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[The camera is free-standing, floating at an odd-angle as it follows a hand slowly sliding down a line of books on a lengthy shelf for a few moments. In the distance, some shelves are covered with pottery and figures and strange artifacts. When the hand stops, Zatanna becomes visible. She seems rather chipper for having just disappeared for close to three weeks.]

Hello. [She offers a nod of thanks as an elderly man brings a cup of tea to her, setting it on the table she sits beside.] I made a tiny mistake when I came back to the City. Knee-jerk reaction, really! I tried to teleport home again and like every other attempt, I was thrown somewhere impossibly awful. Take a wild guess where it was this time! [And she pauses long enough to give her audience a moment to shout out where they think it might have been (prizes to be announced).] If you said "the Gulf of Mexico" you'd be right on the money! I wasn't far from the shore, but -- [And she pauses to lift the tea cup from the table to take a sip. She sighs, like this whole story time is a chore.] What was I saying? Oh, right. I was close to the shore, but I couldn't find my device. I've been here for a little more than a day and my magic is still off-kilter and for the life of me I can't remember an actual phone number. On the bright side, I'm treated pretty well in these parts and I wouldn't mind moseying on down here again in the near-future. There's a certain amount of comfort I take that some places never change, I suppose...

[She sets the cup to the table with a soft clink. She clears her throat because she knows she's gone off-subject.] What I'm saying is that as nice as this little vacation has been, someone should come pick me up. [Her eyes focus on something beyond the screen.] On the twenty-first, I would have been here for three years... I'll admit that I was having a tough time before I left. Going home was just what I needed to push away the blues and clear my mind, I think. At least I managed to stumble back here just in time for fire works.

☆ voice.

May. 20th, 2013 06:14 pm
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Hey, do you guys remember when we had two David Bowies? [She sighs too contently for it to be fake.] That was great, wasn't it?

[A pause while she mulls this over. It seems as if she's posting without any preparation.] I'll be at the Pie Hole all day, hanging out with Ned and discussing more plans for his Memorial Day party, which I promise will be spectacular! The coffee's good and strong and the food's heavenly, so I'm feeling really good right now. [She sounds genuine about that, at the very least.] I've an offer of sorts. Tell me something about yourself, your family, your job, your hobbies, your passions, your dreams... whatever you're comfortable with. If you'd like a friendly ear, feel free to swing on over to the Pie Hole and I'll pay for your meal if you sit and talk with me for a while.

[ooc: There is an open thread here!]

☆ video.

Apr. 8th, 2013 08:46 pm
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Boy, the weather sure is swell lately, isn't it? You know what they say about April showers!


☆ video.

Feb. 11th, 2013 06:59 pm
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[James and Zatanna are in what appears to be a moment of domestic bliss. Everyone's favorite couple are in her media room and, more importantly, they're surrounded by rabbits of all kinds. They're on the floor, on the desk, and... mostly curled up near James. One in particular is laying on its back in his lap, fast asleep. The couple, however, are focused on the computer before them.

Zatanna makes a rushed noise and points at the screen, prompting James to stop scrolling.]
See! I told you there was a ton! [The screen features a cluster of fanfiction about the two of them, a good number of them seem to be weird AUs and love triangles.

James reads a description of one aloud:]
"It Takes Two to Teach Love by TantalizingTwilightFan: Zatanna is the new vampiric vixen English teacher in the City, upon meeting James Bond, her boss and school Principal, she thinks he's rude and obnoxious. Is there more to him than meets the eye? Rated Mature for language and lemons." ...These natives have a little too much time on their hands. At least they understand the part about you being blood sucking.

I'd hit you, if it didn't mean waking the bunnies. [A beat.] What do lemons have to do with a mature rating? I like that I get to be the vampire in this one, though. [She seems a little too pleased with this.]

Vampire or not, it says here that I'm your boss. [He shifts just enough in his chair to somehow look more smug than he already did.] Now be a dear, Miss Zatara, and get us a bottle of wine before I'm forced to drown myself in bunnies instead.

