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[ At first, the video is so zoomed in, all there is to see, is bright light, filtered through a scope. But after a second the lens of Tig’s eye opens wider and he slowly pulls back on his comm device.

More of him comes into view -- a head, then his neck -- when he’s distracted by a bird passing overhead, looking around himself a bit before he finally drops his attention back down to the device, which he’s now dropped down in front of him.

Head tipped sideways, he can’t say he’s all that upset to be a robot again. In fact, he’ll even say it --
] See? Robot. [ -- because that totally proves everything. Mostly he just wants to know why he keeps changing. ]

Humans have souls. Not robots.
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[ At first, the video is so zoomed in that all there is to see is someone's squinting eye. But after a few more seconds the comm is pulled back to reveal a teenage boy sitting outside the porter building with an expression somewhere between curious and confused.

He looks down at himself and then back up, and there's absolutely nothing to dissipate the confused look that's practically rooted to this kids face. Right around now he'd probably be saying something about how he's not usually this human looking, that's he's supposed to be a robot, that something has gone wrong. Sadly, however, he doesn't know those words.

But after another second, he finally speaks.
] Hero? [ And with that, his expression even brightens slightly, finding the sound of his voice. ]

...I, Superman?


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