I don't know how many of you care about this kind of thing, but -- tomorrow's April Fool's Day. Not that I'm doing anything, but I have done some pretty awesome pranks in the past. Like that one time with J'onn and the Chocos.

Since I've got some free time for once in my life, and I'm curious -- tell me your favorite April Fool's prank you've done on someone. Or the best one you've ever done. C'mon, enlighten me!
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[Ted can be seen working in his shop, busy with some computer component or another. There are are a few meows coming from around him -- one set is from the Fonz, who is entertaining himself with some catnip. The other, well -- suddenly, there's a spark from somewhere in the background, a fizzling sound, and a small explosion, followed by a yowl. Ted curses and goes to gather up the culprit, scowling down at the cat in his arms.]

How many times have I told you not to chew on wires, Tiberius? Quit it, you'll end up electrocuting yourself. I don't want a crispy cat.

[He settles back in his chair and notices the comm is on, then picks it up with a sigh.]

Sorry, guys. Just another Monday here at Kord Industries. Remind me not to bring the cats to work next time. Anyway, uh. Considering we're sort of down two co-workers, I figured I should open up job offers again. So -- if you're good with computers, robotics, any kind of tech stuff? Lemme know here, I'll see what I can do.
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So to celebrate almost the last day of 2011, I was figuring we could have that snowball fight I was talking about a while back. If you guys are still interested, lemme know! It'll be in Central Park, probably, so we can have a bunch of people if it actually happens. Um. Yeah, I'll be checking back on this post and stuff.

[A little awkward pause.]

...Sooo, anyone doing anything fun for New Year's?


Dec. 19th, 2011 02:42 pm
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[Ted is not in the City, for once in his life. What with the impending holidays and the newly empty-again house, he's taken it upon himself to visit his old stomping grounds. He is currently in Millennium Park, idly watching a bunch of kids ice-skating with their parents. The camera focuses on the kids for a few seconds before Ted turns it back on himself, and he gives it a little awkward shrug.]

I felt like going on a hunt for my old apartments, what can I say. [There's a nod towards the ice rink.] Never did much of that when I was a kid. Actually, this park wasn't even around when I was a kid, but I like it anyway. Even with the weird silver jellybean statue.

So, guys -- tell me about your home, I guess, is the point of this. Other than the people from my world, because I probably know what your home is like already. I guess you can tell me what your favorite winter -- thing to do as a kid was, too, if you want. I'd like to hear what you guys have to say. ....And maybe there should be a snowball war once I get back to the City, what do you guys think?


Dec. 4th, 2011 12:25 pm
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....Booster Gold's gone home again. I don't even know why I get my hopes up, anymore.
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[Oh, hey! It's another joint post with Zee, this time with the usual partner-in-crime Ted Kord and newcomer, Clark Kent. They are in what appears to be a more high-end, independent grocery store. Zatanna has a cup of coffee in her hand and she's leaning forward against a rather full cart. Clark and Ted are perusing the meat section beside her, since she isn't exactly an expert on the subject (heh). Ted is the first to address the audience, waving!]

So, uh. Hi, network! This guy right here who is very serious about his steaks is our friend Clark, from back home.

[And Clark looks up from the steaks, a bit startled.] Oh, geez, you're film-- Hi? Like Ted said, I'm Clark. Kent. Er. Zatanna managed to run into me while I was, well, dumbfoundedly staring around the City. Interviewed her a while back, so she took pity on me and offered me a room. [He smiles a bit and returns to scrutinizing meat packages.]

It's a pretty great article, surprisingly low on magic puns! [Zatanna's looking less bored and more attentive now.] Anyway, you know how it's been unnaturally nice lately? We figured that we'd throw a barbecue before we can't. But there's a catch! Being so close to Halloween, we've decided to make it a barbecue costume party! And don't try to pull any of that "it's too short notice," crap with me. There are always costumes!

So this barbecue-costume... thing... is also a welcome party! Kind of. So let us know if you want anything ...special, I guess? Um. [There's an awkward shrug, and he grins at Clark.] Take it away, maestro.

[Clark looks back up from the steak.] Maestro? Wouldn't go that far. It's at Zee's place, Sunday afternoon. [He looks a bit plaintive.] It's just to have a good time, so anyone's welcome, but please no causing trouble? Either direction?

[Zatanna takes over at this point, since she's more confrontational than Clark is.] Seriously, guys. None of that superhero-villain-grey-area-whatever argument BS. We're strictly off duty, got it? If you can handle that, it starts at four, but the grilling will start around five, so feel free to show up a little later. It may go on well into the night and the yard will be lit up, so we won't be restricted to the inside.

[ooc: BLUE is Ted, RED is Clark, and PURPLE is Zatanna! More details about this shindig can be found over here on the ooc comm!]