You know, I might enjoy watching that... but I'm only going to do this because I'm too sober to read any of these. When I get back, you better be prepared to read that quality piece of fiction to me, Mister Bond. [She carefully extracts herself from her seat so as not to disturb any bunnies and the video comes to an end. It's for the better that they don't read any of these on the Network. They're looking in the mature section, after all.]

☆ video.

Oct. 2nd, 2012 01:29 am
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[The video opens to darkness, slowly adjusting into... a vast, creepy forest? The sound of leaves rustling and branches snapping come before Diana and Zatanna appear, running to -- or from -- something. What creature is so frightening that it has the ability to make two powerful women run for their lives?

Soon enough, they tumble to the ground, along with the camera. The view is quickly obscured with a thick, clear substance making it difficult to really get a hold of the situation. But there's shrieking.

And also laughter.

White fur fills the screen before a pair of hands appears, revealing Zatanna struggling to carry a very, very big puppy that appears to be a Great Pyrenees. Diana lets this go on for a few seconds before taking the puppy from her, letting it lick her cheek mercilessly.

It becomes clear that this display wasn't meant for the crowd when Zee grabs the device and wipes the slobber off onto her jeans and makes a little face.]

Oh, hey. This, uh. Was recording. I guess we should introduce our friend, here?

This is Hermes. We adopted him a week ago, but he's definitely proven to be a handful. [As evidenced by this video!]

Anyway, I guess now is as good a time as any to mention that I'm holding a costume party on the 26th. Tickets are $100 each and all proceeds will benefit the ImPort Arts Committee. It's twenty-one and up, but if you're underage or the cost seems a little steep, there will be a second party hosted here. [She gestures widely to the creepy forest they're in. Which seems to be right behind the house that she and Diana own, although it now appears much more eerie than in other posts...]

Larsa will be hosting the second party, which will be free and open to all. I'm certain it will turn out wonderfully, so I hope to see you all there! [Diana smiles to the camera. Everyone should come to the party or else she'll be disappointed. :c] We'll definitely make sure everyone has a good time.

And that's about it, ladies and gentlemen! [Zatanna holds Hermes' large, fuzzy paw and makes him wave goodbye before turning off the screen.]
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[This also has some magical encrypting going on so it's blocked from anyone under 21 years of age. Sorry, kids, but she really doesn't want to deal with any more discomfort than she's already facing!

Zee's over at Bruce's place, sitting on the floor in a t-shirt and a pair shorts, covered in pugs that her hands are busy occupied petting and scritching. Though she's clearly aware that she's recording, she doesn't seem to quite be ready to talk.]

Alright, Network. [She lifts one of the pugblobs into her lap.] How am I supposed to explain sex to a 13 year old? Actually, I... could I maybe get a volunteer to explain to him? Maybe? [An exasperated sigh. This is really not how she wanted to spend her afternoon.] You see, some guy sold him this risqué novel. After Larsa told me it wasn't what he thought it was, that it got really "adult," I skimmed it. I ended up going to the shop and giving the owner an earful, but it doesn't undo the damage.

[The other pug manages to climb into her lap; they both can't fit, so they kind of hang off of her. She doesn't make any motion to remove either of them.] What I'm getting at is that I'm not prepared to give him "the talk." Help me City, you're my only hope?
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[ Hey, boys and girls, it's Mark Hamill!!! Bruce Banner who is currently doing his best impersonation of a drowned rat. He's sitting on a couch - technically on a towel on a couch - with another towel around his neck, and kind of... Soaking wet. For those who'd know, he's in Zatanna's living room, but you'd think a guy would be slightly more pleased to be there, but. Noooooope. ]

There are multiple, varied, and all entirely logical reasons why I do not enjoy going out for "nights on the town". [ yes, he air-quoted that ] Landing in the middle of the East River twice is now also on that list.

Jen, Lyra, I'll-- Sorry, but I'll be home at some p-

[ And cue Zatanna coming from somewhere in a fluffy white robe and pretty much draping herself over the back of the couch and Bruce, who stiffens and sighs once he realizes what's happening. ]

You say "twice," like I didn't get us out of there both times. How ungrateful. [Never mind that she's the one that got them stuck there in the first place.] People might get the wrong idea and think you don't want to be here.

