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[ It takes a moment for anything to be visible on the screen. There's a kind of green haze, then the camera clatters onto something hard and falls at an angle.

Then Julian appears. He's standing on a desk, right in front of the camera. He's also got a pen in his hand, but he's holding it beside him like a staff. Because it's as tall as his shoulder now.

He looks kind of pissed.

Okay. You know what? Fuck this shit. Val! Don't think I didn't just hear you talking, I know this was you! Why the hell is anyone letting her near anything with buttons? Of course it went wrong! We're lucky she didn't teleport a goddamn dragon on our heads again!

[ So, needless to say he's not actually going out in public like this. He points his penstaff at the screen. ]

Someone pick me up. I'm not fucking kidding, I'm not staying in the office like this! Who can fix it? I almost wish Nemesis and Jeffries were still here.
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[ For a second, the video shows nothing but street - a very busy, awkwardly angled view of street. Then it settles on a newspaper with today's date on the front, and a second later it comes up to Julian's very confused, very frustrated face.

Hi City. Did you miss him?

Okay so, how do I put this delicately?

The seventh of fucking July?! Now, you all know how I hate to complain about anything, but Jesus Christ! Two weeks? Hey, Lachesis, if you're listening - thanks for the trip. I don't even think I went home.

What the hell happened while I was gone? All I'm seeing is a bunch of new guys - I'm sure you're all very happy to be here - and something about Vesuvius?

Someone catch me up, I'm not reading two weeks' worth of this stuff.
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[ The video flicks on, but it isn't showing Julian's face. Instead, it's panning across a tabletop over which dozens of papers and files are spread. Many of them are quite obviously marked as Protected or Confidential, while others are unmarked. The camera takes them all in, and over that backdrop, Julian's voice can be heard. ]


This filter better work, I swear to God. I hope you guys can hear me. I don't have long.

We found something. We have all of this in hard copy, and we're bringing it, but I'm attaching a ZIP file for you. Check it out.

[ Suddenly the video disappears, and is replaced by a text post, complete with an attachment to download. Within that admittedly substantial download can be found an electronic scan of every one of the files on the table.

They concern Craig Williamson, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in the United Kingdom. They show that he had come into office shortly after that battle in Times Square, and that his coming into office had brought about a very clear policy change that pushed towards supporting the Imbargo Act. They include expenses reports, which include bills for food and hospitality at meetings with Vulcanus, and a series of letters the indicate Williamson has championed the company's interests to his fellow Ministers. Finally, there are a series of papers with copies of emails between staff, containing conversations on how much Williamson has changed over the last year, how much more outspoken he has been towards ImPorts and how he had taken a sudden and unexplained interest in ImBargo legislation.

After a moment, the video comes back, this time showing Julian's face.

You can read them for yourselves. We were right. This Secretary of State isn't what he seems. He's best friends with Vulcanus. This is England's Foreign Minister, and he's in bed with the assholes who tried to poison every single one of us in Venezuela last year.

And he wasn't always like this. Everything, from his policies to his tie to Vulcanus happened in the last year. His own staff were surprised by it. You have to confront him with this.

[ There's a noise off-camera which sounded suspiciously like a door crashing open. Julian's face flashes away in the direction of the sound. ]

Crap. We've got to go. We'll see you at the pickup point. Don't be late.

[ There's another sound, this time of footsteps very quickly approaching, and there's a crash of glass. Then, all at once, the video clicks off. ]

[ ooc: Responses will be ICly delayed until Julian and his infiltration team can put some distance between themselves and the British authorities.

Note - The filter includes everyone who signed up for the Skrullhunt plot here.
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[ Good morning, City. This is your lucky day. Julian Keller's face is on your Network. These days that usually means that he's pissed about something, and today is no exception, but he's not here to talk about that. He's speaking with an easy drawl and acting like everything's rosy. Because it is, right? It's not like one of his best friends is dead or anything.

Those who know the place might recognize the hallway he's in as belonging to Jenny Quantum's Carrier.

So you know what I missed? The Doors on this thing. You never appreciate being able to teleport anywhere in the City until you can't do it anymore. That was a bitch. But I guess this means the Carrier's open for business again.