Aug. 26th, 2011 08:32 pm
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[The video opens on a decently-sized office with piles of boxes, computer parts, and tools all over the place. In the background, the Doctor can be seen, unpacking one of those boxes. The camera then pans back over the room and lands on a business card, which reads 'KORD Industries -- Ted Kord, CEO'. Then we see Ted himself, sitting at a desk, and he gives the camera a little wave and a grin.]

Welcome to the brand new offices of KORD Industries. Come here for all your superheroic needs! We've got robots, possibly sonic things, computers, non-lethal weapons, you know, whatever. Bruce finally convinced me to get back into the business, so here it is. Let's hope it works out better than it ever did at home.

Anyway, I kinda felt like showing off. At the moment it's just me and the Doctor, but I guess we could always use more people if you're of the nerdy type that likes taking stuff apart. Let me know. Stop by, if you want. We've got coffee and lots of stuff to unpack.


Aug. 9th, 2011 12:25 am
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[This post has been brought to you by Ted Kord's insomnia! Luckily, it's voice, so you don't get to see him being a bum in La Casa de Kord with two cats asleep on top of him.]

Hey, guys, hypothetical question for you. Say there's a guy and a girl. Let's, uh, call them ..Michael and Gladys. ...Yeah, that works. Heh.

Anyway, Michael and Gladys are good friends. They hang out a lot and get along pretty well. Until one day, they sorta have a fling together. And then everything's awkward and weird. Hypothetically, how would Michael fix this situation? Or Gladys? Advice! Let's hear it. Because the Michael in this situation is reeeeally not good at this stuff.


Jun. 20th, 2011 10:14 am
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[For once in his life, Theodore Kord is not in the house he shared with Booster. He's in a warehouse on the opposite side of town, and there are piles and boxes of robot parts stacked everywhere. The Bug can be seen off to one side, too. It might look a tad crowded in there, but hey, it makes some sort of logical sense to Ted, and that's what matters, right? He looks a little tired and there are smears of grease on his face, but he's happy.]

A guy goes to work on his ship for a night and misses the giving away of totally awesome sweaters? I'm a little disappointed in myself. Guess I could find some when it's not, you know. Summer. Unless Lachesis decides to bring us random snowstorms on the fourth of July, which I wouldn't put past her. Anyway.

[He picks up the camera and pans it around the warehouse, then back to himself, and gestures at the surrounding stuff with a bit of a flourish.]

Welcome to Crazy Kord's Robotics Warehouse! Our prices are so low you won't believe it! ...Maybe I should get one of those blow-up flaily doll thingies, you think? [A beat.] No, in all seriousness, guys, I have so much stuff here, and I can't put it all in the Bug, no matter how much I want to. So I'm accepting commissions. Ships, weapons, robots, computers, whatever you want, I can probably do it. Even life-support suits, God help me, though I really hope we never need them. ....By the way, anyone wanna help me find my Thermos?


Jun. 11th, 2011 11:18 am
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Y'know, Saturdays have gotten a lot more boring without certain people around. I mean, a guy can't watch recorded episodes of Oprah forever. ...Actually, I can't even do that anymore, since Oprah's over. I guess there's always Doctor Phil if I want to watch awkward slightly informational talk shows, right?

So, network, give me hideous tv shows that are not Jersey Shore to fill my time with! Robots are wonderful and all, but I have ...way too many of them now, might as well become the six million dollar man, the way I'm going at this rate. Or, if you want, we could just go out and do something. I'm a bored, bored man. Good things do not happen when I am bored.
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[It's time again for The Continuing Adventures of Ted Kord and Zatanna Zatara! In this installment, our heroes are sitting at a table, surrounded by thirty or so bowls and plates, piled up. Based on their surroundings, one may deduce that they're in Las Vegas. In the distance, there's a flashing sign that boasts ALL YOU CAN EAT.

Zatanna is picking at a piece of cake with an almost pained expression. This goes on for a few seconds before she swipes some frosting off the top and shoves it into her mouth with an appreciative hum. Ted sits across from her, his plate stacked with the Heart Attack Special, which is 90% meat and cheese (accompanied by some bread). They both look a little miserable, but it's hard to say if they're depressed because they've eaten so much or if they're here, eating this ludicrous amount of food because they're depressed.]

Teeeeeeeeeeeeeed. [She dips her fork into the cake, slicing off a piece, holding the fork out across the table.] This is great. Try it. [She doesn't give him a chance to answer, pressing it against his mouth. He complies a little too easily. When finished, Ted looks at the camera.]

If you don't hear from us in a week, come looking for us. [Apparently, that's all they had to say, since the video has ended.]
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[The young man who shows up onscreen is a bit older than the one pictured -- about 12, but still just slightly chubby, and looking thoroughly discontented.]