[ Siiiiiiighing again. ]

...I'll get home eventually. This kind of j- It happened. Okay. [ Then to Zee: ] N- You're going to bed, all right?

Yeah, he'll be back eventually. Whenever I'm finished with him. [Now she's just intentionally being a jerk, sliding on over the back of the sofa, somehow managing to gracefully fall into his lap without showing an obscene amount of skin.] I don't know. I might keep this one...

[ FLAILING AUGH OH MY GOD WHAT EVEN ZEE but no first turning this stupid comm off oh my god ]
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Sorry about this being on such short notice, but my birthday is on Sunday and Diana suggested we have a pool party. Anyone that is considered a friend is welcome to attend.

My house at 3 pm. If you need the address, get into contact with one of us. Please RSVP here.

There will be cake.


[ooc: Friends and acquaintances alike are welcome. Just give us a holla first. And bring a gift. Semi-open log is here!]
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[The post opens with Zatanna hanging upside down, held up by a rope. She flips herself upright in a single fluid motion and gives it a moment before jumping to the ground, landing on the tips of her toes beside a pile of chains. A tall man with a beefy build in a one-piece leopard print costume steps into view.]

Thanks for spotting me on such short notice, Belzoni. [They get to walking now, down a corridor full of others in similar style costumes.]

No problem, I'm always glad to help. [The strongman gestures to his costume; his bushy mustache twitches when he speaks.] I was thinking that I might go with the red and white stripes. What do you think, Ring Master?

Stick with this one, it's classic. [They stop at a table littered with various food and drink.] Anyway, there was a point to this before someone asked me for fashion advice. [He takes that as his cue to shuffle off while Zee grabs a bottle of water.] Obviously a lot of people have abilities here, but I was wondering what kind of talents you guys have that you had to learn to be good at.

[Spoilers: Zee's scouting for talent and not being shy about it.] I'm obviously more interested in people who are in the entertainment field, but I'm curious about other skills, as well. [With that, she opens the bottle and takes a sip as she plops to the floor, leaning comfortably against a wall.]
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[Hello, City, it's been a while, hasn't it? Zee is in a kitchen that you might remember from some joint posts she's made a year ago or so with some guy. She is sitting at a table, surrounded by books and is fiddling with a ring on her left hand that she frequently wears.]

The man who gave this to me has been gone nearly a year, but I sometimes find myself thinking of him. [Removing it, she begins to roll it between her index finger and thumb.] He asked the Network what he should get me for Valentine's Day, last year. [She drops the ring to the table, sliding her hand over it.] He didn't take their advice. I only looked at this once, briefly, while he was looking at Civil War memorabilia. I didn't think that he had noticed.

[This isn't rehearsed. She's not sure where she's going with this.] He was like that. People always underestimated him. I... I wish I could do it all over again. I had been too casual about it, setting myself up to fail. I kept falling back on old defense mechanisms -- and then I blinked and he was gone. [She clears her throat.] And I reacted poorly, stupidly. I just let myself drift along, trying to forget.

The most difficult part about it is knowing that for all that I think of him, he can't even remember me. [She puts the ring back on and leans forward, stretching to reach for a near-empty bottle of wine, then pouring the remaining contents into an empty glass. Oh. She's been drinking.] Quiet nights like this, I miss him the most.

☆ voice.

Feb. 3rd, 2012 07:22 pm
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My assistant, Buffy Summers, has been ported out. [She sounds particularly morose. Zee hasn't posted on the Network in a while -- what a way to make a comeback, huh?] My condolences to anyone who knew her. She was... wonderful.

[Zatanna lingers for another second or two; this was either poorly planned or poorly executed.] Um. That's all.
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[ The screen lights on to a dim room, the kind with half light, and candles on the tables, and Mitch and Zee are just sitting there, both with steaks and drinks, and they have the look of two self-satisfied, smug bastards. ]

There's something I've come to notice about restrictions. We have laws, and order, and then we have self-imposed barriers. Things that we say we believe, if only to hold onto a modicum of control. It's almost depressing how much it holds us back.