It's about freaking time. Half of my shit was still up here, including these. There was no chance in hell I was bringing them out the civilian exit. [ The crumpled remains of what used to be Julian's robotic gauntlets are floating in front of him, and they rise up in view of the camera now. They look more like balls of scrap metal than actual hands now. ]

Hey Jeffries, if you're watching this? This crap was Vulcanus' fault. You think you could fix 'em? It ain't like I need them anymore, but hey. I'm not gonna say no to an extra pair of hands floating around the place.

[ He can think of a lot of uses for those, okay. ]

Anyways, there's no reason to stay here. I'm back in my old apartment. If I ever get the bright idea to move up here again, someone please just fucking shoot me.

[ The message appears to end here, but shortly afterwards - when Julian has teleported back to the City - the following gets sent to Miss Martian's comm. ]

Private Text )
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[ Julian's on video for once, and the camera's staying pretty securely on his face. It's almost like someone else is holding it, but his powers are doing all the work.

Obviously, right? Because it's not like he has any other options right now.

So, Cityzens. What's up? Did everyone love the election? Did you all vote? Cause that's really what we should be caring about right now.

Did you all just forget about Vulcanus? Again? This is bullshit. They could've killed all of us, and now that we cured their virus we're just gonna let this go? Business as usual, lives go on? I don't understand what the hell's wrong with any of you. The only one who had any of this right was Jack Bauer.

We have to do something about them. Now, not in six months when they hit us again.

Yeah, and if anyone's looking for me, I moved to the Carrier. They can't touch us there. I'm calling it home.

Private filter to Rapunzel

Filtered )
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(Good news everyone! Han's managed to rig the computer systems so that it can synchronize with his communicator on the Falcon. The bad news is that it's showing Vesper throwing Han dirty looks from Leia's a passenger's chair, so unamused that she's actually at a loss for words.)

Don't give me that look, sister. No one told you to follow me on board my ship to start berating me.

And no one told you to start using things that don't work.

I don't know what you're talking about, when I left the Falcon this morning the shield generators were keeping people out and keeping me in, not the other way around.

(Han casts a look at the communicator, taking a good long time debating whether or not he should ask for help for his ship. But before he can say anything, there's just Julian in the background trying to sneak off of the Falcon, but instead reaching the airlock and slamming his face first it and giving a sharp cry.)

Dammit, kid! How many times have I told you that you're banned and don't make so much racket, I don't want the Midnighter showing up because of it. (while Han turns to face the communicator and is about to ask for help before the face of the Midnighter being unimpressed is behind Vesper.)

He's right behind me, isn't he?
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[ The background noise here is busy, but hushed, and for those familiar with it the sound of hospital equipment can be detected. Julian sounds distracted and annoyed, because no one will tell him what the hell is going on or where his friends are and the last place he wants to be right now is this ImPort Clinic. ]

Okay, someone out there fucking talk to me. I heard people say the Void was gone, and since it’s not raining tentacles anymore I’m guessing that’s not wrong. What happened in the fight? Where’s Jenny and Terry? I was with them and they’re not here, and no one will tell me fucking anything.

Someone explain. I don’t even know when they’ll let me out of this God damned place.

[ He’s quiet for a minute, as if he’s about to cut his feed and wait for answers. Then he lets out a huff of air. He might as well get this over with. ]

For anyone who knew her, Sofia Mantega’s gone. It’s been more than a week, so I’m not holding my breath.

Now someone tell me where the hell my friends are. I’m waiting.
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[ the video opens up to the stretch of green, fenced field that may or may not be vaguely recognizable as the anglo-scottish border. in the distance there's a road, but besides that and the wire fence, there's just a group of teenagers standing on the scottish side that look distinctively like they're up to no good.

from off camera, a girl's wry voice can be heard:

Still fucking think we should call it the Authority.

[ terry's keeping his distance from the others, all furrowed eyebrows and frowns. if he's going to do this, he's sure as hell not doing it next to the telekinetics or mr. friggin' lightning pants over there, so he situates himself furthest away from the camera, tactically near some foliage. ]

Who the hell even cares what it's called.

[ striker is front and center. because he's striker. he's wearing regular clothes instead of his lightning pants, which is a courtesy to you guys, since otherwise he would have to pull his onesie all the way down to his butt just to free willy. ]

You should. If you don't have a good name, you can't have good branding. [ And then, pointedly: ] And "Authority" isn't going to generate good branding.

[ julian is a few paces away from striker, their new king of social network. he's dressed normally, with his jacket sleeves wrapped around his arms and his metal hands being floaty at his sides. ]

This whole thing is about rejecting authority anyway. But I don't even know why we're debating it. [ He glances between them all. ] You know you aren't beating the Hellions for a name. It's got way too much of a ring to it, and you're lucky enough to have me on board, which means no copyright issues. You should be fucking grateful.

