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So I felt like I should track down a menorah, just 'cause.  I'm a couple days late into it, yeah, but it'd be weird not to have at least a fake, noncommittal Hanukkah thingy.

But hm.  Charlie Brown Christmas is still up in the air, I need to find that.  Anyone happen to have a lead?
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All right. 

The adjustment period is over.  I need to start doing the school thing again.

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Okay then.

Well, this wasn’t really how I planned on spending… any day, ever. *A frown, and she looks around, sighing.*

I guess it is my turn to go cross-dimensional, but this doesn’t quite… I mean, why a mostly-normal dimension like this? Usually other dimensions are much more, well, spooky and often hell-like, right? Oh goddess, and I’ve now jinxed the mostly-peacefulness of this place haven’t I.

I don’t remember doing anything that would lead to here, or anything that would lead to anywhere, and I… I shouldn’t be away right now. I have kinda important things to be doing, y’know, responsibilities and… and things like that and an accidental field trip like this isn’t gonna sit well with anyone.

*She takes a deep breath.*

So. Fixing this. Is there a way to?
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I feel like I died and went to Hell or something (and believe me, I know a thing or two about Hell. It's not a nice place.). It's been a month, right? And this place is kind of the same, kind of different. There's probably been about ten explosions since I left.

I'm sorry everyone: X-Men, friends, students...I needed a break. A long break, because frankly, this place is a headache and a half. I can't keep up with the shop. I was never a retailer and the money to keep it running was low. I need to focus on my studies any way and spend some time just...thinking about what I want to do with my life.

I went out west to Cali. I can't find Sunnydale. It's off the map, and I guess I should have known that. But a girl can dream, right? The Hive is probably worse than Sunnydale on Judgment Day. I stayed one night before I got the heck out of dodge. All in all, the trip was...enlightening?

This is the most I said in a month.

X-Men...if you'll have me back? I need a warm bed to sleep in.

[ooc: MY MUSE LIVES. willow kind of dropped off the face of the earth (sorry), so i'm saying she's been out in california trying to get over her angst and hone her skills.]

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Er, ladies (or men in touch with their inner women) of the City? If fashion was a class, I'd be failing it. I mean, I'm not...that bad, but I...want this ball to be special since it's celebrating the clean-up (and everyone did a totally awesome job). So, I'm trying to ask this without actually asking it, but since that's not working--

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The past week has been tough on all of us and it looks like things aren’t going to get any easier with the bad guys gone. I’m not going to get into this murder debate since there is still a lot of work to be done around the City. Cyclops has a point. There’s a lot of cleaning up to do, so I’m organizing cleaning duty for anyone who wants to lend a helping hand.

We’ll be working in shifts every day kind of like how we organized protecting the City. Only now we’re protecting it from filth! Heh. Captain Planet would be proud.

Um, any ways.

Morning (7 AM – Noon)
1. Briar Rose (Me!)
2. Desdemona
3. Xavin
4. Master Chief
5. Piper
6. Captain America
7. Tony Stark
8. A

Afternoon (Noon – 5 PM)
1. Traveler
2. Layla Miller
3. Cannonball
4. Master Chief
5. Ms. Susan
6. Captain America
7. Tony Stark
8. Yuugi Mutou
9. A

Evening (5 PM – 10 PM)
1. Spider-man
2. Archangel
3. Kariya Koki
4. Sho Minamato
5. Master Chief
6. Hiruma Youichi.
7. Optimus Prime

Um, I’m not used to organizing these things, so if there is anything wrong, tell me please. We’re going to be working around the clock to make sure everything is cleaned up and back to normal.

I hope this is OK, sir.

EDIT: There's been so much response that I think we're going to be divided into two teams of five for each shift.

We're going to meet at the Xavier Institute tomorrow for the first shift and work out the kinks in our groups there. At the end of each shift, we should return to the Institute and get organized again.

That's it for now!
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I was able to do a location spell and find out the whereabouts of Khonshu. It looks like he's in the Warehouse district, but he isn't alone. There's a few people there with him--either guards (would a god seriously need guards?) or hostages. I'm betting on the latter.

I couldn't find any weaknesses., but I did find that he's the god of the moon and vengeance (duh). Also there was something about him eating the innards of past pharaohs (yuck). However, if he's a god, then he must be possessing a body in order to walk amongst us. We can try exorcising him (like good, old-fashioned poltergeists) or kill the body, thus releasing the god. At least, that's my theory.

I hope that helped.
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I'm sorry to everyone I kissed or hugged or hit on yesterday. I don't know what came over me. I--I'm not usually like this. Not to say none of you deserved it, but I'm...more subtle than that. Ah.

(Private to Xander, Anya, and Wiccan)
I'm positive it was a spell.
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I can't find Buffy.

I came over this morning, but...she's not there.

Something isn't right.
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So...I was um wondering if there were any other...wiccas out there? I thought maybe we could get together and talk and exchange spells and...stuff.
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The last time I talked to guys on the internet, it ended in a big, bad messy thing (with guts). I hope everyone is humanish out there? Or, you know, nice vampires or werewolves. Those are good too. I don't discriminate.

I don't know a lot about super heroes. That's Xander's turf (if you're reading this, Xander, this isn't funny.) But, do I have to wear a cape or spandex? I think a white sheet would look really nice! Really, really nice and good for hiding.

Seriously, tight clothes make me breathe funny.

where is everyone...buffy, xander, giles ...oz?


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