The only thing that really holds anyone back is ourselves. [A momentary pause as she delicately cuts at a steak, parting a bite-sized piece from the slab of meat.] More specifically, what others think of us and the actions we take.

[ These are classy bastards. Mitch is just going to take a long drink of that whisky he's holding. ] It's not what others think of you that we should be concerned about. It's what we're doing. It's the impression you're leaving on the world. I don't know about you, [ meaningful look at zee ] but personally, I think there's more I could be doing here.

There's always something more. Always. [Politely, she chews with her mouth closed, swallows, and takes a sip of wine before she continues.] But that doesn't matter, does it? It's never enough. No matter what you do, it's never enough.[She locks her eyes with Mitch, offering him a small shrug and a quiet little sigh. Like they're talking about how drab the weather's been lately.] I have to wonder how much of it is useless.

All of it, let's be honest. We're all just litlte rats in the wheel. Just going for a goal that, if we're going to keep being honest, is utterly unattainable. [ He takes another drink, and his lips curl up in a smile. ] Completely worthless. In the long run.

Which is why you must do what you can to enjoy yourself. Life is just one little pleasure after another. [Less than half of the steak has been eaten and she pushes it away. How wasteful.] So we've decided to indulge ourselves while we still can.

After all, you never know when things will just suddenly end. [ And his glass hits the table, it doesn't break, but there's a note of finality in that. Like a death knell. ] One day, it could all be over, and you wouldn't have even had a clue the end was coming.

[ ooc; Mitch and Zee are officially evil until the end of the month! ]
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[It would appear that Zatanna is not in the City. She's wearing a thin sweater and the sky is dark. In her right hand is an umbrella, shielding her from rain. She's looking at a dog grooming salon.] Back home, this place is an exclusive club run by one of the most insufferable man-turned-immortals, Tannarak. I'd love to see his face when he found out more poodles come in and out of his beloved club than ghouls and ghosts. [She clears her throat. Someone is feeling sentimental tonight...]

Anyway, I've been told that today is Occult Day. I encourage everyone to do something fantastic to make up for the lack of inherent magic in this world. [She's begun to walk down the street and her location slowly becomes clear: San Francisco.] You know, this is the most magical city in the states, where I'm from. Here, it just feels like its heart has been torn out. I never noticed how dull the world was without magic. Everything is just so bleak and depressing.

[Zee stops outside of a quaint, hole-in-the-wall bookstore that really has no business being open this late.] But at least for now magic is afoot. [The feed ends as she pushes the door open with a jingle.]
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[Oh, hey! It's another joint post with Zee, this time with the usual partner-in-crime Ted Kord and newcomer, Clark Kent. They are in what appears to be a more high-end, independent grocery store. Zatanna has a cup of coffee in her hand and she's leaning forward against a rather full cart. Clark and Ted are perusing the meat section beside her, since she isn't exactly an expert on the subject (heh). Ted is the first to address the audience, waving!]

So, uh. Hi, network! This guy right here who is very serious about his steaks is our friend Clark, from back home.

[And Clark looks up from the steaks, a bit startled.] Oh, geez, you're film-- Hi? Like Ted said, I'm Clark. Kent. Er. Zatanna managed to run into me while I was, well, dumbfoundedly staring around the City. Interviewed her a while back, so she took pity on me and offered me a room. [He smiles a bit and returns to scrutinizing meat packages.]

It's a pretty great article, surprisingly low on magic puns! [Zatanna's looking less bored and more attentive now.] Anyway, you know how it's been unnaturally nice lately? We figured that we'd throw a barbecue before we can't. But there's a catch! Being so close to Halloween, we've decided to make it a barbecue costume party! And don't try to pull any of that "it's too short notice," crap with me. There are always costumes!

So this barbecue-costume... thing... is also a welcome party! Kind of. So let us know if you want anything ...special, I guess? Um. [There's an awkward shrug, and he grins at Clark.] Take it away, maestro.

[Clark looks back up from the steak.] Maestro? Wouldn't go that far. It's at Zee's place, Sunday afternoon. [He looks a bit plaintive.] It's just to have a good time, so anyone's welcome, but please no causing trouble? Either direction?