[ he pauses, then looks out at the wild, untamed gross, nature-filled scottish landscape before them. ] So are we doing this, or what?

You guys are insane. No one is going to remember the Authority or the Hellions.

[ a few steps away from julian is quentin, he smirks at the fence and then to the guys. with a casual shrug he shakes his head before placing his hands on his hips. ]

Are you pee shy, Jules? [ another quirky grin. ] The Omegas have no room for shy little babies.

[ the camera turns around so that it's facing jenny, who exhales smoke from her cigarette at the feed before addressing it: ]

Fuck you guys. You're all shitty team leaders with shitty team name ideas. [ she makes a face, sticking her tongue out. ] And no electric piss or crossing streams, assholes. Nobody likes that shit.

[ there's a distinct symphony of tsssssss sounds. jenny rolls her eyes at the camera. ]

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[ Hey City, have Julian's pissed off face staring through the lens at you. Videos haven't been his thing lately, but it's time to break the mold. ]

I knew it was too freaking quiet in this place lately. Just when you start to think, hey, no one might die this week, someone has to start a fucking war on your doorstep.

Thanks for that, seriously. I really missed the whole constant threat of death thing.

[ Personally, he's going nowhere near it. The only fights he's been involved in are the ones he got caught up in when this started. Since then, he's been indoors, and if he's lucky it's gonna stay that way. ]

Half of you are gonna be stupid enough to get caught up in that crap. Where's the rest? I'd hate to have to care about someone I like getting their ass bitten off.
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[ So Julian's been gone somewhere close to a week. He finds that out from a newspaper stand. For him it's been a hell of a lot longer than a week, and his head is spinning now. Memories he hadn't known were there are rising to the surface, fitting back into place. Friends, enemies, people from other worlds. Events he'd thought he'd never forget. Skrulls, Vulcanus.

God, this is weird.

And last time he'd been here, he hadn't looked like this.

He's walking through the City, metal hands concealed in his pockets. Every part of this is a mess. His powers are holding the phone to his ear, and there's no video.

He sounds like he's bored.

This place has good timing. I was almost in math class.

So I'm back. You can all stop missing me now. Since nothing's in pieces I'm gonna guess no one tried to destroy the place this week. Did I miss anything worth telling?
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[The camera's got a shaky view of what appears to be sand, before it swings around to Julian with a nice view of the beach.] Say hi Julian.

[ Julian has one hand raised, and is telekinetically dragging something big and mechanical behind him. On closer inspection, it looks like a gas-fired outdoor barbecue. ] What? …You're filming already. Whatever. [ Looking properly at the camera. ] Hey everyone. Raise your hand if you're bored with police drama. We have a solution.

How do you all feel about a beach party? Of course, this is only for people who don’t annoy us. Right, Jules?

Right. If we like you, you’re invited. We’ll be-- which beach is this again?

[ Julian leaves the directions to Quentin since apparently setting the barbecue up is a one man job. ]

It’s near Manhattan Beach Park, I’ll let you know where specifically if you just ask. Don’t want any scumbags ruining our party spirit. [The camera shifts to the empty volleyball poles.] We’ll have plenty of things to do, and a barbeque for lunch! But if you want something specific, you can contribute to the party. Just don’t feel obligated to do so.

[ Julian comes back into view when he takes a net to those empty poles. ]

What he said. Except definitely feel obligated. We know you don’t have anything better to do. This is where the action’s at. [ Julian shifts his attention to Quentin instead of the camera. ] Hey Quire, are you gonna stand there and film all day or what? They know what’s up, get over here.

Alright, alright! [Quentin turns the camera away from Julian and onto his face. He smiles, speaking briefly.]

See you soon, everyone.

[ooc; JOIN THEM!!]

008 [Video]

Mar. 9th, 2012 02:16 am
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[ Okay so how does he put this gently? ]

Are you guys freaking serious?

You all sound like you should be in a nuthouse. This isn't your God damned therapy session, okay? No one needs to hear about all your life problems or how half of you think you're in love with the other half. If it isn't painfully obvious to every single one of you, everyone has problems and no one cares about yours.

