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--Witnesses to the incident claim the victim suddenly seized up and froze, almost like a statue, before she just fell over in the middle of the street. The woman seems to be otherwise unharmed, but paramedics have been unsuccessful in waking her or moving her in any way out of the position she had been in at the time of the incident.

So far, there seems to be no explanation for what looks to be nothing more than a bewildering accident, as none of the witnesses claim to have seen any sort of strange activity in the vicinity at the time.

I've been told that authorities have identified the woman and they've contacted her immediate family members--
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[Tom was actually meaning to turn this on, just...not so quickly. Or publicly. And certainly not while he's arguing with his snake. When he speaks at first, it's in Parseltongue. Most of the network will only hear it as the vicious hissing of a snake.

The camera is mostly trained on his arm--his sleeve is torn and bloody in a few places and he's being careful not to use it.

--How dare--I am fine, Letalis. It's none of your concern. As if they had any chance of--

[And then there's a real hiss of frustration and the rest is in English.]

Of course it would--

[The camera swings wildly, showing a brief shot of the drops of blood trailing across his floor, then: Click. Off it goes.]

[Voice | Private to: Severus Snape]

Healing potions. My flat. Now.

[Voice | Private to: Bellatrix Lestrange]

My flat. Now.
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[By the look of his surroundings, Tom is currently in Central Park, in the area of the lake that was the center of all the excitement on Halloween. He seems fairly relaxed, almost content, and it's a moment before he says anything.]

Do many of you celebrate your birthdays here?

[He pauses and shifts a bit, looking thoughtful.] My seventeenth is today. Most of my reasons to look forward to it are a bit irrelevant, without the Ministry here. And if we're sent back to the exact time we're brought from, it won't matter when I'm sent home, will it?

Yet I couldn't help but look forward to it anyway.

[He falls silent for a moment, staring out at the lake with a hint of a smile.]

Happy New Year's. May this next year be as good or better than the last.

[Private to (separately): Severus Snape & Bellatrix Lestrange]

How adept are you at teaching Apparition?
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[oh look, Tom's actually outside for once. he's very obviously not holding his comm--it's floating next to and a little ahead of him--because along with his wand, his arms are full of a rather sorry looking cardboard box. which is full of kittens. most of them seem pretty calm and even sleepy, though a little black one has decided to try to climb up Tom's coat.

he takes a moment to shift the box in his arms so he can gently pry the kitten off and set it back in the box.

It's a bit surprising, how many strays there are when you care to look. And so many of them are quite young, almost too young to survive on their own...abandoned by their owners or separated from their mothers...

[he moves to shift the box back to a more comfortable place, but something up ahead catches his attention first. instead he shifts so he can use his wand a little better and his comm floats down to his other hand, pretty much cutting off the visuals.

by the sounds, however, he's come across a back alley brawl and he's walking right up to it. at least until--

Stupefy! Stupefy! Impedimenta! Stupefy! [one, two, three thuds of people falling to the ground, then the sounds of someone running away and another thud as Tom fells him with a nonverbal spell.]

You should probably leave before they wake up. Will you be--ah, that's a nasty cut. I know a couple healing spells, hold on--

[and he finally remembers this is on and shuts it off.]

oo2 [text]

Nov. 7th, 2011 07:19 pm
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I suspect the excitement of the place has finally got to me. If anyone has suggestions for dealing with a bout of flu, I'd appreciate them.

In the mean time, while I'm still laid up, I thought I might better familiarize myself with the technology here, but I'm having difficulty deciding where to begin. There's quite a lot that has changed or appeared since my time. Suggestions on that front are also appreciated.

[Private to: Gemma Doyle]

I meant to ask before I fell ill. Are you feeling better?

[Off Network: Message left on Snape's voicemail/answering machine.]

I'd like to speak with you.
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[See Tom. See Tom lounging in a very comfortable looking green chair, reminiscent of those in the Slytherin common room. What can be seen of the room behind him looks fairly nice as well. Did you think he'd leave his MAC apartment looking so Muggle? Never.

He's sitting there, legs crossed, with one hand propping up his chin and the other mostly out of sight next to his legs, probably holding the wand that's levitating the comm out in front of him. And he's looking fairly friendly; he is so very aware that half the City might know about him by now, but damnit, he has a cover and that cover is not the Dark Lord.

Have I got this working all right? Someone was kind enough to teach me how to use it, but there's nothing like it in my time... [Of course, he knows it's working; he wouldn't have turned it on without being sure.]

My name is Tom. I arrived here just a few days ago, and while I had some help settling in, I still feel a bit lost. I'm sure it's been asked before, but anything anyone could tell me about this place a what we're meant to do here would be appreciated. I'd like to know what I'm getting into.

[Then he smiles and leans a bit closer to the camera.] I've also heard there are a few other wizards and users of magic here. I'm a sixth-year student at Hogwarts, so I'm sure I'd learn more from you than you might from me, but I'd like to speak with any of you who are willing.

[and he reaches out with his free hand and shuts off the feed. feel free to panic now.]


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