What the heck is going on here? This isn't my house. ...Isn't my lab, either, though it does have all kinds of cool stuff in it. Whoever designed some of that stuff, I like them already.

...Um. Anyway, anyone know how I could, uh, get back to Chicago? ....Or how I'm magically in 2011? 'Cause I think I would've remembered time traveling.


Apr. 11th, 2011 12:37 am
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Booster Gold's gone home. Figured I should let everyone know.


Mar. 31st, 2011 07:59 pm
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[So, here's Ted and Diana, out shopping in front of an electronics store.]

Hey guys! Give us your suggestions for the best electronics stores in the City. I know a few already, but I'd always appreciate more input.

Or, I guess, good shopping places in general? I don't wanna bore Diana too much. And, um. I don't know that ...many good places to buy clothes. At least when Booster's not around, anyway. He's working right now.
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[Ted's comm is sitting in the basement of Rory and Amy's house, but you can't see much else aside from a lot of smoke and some flashes of light, along with some loud zaps. Eventually, there is a very loud ZAP, a muffled curse from Ted, and a minor explosion. At that moment, both Ted and the Doctor run towards the comm, Ted scoops it up, and they both make a dash outside. Ted can be heard speaking, though the noise is slightly muffled by his shirt.]

....Okay, so we should probably lay low for a while until Amy and Rory decide not to kill us. Wanna get some food or something? [A beat. Then he notices he's holding the comm, pulls it out, and then his face comes into view -- he's covered in soot, his hair is rather mussed, and he's giving the comm a sheepish grin.]

...Uh, hi guys. Nothing to worry about! We promise.


Dec. 27th, 2010 11:51 am
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Considering it's right after Christmas, lots of places should still be having post-Christmas sales, right? 'Cause I'm pretty sure Booster and I are gonna need a lot of new stuff for the house, and I have had more than enough of being cooped up in enclosed spaces for this month, I think. Anyone want to point me to some stores that sell ridiculous kitschy home decorating things? Because I already know where to get all my computer parts and stuff. ....And if I get an unfinished basement all to myself, it will be decorated in the most ridiculous way possible. ...Besides, we're going to have a lot of free space anyway.


Dec. 9th, 2010 11:32 am
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So, uh, Booster, once again, gives the best presents ever. Thanks, shinybutt.

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[Ted's chilling on the couch in his and Booster's apartment, a laptop open nearby, with various plans and things scattered about. There's not much in the way of holiday decorating in the room, but whatever. Ted's not the terribly religious type.]

So I realize I'm a couple days late, but it still counts, Chanukah is still happening. Anyway. Happy Chanukah, those who celebrate it. Also, my boyfriend is pretty much the best ever and knows that cheesesteak is not inappropriate for Chanukah. Thanks, Boost, it was tasty.

So yeah. I felt that since I'm definitely not the greatest Jew ever, I should bring up another holiday tradition. It's Festivus. Totally non-religious. (That Booster needs to learn about.) The first step is get a pole, and then it's the airing of grievances. For those who are ridiculously confused, this might help.

A Festivus for the rest of us. )

So come on, guys. Air your grievances! Happy Festivus!


Nov. 9th, 2010 12:34 am
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[The video focuses on Ted's face in a darkened warehouse -- there are sounds of shuffling behind him, that would be Booster, over by the lightswitch. Ted is grinning a bit like a mad scientist, scruffy, unshaven, and there's probably quite a bit of engine grease on him.]

For those of you who don't know, back home I had a pretty damn awesome mode of transportation. ...Tended to get destroyed a lot, but eh, I guess it's one of the hazards of the job. Anyway, the Blue Beetle (version 2) wouldn't be the same without his baby around, so I decided to build one here. Just finished her a couple days ago, been recalibrating some stuff.

[He glances off to the side, still grinning, and says:] Okay, Booster, lights up!

[The lights turn on after a few seconds to reveal the Bug, fully modernized and filled with all the awesome toys Ted has managed to get his hands on since shortly after his arrival.]

So, um, here she is. The new and improved Bug.


Yes, this means I'll give you rides if you ask nicely. No, you can't drive. Not even Booster can.
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[Ted's comm is sitting on a counter, and not too far away, there's a shot of Ted doing dishes. His laptop is nearby, blasting Queen's 'Somebody to Love', and Ted himself might just be rocking out while drying a spoon.]

Caaaaan anybody find me somebody toooooooo looooooooove? Every day, I try and I try and I tryyyy, but everybody wants to put me down, they say I'm going crazy...

[And there's a bit more rocking out, at least until he notices that little light on his comm there.]

Oh, shit -- [Then, he covers the comm with his hand and turns off the video function, flailing a little.]

Let's just pretend no one saw that.