[ Well, it's a feelings explosion. It isn't his fault it's making him angrier than usual. He just thinks he's got to be the only person here who isn't affected by whatever crap is going on here. ]

You all need to find a shrink before you cry yourselves to sleep.

007 [Video]

Jan. 4th, 2012 07:42 pm
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[ Julian is looking somewhat the worse for wear today. He’s wearing the same jacket and red uniform that he was wearing on New Year’s Eve, though what can be seen of it looks battered and damaged. He has a black eye, complete with extra bruising and a number of unhealed cuts around his cheekbone and around the side of his head. He’s also holding the comm in his left hand, owing to the fact that his right arm appears to be strapped up thanks to a hairline fracture in the elbow. He’s also concussed, which the doctors told him when they were trying to stop him leaving the hospital.

He’s ignoring that. Instead he just looks annoyed, and is staring into the camera.

So that was fun. That kind of crap is exactly why I hate the holidays. I knew Christmas was too quiet. Who the hell starts a fight with a giant baby? I miss the days when it was all just terrorists and robots shooting lasers.

Anyone catch whatever creep started that mess? The afterparty got away from me.

Private to Callie Maggotbone )
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[ Julian sounds irritated, and is ignoring the video function for once. The comm is picking up a lot of additional noise, generated by the sound of traffic moving in the background coupled with the chatter of the crowd Julian’s moving through. ]

I knew there was a reason I hated winter in New York. Every single damned store’s throwing out the same stupid Christmas music that everyone’s been playing for a decade, and every sales temp with a sample basket is on code red. I swear if one more idiot in a Santa hat or reindeer ears comes anywhere near me I’m gonna fucking redefine aggressive selling--

[ His voice is suddenly lost beneath the sound of a horn blaring, followed by a muffled, indistinct torrent of what sounds like a lot of swearing and some vague reference to traffic light signals. ]

--Yeah, well same to you, pal! Screw this. I hate this holiday anyway. How can any of you actually enjoy this crap? These crowds are insane, I’m out of here.

[ The sound of traffic intensifies again, and the recording clicks off. ]
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I'm hearing a lot about the Charity Ball this weekend. Anyone gonna put themselves up for that?

Filtered to Sofia

For Beautiful People )

End Filter
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Hey. So, I've been doing some thinking. [ He swears this isn't a bad thing. ]

I need to find a job. Not that the MAC ain't great, but it feels kinda temporary.

[ That and the apartments are solitary and...we'll get to the rest of that later. ]

Anyway, bottom line? I've been here a couple months and I don't figure I'll be leaving any time soon. Since that's the case, I don't want to be living off anyone else. So basically, I want to know if there's any job openings right now. Are any of you venturing business-owner types hiring? Or, if that's a fail, could anyone who happens to be listening to this point me in the direction of someone who might be hiring? Any job opportunities that might be raising their heads, I'm all ears.
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[This video keeps gliding in and out of focus. There's a faint green tinge to it as well, owing to the fact that it's surrounded by an aura of green energy which is keeping it airborne. Julian is making a decent effort to keep it trained on his face, but he's also flying, so it's a little shaky.]

So, hey City. I know, you're wondering to what do you owe this pleasure, right?

[He glances at the camera, smiling faintly in its general direction, then looking back towards the street again.]

Fact is, you're catching me on a quiet day. Which is code for, I'm bored as hell, so I'm bugging the network.

Which leads me to ask. Any of you guys involved in anything, I don't know...sporting-related? Like basketball, football, whatever, anything like that.

Failing that? What the hell do you guys do for fun around here?

[Slight amendment needed here.]

Actually, aside from awesome Fourth of July firework parties. That was definitely cool. How about when there aren't fireworks? What's the deal then?
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[Private/ Filtered to Laura Kinney]

[Julian is still getting used to this place, and he's still not all that fly with the technology, so he's just hoping he's got the private setting right.]

Hey, Laura - are you there? I wanted to check you were okay. You know, after...the weekend.
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[The screen flickers, static dashing across it before it clears to reveal his face. He looks frustrated, blue eyes flashing with irritation. The light beside the screen blinks angry red]

Is this thing on? How the hell do you even know if it’s…

[The picture jars suddenly as though it’s being shaken. When it settles back on his face it’s clearer, the static gone]

Got it. Okay, we’re rolling. God, I hope I’m not talking to myself. I don’t so much love to inner monologue, so someone better freakin’ answer me.

[Pause. He stares into the camera, eyes bright and accusing, jaw tightening.]

