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Apr. 30th, 2013 06:12 pm
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[The first thing to appear on the screen is a somewhat sad looking cat before the communicator is zoomed out to focus on Vriska's face too. The one-eyed, one-eared, three legged cat is perched between her horns looking pretty content.]

So, I was thinking! A while ago I talked with some guy about the way we carry stuff back where I'm from, and how it's totally busted now that I'm here. I'm used to carrying stuff in a sylladex, and pretty much everyone else from my world is too, but according to the blue furbeast, they're completely illogical. Which is stupid since they totally worked before I got here.

But, anyway, I figured that if we had something like that, then other worlds probably have personal inventories they use to carry stuff in too, right? Like a backpack that will hold way more shit than it looks like it should, or storing things in cards that don't take up space.

And, since I'm asking, I'm also wondering if they still work for you here, if you do have them! Since I have to say it's getting really old just carrying stuff around normally these days. Who even does that? It's suuuuuuuuch a waste.

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Oct. 5th, 2012 09:09 pm
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[When the video turns on there are two individuals on the screen. They look considerably older than they usually do. Vriska doesn’t seem to be bothered by the aging at all, though, because her clothes somehow magically changed sizes. Davesprite is clearly wearing a shirt that is way too small for him.]

So, we need some opinions. Not that human opinions are going to make much of a difference, since your taste is generally sub par. Anyway! This idiot here [she jerks her thumb in Davesprite’s face, who promptly smacks it away] thinks a strip club is more fun than actual clubbing. It’s not, obviously, but he won’t believe me.

[Davesprite’s glasses are still affixed over his eyes, but even with them in the way, its easy to see him roll his eyes by the general twitches of his facial muscles. His answer is dry and sardonic, though when he’s through speaking, he lets a small smirk of satisfaction slip through his usual deadpan.]

You’re gonna have to bring me up to speed as to the last time you actually went clubbing.

Like you’ve gone clubbing? [If she had eyes that weren’t blank she would definitely be rolling them right now.]

All I’m saying is that in a contest of clothed bodies versus half-naked hot bodies, the choice is pretty clear. Unless you’re Vriska, I guess.

Ugh, no, that’s gross. Why would you want to go watch a bunch of people get hot and bothered enough to pail?? That’s so stupid. You’re stupid.

Serket’s a prude, got it. Though I ain’t really sure why you’d be watching everyone else instead of the poles you’re supposed to be watching, but that’s just me.

I’m not a prude, but you’re one hell of a pervert! Anyway, we’re taking votes on which is better. And I guess this is an invitation to anybody that wants to go to either.

Disclaimer time: Pay up, I don’t deal with freeloaders. And we’re headed my way first -- everyone but Serket, since she apparently can’t handle the heat.

[Davesprite smirks again and folds his arms smugly. Vriska casually puts her hand against his face and shoves him out of the view of her communicator, grinning.]

Shut up already! I’m going to both. Strip club first, the better clubbing second. Times and locations are attached if you’re interested!

[The feed cuts when Davesprite comes back on camera to wrestle Vriska out of view.]

[ooc| vriska is in blue, davesprite is in orange! here's the club log! it’s a log for both clubs and anyone is free to tag in uvu]

► 037.

Aug. 21st, 2012 09:41 pm
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[The video is shaky, being held in a small hand as the owner tries to run. After just a few moments cover comes in the form of a huge, grey boulder, and Nill drops to her knees, almost dropping the comm as well. The area around her is of the same grey stone, with smoking fissures and creatures lurking around in the gloom. There’s a blam that sounds suspiciously like a gunshot and Nill flinches. But she has her task and isn’t about to give it up to fear. Not yet.

She’s breathing hard, face pale. She can hardly type, using only one hand, the other pressed to a red stain on her waist.]

do not know what happenedwe are somewhere and iam hurt

[The ground shudders, and there’s an awful shrieking noise in the background, though what it’s coming from isn’t clear - whether its Spidermom’s pedipalps rubbing against her fangs or the army of zombified trolls - before Vriska drops down next to Nill, eyes wide and a sword gripped in her hand. It seems she’s unlocked her ancestral awakening at some point. She looks worse for wear.]