Sep. 8th, 2010 06:27 pm
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So, uh, I know I'm not the ..most dedicated Jew ever or anything, but, um, shana tova, everyone. Maybe this year'll be better than the last.

Anyway. Let me know if I can help with anything, guys.
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So, uh, I'm pretty sure this has already been taken care of, but ...someone's keeping an eye on Max, right? Because I don't trust him. For obvious reasons. I would do it myself, but I'm pretty sure you guys are not gonna let that happen. Though I can take care of myself, believe it or not.

...Anyway. Jaime said he'd check him out, see if he's actually from when he says he is. I guess what I'm trying to say is ..someone should keep an eye on him. If only to stop me jumping at pretty much everything.
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Okay, seriously, I need to know this as a matter of personal interest. [There's a little mutter, to himself.]

If even Mary thinks ... [He sighs and resumes normal speaking.]

Fine. Okay, indulge my curiosity, guys. How many of you think Booster and I are dating? Because we're not.
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Soooo. Say, hypothetically, a guy wanted a big warehouse to build stuff in. Any advice on where to find one?

Also say, again hypothetically, a guy wanted tools, specialized wiring, that kind of thing. Who would this guy have to talk to?
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[There's the sound of scuffling, some plasticy-sounding clanks, and then a slight yelp. And then the video opens on Ted, standing on the couch and brandishing a pillow at an advancing robot!panini grill. When Ted finally speaks, it's an attempt at an impressive sounding 'hi I'm fighting the monsters' voice.]

Back! Back, you fiend! [And then he drops the voice, turning to the camera and still brandishing the pillow, distractedly.] Uh. Anyone know why my panini grill is trying to eat me? Booster's, uh, I dunno, fighting the coffee machine, I think.

So basically, all I'm saying, I guess, is what the hell?


Jul. 25th, 2010 08:31 pm
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So, still looking for a job. A little bird told me a guy like me should try and get ahold of Tony Stark. Anyone know where I can find him, or does he like being mysterious and show up out of nowhere like some billionaires I know?
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[The video shows Ted kinda flopped on a couch with a pile of clothes next to him. Booster, apparently, got him to do some laundry and actually put it away properly.]

So, uh, hi guys. Kinda tired of being a house-Ted, I've found. So I figured I'd see if anyone's in need of ...jeez, I dunno. Computer classes? That could work. Or an engineer, really. Along with um, other, more specialized talents. Otherwise I'll be stuck here doing laundry forever, and then Booster'll probably make me cook. Lemme tell you, I look horrible in a lacy apron.
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[The video turns on, and first thing anyone sees is a slightly panicky Ted. He fumbles with his comm a minute, then sets it down on a convenient flat surface and starts pacing. Observant people might notice a but of a lump on his back. After a few crosses in front of the camera, he turns and starts speaking.]

Okay, so I'm sure most everyone has figured this out, but hey, you can't blame a guy for being here and then coming back and forgetting -- or whatever it was that happened, I don't really know and I haven't had the time or the inclination to figure it out. But. This place is weird. It's seriously weird. I don't -- [He breaks off a minute to run his hands through his hair, pacing nervously again.]

I never had powers back home. The scarab never worked, I kinda figured it would be the same thing here, and I was okay with that. Done it before, I can do it again. But I have wings, people. Big blue wings coming out of my back and it is weird and unsettling and I don't exactly know what to do about them.

So, I, uh -- yeah. Guess I could start Beetle Air or something. Point is, this City is a very strange place.
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[There's a few seconds of fiddling with a camera before the Blue Beetle comes into view, looking very confused and a bit worse for wear. Busted goggles, slightly bloody and torn costume, all that fun stuff.]

Pardon the expression, but what the hell is this? ...That is not how I'm going to be introducing myself, incidentally. If you didn't know -- or couldn't figure it out, I'm the Blue Beetle. Yeah, the one who hangs out with Booster Gold. And I'm pretty damn sure I'm supposed to be in Switzerland with a bullet through my brain. At least, that's the last thing I remember, though I guess there could have been a boom tube or something while I was talking to Max; but I think I would have heard that. They're kind of hard to miss.

[He frowns for a minute, looking slightly distracted, then shakes his head.] Nah. There wouldn't have been. Only guy who paid any attention to me was passed out in the hospital.

[He pauses and studies his dogtags, then grins.] So as near as I can figure out, I'm in the City, there's a bunch of other heroes here, and it sounds a lot more exciting than being dead. Do I get a tour guide or a coupon book now? Because I'm starved.


Jan. 5th, 2010 01:17 pm
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Booster was ported out, as you all know.

I'm cryin' my friggin' eyes out here. Or I would if I could. Damn dried tear ducts. This ol' ticker of mine feels depressed.

Tell me a joke, fellers and ladies. Make it good! Make Uncle Teddy proud!

I'm listenin'.


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