[Zatanna takes over at this point, since she's more confrontational than Clark is.] Seriously, guys. None of that superhero-villain-grey-area-whatever argument BS. We're strictly off duty, got it? If you can handle that, it starts at four, but the grilling will start around five, so feel free to show up a little later. It may go on well into the night and the yard will be lit up, so we won't be restricted to the inside.

[ooc: BLUE is Ted, RED is Clark, and PURPLE is Zatanna! More details about this shindig can be found over here on the ooc comm!]
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[ The video opens to a black screen and the dulcet tones of Nic Cage being dramatic before it shakily focuses on a television screen. There's Gerard Butler (with white hair and familiar black headband on) and Rob Lowe (dressed like a familiar magician, sans the fishnets), running and jumping as an explosion occurs behind them. Then, the narration begins: IN A WORLD WITHOUT HOPE, ONE COP DARES TO STAND ABOVE THE LAW -- a flash of Gerard Butler looking bad ass -- ROSE LALONDE. AND TOGETHER WITH HIS BEST FRIEND -- a flash of Rob Lowe and some poorly put together CGI magic -- ZATANNA ZATARA, THEY'LL BOTH SAVE THE CITY.. There's more action and explosions, but nothing really explaining what the movie is about. And, just when they seem like they're going to clue you in, the camera is turned around and you get a view of two unimpressed ladies kicking back on a couch in what appears to be Zatanna's house, to those that may be familiar with it.

there's a dead silence from the two ladies, with the trailer still playing in the background, saying something about a Thanksgiving premiere date. Rose and Zee who are still just sitting there (Rose with a fat cat in her lap), exchange glances. the silence continues.

and then, Rose speaks up.

They got my hair wrong.

[ and then it just clicks off ]

[ooc: There are a few commercials out now for "AbracaDAMAGE!" a movie made with footage from the battle at Magic*Con. Some include Kristen Stewart as James Bond.]
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[The video opens on Buffy and Zatanna dressed as if they're attending the event of the year... with an entourage of shirtless men behind them. They're standing in front of a counter at what appears to be a 7-11, snacks and slurpees spread-out before them. Zatanna seems to be at the end of a heated argument with the cashier.] Anyway, they don't have any shirts. It's unfair to punish them for that.

[The cashier ignores Zatanna and throws an arm out toward Buffy, asking her to put on her shoes, which happen to be in her arms. She's now browsing the refrigerated section and shoots back:] I'm holding them, it's the same. They're with me!

[And Buffy returns with a pudding cup and plastic spoon, placing both on the counter. The cashier gives them the stink eye, but rings them up, anyway. Slurpees and more doughnuts than they could possibly eat in their hands, they exit the building and it becomes clear that they're in Las Vegas (which explains who those shirtless guys are, but not why they're with them).]

Um. So, we'll be back soon. Today, possibly. [Or maybe tomorrow. Or the next day.]

And we wanted you guys to know we aren't dead... yet. Hi, everyone! [Buffy waves enthusiastically as the feed ends.]

[ooc: PURPLE is Zatanna and PINK is Buffy! They've both been gone since early afternoon on the 13th and have barely been on the Network.]
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Hey, everyone! Zatanna, here. [After that initial burst of cheer, she continues in a brisk, businesslike tone.] I'll try to make this brief: for those interested in seeing me perform, I've a two-day set with three shows at Magic*Con. It'll be over Labor Day weekend, but I only have performances on Friday and Saturday. The cost of admission is an extra twenty dollars on top of the convention's registration fees and includes a brief meet and greet. Another twenty gets you a professionally taken photograph and an hour long meet and greet over a meal following the show. [She doesn't mention it, but it's a steal! Even with the cost of convention registration it's still less than tickets cost in Las Vegas for her shows.]

Following this, I'll be taking a brief sabbatical and will only be performing here and there with charity shows being the exception to this.


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[Oh, look, it's Zatanna! She's sitting up on a pretty awesome bed in a long, thin green t-shirt and she's either wearing the shortest pair of shorts ever or... well, not. Too bad the way she's got her legs crossed obscures any chance of finding out. The room is dimly lit by the faint glow of a lamp on the nightstand beside her; a pile of books can be seen, but the perspective makes it so the spines aren't visible. They're probably something nerdy and esoteric.]