All right, look. Here’s the deal. This is Julian Keller, of the X-Men. That mean a single thing to anyone out there? Look, this is messed up. This whole Portal deal is all kinds of crazy. Inter-dimensional kidnapping? Not cool. And, all right, not that I mind being New York centred again, but seriously. Anyone reading me?

God this is stupid, why am I even…?

Who’s out there? Anyone? Y'know, who's to even say this place is what they're claiming anyway? If this is some insane level of Limbo again, I swear I’ll kill Magik myself…

[The screen jostles, falling away from his face and panning around the street. He hasn't moved far from the building where the portal is]

I’m here. Okay? Someone just… [The camera pans back to him. He rolls his eyes] Whatever. This is a waste of time. Find my own answers.

[The recording cuts off, the image of his face vanishing as the screen blinks back to black.]
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[ there's a soft noise before the text comes onto screen ]

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.

Whenever the black fox jumped the squirrel gazed suspiciously.

[ it stops and there's just that familiar, irritated noise. hands still feel stiff. urk. ]

Never a dull day here, huh.

[ pauses and this next part is... reluctant-sounding almost ]

Rapunzel? Let's go out.
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[ hrrmm. why not.

his voice is hesitant at first but that's quickly shoved aside to make it seem like he's annoyed, as per always

Who's a healer here? Or got healing powers when they arrived.

[ a beat ]

And actually doesn't suck at it.
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...Bet the kidnapping spiel's been done to death so I'll skip whining about it.

[ a beat ]

Anyone have some explanation on what the hell is up with all of this? Or can I call myself an [ sneering, mocking voice ] "official X-Man" now?

Tuh. So stupid.
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Since there seems to be a sad lack of organization regarding the X-Men here, I suppose it's up to me. Now I don't know exactly how many X-Men or younger mutants are around, but if you fall under the latter category then speak up. This is your chance to become a New X-Men, if you weren't one before. For the older members, it's obvious Surge isn't around so I'm taking over as team leader.

My only rule is that no one gets left behind. Ever.

Santo, I know I don't have to ask you. Sooraya, [pause] Jay, you in?
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[When the video starts, it's instantly obvious that the communicator is floating steadily in mid-air and that the youth with green-glowing eyes and crossed arms, looking extremely unamused, is responsible. It's angled in such a way that it only shows Julian and a bit of pavement, but you can hear the hushed voices behind him that Julian is determinedly ignoring.]

Honestly, I would have thought I filled my 'getting kidnapped' quota for the month already. If you want help you could have, oh, I don't know, simply asked? Then again that would involve being respectful to a mutant and I suppose we can't have that, can we? Common courtesy is dead these days, even when it comes to heroes. Never mind that 'genescum' saved the world a couple of times. [BITTER MUCH?]

Although I have to say being told to be a hero and do my usual heroics is an improvement from being turned into a bio-bomb. I suppose that's progress, but I'll give a general reminder that kidnapping is still Not Cool. Whether it is becoming the new trend or not. Ask and you shall receive and all that, but with this attitude you can forget about it. You might as well send me back, because I'm not doing jack.


Any other New X-Men or X-Men around, report. [Cutting the feed SULKILY.]


Dec. 29th, 2008 09:16 pm
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O Captain, My Captain.

A few little birdies told me that you might loan out your mansion for the New Year's Eve party. The clock's ticking and I've got to kick it into serious gear.

So what do you say Captain? I promise we'll someone will clean the place up when we're done.

How could you say no to a face like this? Plus I even threw in a Whitman reference. All this and brains too.


Dec. 22nd, 2008 06:16 pm
[identity profile] alphahell.livejournal.com
So, me and a couple of the guys around here who actually don't suck have decided to put together a little New Year's bash. And I need some input. Namely, good places we can hold the party. Anyone got any favorite clubs? Or a mansion they don't mind getting a little trashed?

I also need to know if anyone's got any DJ skills and where a guy can find some nice clothes.

And speaking of clothes, you might want to bring a change of them if you plan on staying all the way 'til the end. Because that's when we're having the pie fight. And since there's no shortage of strong, fearless ladies around here, I've decided to make it interesting and make it girls vs. boys.

Anyone else down for it?


Dec. 17th, 2008 08:28 pm
[identity profile] alphahell.livejournal.com
Everyone can relax now.

I have arrived.

Ladies, the line forms here. Who'd like to be the first to show a real hero the sights?


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