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[Nobody would recognize it as he's (surprisingly) had no company yet, but the video opens to a wide shot of Lancer's apartment. Compared to most, its rather spartan and seems to have only the basic requirements of comfortable living. Empty booze bottles and all.

That is aside from the rows upon rows of racks containing hand carved wooden weaponry, organized by type, lining the walls. Sitting in the midst of all this on the corner of his bed, Lancer has another such weapon balanced on his knees that he's delicately carving with fine tools.

Along the core of the sword are a series of blocky runes (some of our more learned audience might recognize as Celtic) lined up neatly like script. Seemingly finished with the last one, Lancer runs a finger along the carvings. As if warming from his touch they begin to glow a soft, amber hue.

Oye. Fellow imPorts. As it seems to be the custom, let me start by posing you a question: How ready are you to deal with a crisis?

As far as I understand our situation, that lazy bitch Lachesis pulled us all here to do her dirty work. I guess I can give her credit for graciously bestowing those of you that lack the skills of a warrior great powers. But when it comes to war, a weapon is only as deadly as the master wielding it.

We won't be catching a break either: Vulcanus, Red Death, aliens, monsters, alternate dimensions. Heck even the natives of this world. It seems everything is out to get us and its not going to stop. So all we can do is be ready.

I've been talking with a few of you but I thought it was about time to announce my plan to everyone.

[With measured steps he makes his way to one of the nearest racks and places the sword with its brothers before turning back to the screen.]

I'm putting out a call: On November 15th, all those with concern for the well being of others and with any skills worth being passed on to your fellow mates-in-arms will gather for a little training festival. It doesn't need to just be martial skills, but anything that can help a man or woman be prepared for strife and conflict.

Those of you that wish to benefit from this need only bring yourselves and your determination to improve yourself. We can take care of the rest.

[After his heroic speech he seems to deflate a little, putting his hands on his hips and tilting his head a little to the side.]

This is kind of a grand undertaking. And I'm also not above asking for a little help getting this organized. So if you have any alternative ways of supporting the community, I'd be thankful for your assistance. No one man makes a village.

But I will be giving it my all to whip you so called 'Heroes' into shape! So bring your A-Game! And trust me-

[With a crisp snap of his fingers, all the weapons suddenly hummed to life; the runes engraved in each blossoming in multicolored hues like a bed of hanging flowers.]

I'll be ready for you.

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Oct. 13th, 2013 05:56 pm
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[In the middle of the room is a cold looking metal table with two rows of wicked looking blades lined neatly at either end. Gracefully, Lancer enters the shot from stage right, all smiles and carrying a plump, rounded object covered in a small white sheet which he sets gently set on the table. Absently he scoops up one of the larger looking butcher knifes and gingerly tests its edge.]

Funny how time changes all things. I guess to some it may not seem like that big of a deal: Out with the old, in the with new. If they even notice at all. Take this "Halloween".

[He pulls the sheet aside in one quick, showy flick exposing a rather healthy looking pumpkin.]

Now I have to admit, there are some pretty fun aspects of this that people have come up with. Like- JACK O' LANTERNS!

[As soon as he says that he jambs the knife home, sinking it hilt deep in the crown of the gourd. ]

But otherwise I find it to be a cheap and shallow imitation of very deep and meaningful traditions. [With a surprisingly fluid motion, he slices the crown of the pumpkin neatly in a circle and then impales it on his knife, lifting it off with a satisfying SHLUNK!]

Samhain, as it was called in my day and for millenia, is what Halloween is trying to be.

[Reaching one hand into the open wound, Lancer begins to graphically rip handfuls of the stringy guts and seeds out and plop them onto the table.]

It was a time of cleansing. Of renewal. Families would travel out at night between pyres in a ritual that was supposed to purify your spirits in preparation for the coming year. Oh course there was still a form of trick or treating. But we called it Guising. Kids went to houses between pyres, dressed up in all manner of attire, and put on a performance. That's right. Kids had to EARN their treats.

[After the last of the innards are removed, he swipes up several of the more fine tools and begins gouging out chunks of the side.]