You know, I've been here well over a year now. Had a bit of an impromptu spiel on the subject, but my mind's been on other things lately. [Some of them, she'd rather not talk about.] Like this heatwave, blech. I think it's about time to install a pool in the backyard... I guess this is where I say, "drink lots of water and don't forget the sunscreen," right?

...but who am I kidding? Stay inside and crank the AC. Like me. [Truly, she is the wisest woman in all of the City.]

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[The video opens with Zatanna sitting at a small table in what appears to be a sun room, presumably in her home. The room is bright and sparsely decorated, save the table, a book shelf, and some plants. She's in civilian clothing (a plain brown t-shirt and a pair of jeans, no shoes), her hair tied back into a messy ponytail. In front of her, there is a book with yellowing pages and a teacup full of dark liquid. More notably, however, there are a lot of cupcakes, one of which is on its own little plate, half eaten. It's chocolate. She appears in a better mood than the last few times anyone might have seen her. The stages of grieving appear to have been completed, for the most part.]

Someone remembered my birthday, but there was no card or anything to identify who left these cupcakes... [Yet the smarmy tone she is taking practically screams otherwise.] If I knew who it was, I could thank you properly and share some, but...
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[Mr. Monotone is back, sounding as flat as humanly possible.]

I don't think I'm in the minority here when I say a summer vacation tends to paint pictures of sun, sea and sand, not--

Oh, shut up. You love it! [Another voice is quick to interject and after a brief jostle for the communicator it switches to video mode, straight to a close up of Zatanna shoving her face into the camera.] He's just in a mood because they were out of the pink cotton candy.

[And then a pan out of the two, sitting at an outdoor table with the backdrop of what looks suspiciously like a theme park of some variety. Bond's in his aviators, linefacing like a boss and pointedly not looking at the comm, though he's somehow been forced into a typical Disneyworld tourist t-shirt, matching so marvellously with Zee's own, who's also wearing a totally fetching Minnie Mouse hat. With those ears, the resemblance is uncanny. Even the numerous Mickey Mouse balloons attached to the back of James' chair can't seem to persuade him into a smile as he reaches to snatch the communicator back from the grinning thief :|]

I'll be out of action for the next few days. And possibly several weeks following due to counselling. Try to behave yourselves in my absence. And hers. [A jerk of his head towards Zee, a roll of his eyes and then the feed cuts out.]

Favour to ask.
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[It's time again for The Continuing Adventures of Ted Kord and Zatanna Zatara! In this installment, our heroes are sitting at a table, surrounded by thirty or so bowls and plates, piled up. Based on their surroundings, one may deduce that they're in Las Vegas. In the distance, there's a flashing sign that boasts ALL YOU CAN EAT.

Zatanna is picking at a piece of cake with an almost pained expression. This goes on for a few seconds before she swipes some frosting off the top and shoves it into her mouth with an appreciative hum. Ted sits across from her, his plate stacked with the Heart Attack Special, which is 90% meat and cheese (accompanied by some bread). They both look a little miserable, but it's hard to say if they're depressed because they've eaten so much or if they're here, eating this ludicrous amount of food because they're depressed.]

Teeeeeeeeeeeeeed. [She dips her fork into the cake, slicing off a piece, holding the fork out across the table.] This is great. Try it. [She doesn't give him a chance to answer, pressing it against his mouth. He complies a little too easily. When finished, Ted looks at the camera.]

If you don't hear from us in a week, come looking for us. [Apparently, that's all they had to say, since the video has ended.]
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I've got a question. [She tenses up, avoiding eye contact even though it's a camera before her on the coffee table and not a person. Whatever she is about to ask, she doesn't want to.] I was wondering... how do you know when someone has been permanently ported out? Is it different somehow? Is there a way to recognize if they'll be coming back or not?