Shit, they just keep coming.

[Nill is so very clearly panicking. She looks from Vriska to what’s behind the boulder and if possible, her face pales even more. She’s typing quicker, panting a little bit. Something red smudges on the comm.]

not sure where we are thereare others we need help please

[There’s another gunshot, and she reaches out to grip Vriska’s arm, the message forgotten. Something passes between them, and Vriska loops her arms under Nill’s, wings fluttering before she pushes off the ground. The feed cuts as they rise into the grey sky.]

[ooc; blue is vriska, red is nill. anyone else who was on the hellbus is welcome to action it up.]
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[The video clicks on briefly from Vriska fiddling with the buttons, trying to remember how everything works. Blank, white eyes are staring down at it. In fact her whole face is pretty blank until she scowls in annoyance.]


[The feed shuts off abruptly, replaced by text:]

cut for blue quirky text )

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Jul. 4th, 2012 02:01 pm
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[Hello network! I'm sure you weren't planning to see a tarantula today, but that's too bad because Vriska thinks everybody needs to see one.

Particularly her cobalt blue. The video clicks on to show Vriska for a second, grinning and looking pretty pleased.]

I'm sure everyone could stand to have a little excitement in their dull lives, and I'm feeling so gracious today that I figured I might as well give you something to watch for a while!

[She turns the video around so that it can focus on her molting spider.]

In case you're too stupid to figure out what's going on, my spider is molting. Finally. It looks pretty awesome, right?

It looks like she still has a while to go, though. A couple of hours at minimum. So enjoy! I just provided with you two great hours of entertainment.

[Said to herself mostly:] This will be a lot easier to clean up than my lusus molting.

[And yeah, she is definitely going to sit there and record all two hours of it for the network to see. You're welcome.]

[ video ]

Aug. 11th, 2011 05:01 pm
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[The view on screen is dim at first; the lighting wherever it is can't be very good. There's some muttering and cursing in the background as the lighting is adjusted, and the room swims into focus. It's a corner of what used to be a warehouse--there are still some dusty crates in view--but is now covered in fake cobwebs, piles of gaming dice, and--is that a poster of Nic Cage in the corner? Nope. The camera hurriedly swings away from it to focus on some kind of glass terrarium sitting on a crate underneath a cotton cobweb.

This is Spiderhouse, and sure enough, after a moment Vriska begins to speak.]

I haven't talked on this thing in a while, have I? You probably all think I've abandoned you. It must have sucked to go that long without me, right? That's your own fault, though. Your lives are just so fucking boring, I can't be bothered paying any attention to them!

I've got something important to share with you now, though, so stop playing your dumbass games for losers and listen up. I've started listening to people, too. For a long time, I didn't do that at all, because I thought it made me weak. But I've decided it just makes me stronger, and there's nothing you can do about it.

[Boy, she sounds a bit defensive there! Anyway, she's slowly moving the camera closer to the terrarium.]

You know what? You should probably forget I said that bit. The real point is this.

[She shoves the device into the glass box, giving a close-up view of a large tarantula.]

Meet the Therapist of Light. I'm telling him all my problems from now on. I hear that helps.
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[ action ]

[The random businessman was rather surprised to find himself abruptly falling asleep when he attempted to cut through a quiet side street on his way home from work. He was even more surprised to wake up to find a thirteen-year-old girl cursing furiously as she hacked away at his neck with a cheap (and now broken) pirate sword.

But he's a responsible citizen, and she was clearly an imPort. They do good for the people, don't they? She was probably just as confused as he was! So he tucked her under one arm and dragged her, kicking and screaming, to the nearest police station.

Which is how Vriska, in the act of attempting to impress the newly-arrived Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, wound up behind bars. To be fair, it's a rather comfortable cell--pro-imPort sentiment runs high today, and she's obviously just a freaked-out, possibly stoned child. The officers have even given her back her communicator to placate her--although not, of course, before disabling its filtering functions.