I dunno, maybe I'm just trying to live in the past. One disgruntled foreigner probably doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I guess you can just call me a traditionalist.

Which is why this "Halloween" I'm hosting Guising at the Pie Hole! Stop on by on your 'Trick or Treat' rounds if you want a taste of Celtic culture. But remember, you have to perform to earn your certain something.

In the mean time, I guess I can give Halloween a shot. See if its worth the popularity. What about you out there? I want to hear about your take on this 'Holiday'.

[Putting down his tools, he hefts up the pumpkin to inspects his work.]

I'll listen, but I'm still skeptical. But I know one thing for sure.

[Turning it to face the camera, the expression carved into the pumpkin is a perfect match of the smirk he wears.]

The Jack O' Lanterns can stay.
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[The feed comes to life showing a very frumpled looking blue-haired Irishman as he tosses himself into a chair, letting himself sag down till his chin is practically touching his chest. Sticking haphazardly out of the corner of his mouth is a cigarette about half way through it's life.

For a moment he just stares back at the camera with a frown that's borderline pouty before he puffs a stream of smoke out of his mouth and withdraws the cig.

I've got two things to ask and I suppose this is the best place to do it.

The first and most pressing: This city is an impressive mix of figures from every which place and time. Surely there has got to be someone out there who is an accomplished magus or being that can help me. [He leans forward gesturing with this cigarette.]

I have a very immediate need that only someone truly gifted in the Arcane arts can help with. However, the thing I'm dealing with is some high level stuff. Like.. miracle-grade, reality altering level of power. If you have such abilities, or know where I can find someone that fits the bill, please tell me. My life just got a whole lot more complicated...

[Leaning in his voice suddenly goes to a whisper.] And Rin, if you're getting this, I know you're an accomplished magus, we'll talk about this. Just hear me out.

Secondly! [Stands suddenly and starts stalking around the room, rolling his shoulders in a restless way.] Things have been kind of hectic since I've arrived in this city. What with being abducted in the first place, then there was New Vesuvius and... other personal matters.

Sometimes a guy's just got to let off some steam, you know?. I'm sure there are people out there that can sympathize. [He stops in front of the camera, and places a hand on his hip as he smiles handsomely into the feed.]

So how about it? Anyone out there that wants to work off some stress? This is an open invitation, no strings attached. Have I got any takers?


Jun. 11th, 2013 12:42 am
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[His greeting is concise, but seems to hang in the air. The handsome face of a man in his younger twenties appears to be looking directly back you with crimson eyes.]

I guess I have the honor addressing the members of this city -- the ones given the title of “hero”. While I'll not discredit those claims, it does seem odd that with all these heroes about, no one had taken a stand against what's going on here.

Sure, this city seems pretty nice. From what I've seen it even looks better than the real world. All the perks, but none of the baggage. I can see why some people don't mind being relocated here. For some people it's a god send, I'm sure.

But just because a few people are enjoying a new start, doesn't mean I can just let this sort of thing go.

I'm curious. As I'm still new here, maybe I have been left without some vital detail. Something that everyone else seems to already know about this place that explains their complacency.

[He sighs, shaking his head as if the idea is unfathomable.]

Someone has to know what's going on here. And who better then the ones responsible?

[He suddenly holds the phone out, defiantly glaring up at the camera.]

I know you're listening, whoever you are. Must be fun, playing god with all these people. Hiding away while you collect them like some sort of novelties. Does watching them struggle amuse you? I don't know why you thought to bring me here, but don't think you can screw with me!

[For a moment it looks like he might lose it, smashing the phone or something equally pointless in his anger, but he seems to regain himself. Taking a breath before continuing with an authoritative tone]

To whoever is responsible for this place, I issue a challenge. Stand before me and defend your actions, with word or blade. Or be labeled a coward. And worse, gain me as an enemy. Meet me at Sundown at the place called Grand Army Plaza, near the arc.

I encourage any who are interested to come out and bear witness. See the true mettle of those who are responsible for your current lives. And if they should not show, at least it would be a good opportunity to for me to gauge yours.

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