Feb. 2nd, 2012 10:05 am
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I'm hoping to get a bit of advice from those in with independent businesses about how to start a small business myself. While I have experience with private firms I've never owned and operated my own shop.

I have something in mind, a bit of a personal interest.
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I realize you've been quite busy with the inconveniences that have overrun the city these past few weeks, but I was hoping that you might find enough energy and time to join me for dinner Friday evening. Nothing formal, just a small Mediterranean place downtown.
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Would it seem too forward to ask a friend to dinner if you have only known the person for a few short months. The dinner wouldn't be romantic...

I mean it could, but it's not necessary and perhaps I should just send a nice card of thanks.

[Pauses as he realizes he was rambling a bit]

Oh, I apologize. This really isn't something I do on a regular basis and needless to say my last endeavor to relate with someone I found interesting did not go as planned.
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[He's a little pale and there are noticible dark rings under his eyes. It really pains him to make this post because he hates to give in and ask for help.]

I'm hoping one of my fellow faculty members would be willing to take over my classes. If not then I must announce that classes will be closed until I am able to resume my duties.

To those that may show some concern [read: George Weasley] I assure you I am capable of taking care of myself and have no need for company during tea.


Jun. 19th, 2011 11:37 pm
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[The feed turns onto a rather scruffy fellow with a slight scarring on his neck. He's decidedly unhappy as he stands outside taking in the view of a city he'd only been in once before. Funny how it seems like a lifetime ago.

His voice is decidedly British, upper-crust at that, but it's been "tarnished" by years of living in California surrounded by chatty Americans.]

I'm afraid that playing hero is on the lower end of my to do list, right after taking in a movie with my former boss, so it would be best if someone could point me to an ATM so that I may procure a one-way to Los Angeles -- coach.

[He rubs his face tiredly and there's a quick view of a homemade dressing over a wound on his arm. What kink of "hero" is this?

Checking his watch he frowns and then sighs]

It would probably be best to find a hotel for the night and then work on getting home. Tell me there's a decent place to sleep that won't cost $400 a night for a used pillow and crappy mint.


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