She doesn't know that last part.]

cut for failed filtering and troll text. )

[OOC: Vriska is now in police custody in an obscure branch of the City Police Department after assaulting a native citizen in an attempt to impress Mindfang. The text portion of this post is intended to be filtered to Lust, but since the privacy options on her communicator are disabled, it's public. Have at her.]
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Cut for troll text and threats. )

[OOC: Vriska is officially back from her canon update. Her altered powerset is detailed here.]
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[A handful of news channels today are covering a peculiar occurrence in Union Square. Let's turn to one reporter for a summary.]

"All accounts from the citizens involved have one thing in common: when they came to their senses, they were standing in front of this unidentified flag, brandishing a weapon. Er, an object that could be used as a weapon. Is this a barbecue fork? This is a barbecue fork. Early arrivals to the scene put the number of unwitting participants at twelve and report that others were wielding large cooking knives, broken bottles, nailguns, baseball bats, and possibly half a sewing machine. No one was hurt--I repeat, no one was hurt, although just what averted catastrophe is unclear. Excuse me, who are you? Oh. No, we don't have time for comment from astrologers right now. No, I'm not with the police. Can I get on with my report now? We're--"

[No account of the strange non-event is complete without a full shot of the mysterious flag that drew all the involved citizens. It's completely black except for a large blue Scorpio symbol emblazoned on it.]

[OOC: Vriska has now been 'Ported out of the City! Feel free to react/discuss on this post.]

[ video ]

Mar. 17th, 2011 07:56 pm
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[Yesterday, a small but stylish gaming shop suffered a mysterious blow: the on-site staff and the few customers at the time all fell asleep at once, only to wake up a few minutes later. Shortly thereafter, a manager discovered that all their best dice sets were missing.

Later that day, shortly before closing, much the same thing happened to a costume shop. In their case, the missing items were all components of a pirate costume.

Now it is today, and the Network is treated to a video. It opens on a woman of indeterminate age--her face is hidden beneath a huge and rather dashing pirate hat with a great blue plume sprouting from it. The color of her hair can't be made out, either, as it's all tucked under the hat. She's dressed in an elegant (if slightly tacky, to less ostentatious tastes) blue frock coat covering an ample bosom and wide hips (hint: all stuffed), and her left hand is hidden beneath a gleaming hook.]

I hope you have your abscond-pods ready, City!

[The voice may be familiar, although it's not identical to any heard before: she's making an effort to maintain the disguise. Also, sound more adult.]

No, not really. I hope you don't have them ready! I hope you're completely unprepared to be plundered by the great Gamblignant Marquise Spinneret Mindfang!



[She swishes a cutlass dramatically.

It's fake. She got it from the costume shop.]

This is my only warning to all of you. And I'm only giving it because it's way more fun to conduct my campaigns if you're already scared before they start. Guard your jewels and your treasures! Hide your legendary relics! Lock up your sons and your daughters!

Mindfang has come to the City!

[ video ]

Mar. 6th, 2011 08:27 pm
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[The network feed opens on a girl clutching a cheap astrology magazine and scowling down at its pages. Relevant information: she's wearing a black shirt with a blue Scorpio sign on it.]

Listen up, all you losers. Loooooooosers. That was eight O's, if you can't tell. But you should be able to.

[She traces a finger along the page of the magazine.]

If you were born between October 23rd and November 22nd, I want to know. That means you're cool, all right? So tell me.

[She starts to reach over to hit the button to turn off the device, then stops. Instead, she flips a few pages and frowns at the text.]

One more thing before I drop all of you like you're some disgusting beefgrub that got crammed in my nook. If you were born between April 21st and May 20th? You're lame. So lame. So very lame that if you tried to walk you'd fall flat on your sniffnode, crash through the ground, and get eaten by a hungry wriggler in the brooding caverns. That's all. Bye!

[OOC: Just a reminder--if you haven't filled it out yet and would like to, Vriska's permissions post is here.]
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[ text ]

cut for 8 abuse and Courier )

[--pushing the wrong button!]

[ video ]

[Behold a thirteen-year-old girl clutching the communicator with one hand, frantically pawing at herself all over with the other, and muttering.]

Whoever did this will pay! I can't be human!

[She gives a flip of her hair. That human gesture, at least, she seems to already know.]

As if I needed a silly machine to tell me I'm a hero. What does she think it was all for?


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