[She sits in silence long enough that you might have replied, had she already posted this. Trying to summon up whatever feeble hope that still remains, she adds:] It's happened to me, but I've never witnessed it first hand.
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My manager was recently ported out. Doing things myself reflects poorly on me as a professional and it adds unnecessary stress. So, here's the thing: I'm actively looking for a new manager, a few stage hands, and a rotation of three or four assistants who will have minimum participation in select shows. The manager will be responsible for booking the venue, shows, and various public appearances -- I'd intended on doing a nationwide tour over the summer, so you'd pick up from there. Stage hands will be required to make sure everything is working and set things up, assistants will sometimes be involved on stage and usually have some work that overlaps what the stage hands do. Also, bunny wrangling.

Applicants must be 21 years of age or older. Exceptions will be made for those in the field of magic and for people that I know because I'm a jerk like that.
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You know what I hate on a guy? Facial hair. Beards in particular.
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I have 300 bags of potato chips and I don't know what to do with all of them.
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As of Thursday, Timothy Hunter has been ported out. [Quieter, as if she's afraid that if she speaks any louder she might cry:] So, uh, please don't worry about him.

[More to convince herself than anything else, she manages to add a little more before hanging up.] He... wouldn't want that.
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[The comm is turned on and there's a sort of nauseating movement, the occasional flutter of white fabric and the rushed scenery of city streets. The pace is slower than running and every now and then, she pauses briefly in her steps. Eventually, she makes a complete stop, quickly zooming in for a close up of her face.]

...so I'm back here, huh? [She brings a hand up to her face, massaging her temple with her fingertips.] Shit. Shit. [And her hand slides down her face before falling to her side, the camera panning out as she finds herself careless about her appearance, revealing something curling around the back of her head that is suspiciously veil-like. Further still, and her shoulders are bare. The dress she's wearing? It isn't a prom dress.] This is just... great.

[The carelessness is now replaced by concern. Brows knit and she offers a lop-sided smile to her audience. Her voice is low and somewhere between pleased, hopeful, and dejected:] ...Carlton? [...she can explain this. Really.]
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[The entirety of this post is backdated to the evening of Friday, November 19th. Her voice is cheerful and upbeat, beyond pleasant.] Diana and I were talking and we decided that we would like to put together some sort of Thanksgiving dinner on the 25th. We'd like to extend an invitation to anyone we know, particularly if you don't have anyone to spend the day with. It's potluck, but we'll have enough food to go around if you can't bring something on such short notice. Please let either myself or Diana know, if you'd like to attend.

[And now, for something completely different! The following messages were sent privately so she can have a conversation without being interrupted rather than them actually being something secretive. Any nosy person with the ability to hack is free to do so.]




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[Zatanna appears on the screen in her costume, briefly fidgeting with her top hat before she speaks.] Has, uh... has anyone heard from Doctor Mid-Nite lately? I've been trying to get in contact with him, but there's been no response.

[For only a moment, it appears as if that's all she has to say, but she shifts, her demeanor changing and her eyes focus on something in the distance, as if there were a sound off-screen that only she could hear. Her brows furrow and slowly, but surely, a wistful smile appears on her face. The tone of her voice is strained, but so very clearly amused.] Well, now... that is certainly interesting. [Then quietly, she barely finishes her sentence before hanging up, indicating it might not have been intended for her audience:] Never on time, are you...?


Nov. 1st, 2010 08:28 pm
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[Lassi is home from a long day at work. He is standing at his dresser, folding laundry as he is recording, because he wants to laugh mockingly at things, but not at the expense of finishing his laundry. In the background you can see part of his bed and a lady's foot. Say hi to Zee's foot, network.]

So, City. Had a lot of reports this Halloween about things jumping out at people. Now that it's passed Halloween the problem should resolve itself--must have been some Halloween gag of the Porter's. At least it was less deadly and messy than last year's. But you should have heard some of the ones that people reported, things that made you wonder why in the world would anyone be scared of--

[And like some terrible joke from some terrible, terrible sitcom, Lassiter opens his top drawer and out springs a horribly, bone-chillingly awful SNOWGLOBE!!!!

With a shriek that a man of his build and age should never make he falls to the ground with a thump and you can hear him frantically scrambling away across the floor.

Zatanna leans in and you can see her squinting toward the dresser, totally confused by what just happened.]

"What in the...?"


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