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[For once this video post isn't accidental; the camera is on the ground in the corner of the room with a view of both the stage and the audience, and there's Vash sitting on a stool in what appears to be a bar. There's a microphone in front of him and he's tuning (god help you) a banjo. It appears Vash has taken Johnny's advice and gone to some open mic night in some bar somewhere. But before he starts to play he gets up off the stool and hangs the banjo on his back, and background music begins to play - he's alone on stage but there's clearly an entire band backing him up.]

[Vash's eyes widen; evidently he didn't intend to perform this song but that's what appears to be happening. His voice isn't really made for a song like this. Despite living in the planetary equivalent of the Old West for his entire life, he doesn't really have the accent you would expect.]

Naming your kid something weird is no guarantee of future badasses; results may vary )

[The song ends, whatever possessed Vash now sees fit to release him.] Uhhh. I meant to do that. [He walks back to his communicator and cuts the feed.]

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This place AGAIN? I swear I hadn't been back home for more than ten minutes! Oh, Rem, why are the gods of misfortune and poverty always just a step behind me?!! [Whine, whine, whine.] Always I just try to do the right thing but every time it turns into a disaster! And then I get spirited away by some kind of demon computer to this bizarro Earth where total ecological collapse is a matter of decades and not centuries! I musta been real evil in a past life to deserve this!!

So ANYWAY. [Suddenly serious.] Ten minutes ago it was fall, now I look around and it's springtime. I know the Porter doesn't handle time in a sane, logical way. [Sigh.] How long have I been gone this time?


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