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[ filtered from Renee Montoya and Two-Face ]

So Can Anyone Tell Me Who Renee Montoyas Ex Is
Or I Dont Know Just A General Head Count Of Who Here Originates In Gotham City
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[ kanaya is sitting behind an office desk, playing a pen between her fingers as she contemplates a checkbook. there are three ledgers open on the desk and she looks like she's seen as much of any of them as she can stand. for some completely inexplicable reason she's wearing a very conspicuous pair of reading glasses, maybe she was hoping they'd make her smarter.

she never asked for any of this, but then, she never asked for most of the things she has. the look on her face is one of frustration fighting it's way out.

It would be unrealistic to think I'm the only one, but have you ever looked back on the things you've devoted your time to and wondered if you ever really accomplished anything to begin with? Perhaps you hadn't regretted a moment of it for the majority of the time it was in progress, but you come to the end and realize just how empty-handed it's left you. One can't help wondering how much of it was really worth it, how much had simply been a...a waste of attention.

[ of course it must have been. she actually really liked this job, how else could it have ended up? she flicks her pen down on the desk and it bounces somewhere offscreen. ]

I suppose it's something of a metaphor for life in the City as a whole, when you think about it. Sand running through our fingers, but for some ridiculous reason we felt it appropriate to arrange it into some kind of pattern we thought may have been meaningful for the short seconds it lasts.

[ she finally levels her gaze on the camera, sitting up straighter and steepling her fingers. ]

There's a point I'm getting to. Maybe you'll have seen the notice already, but that would require you to actually buy the damn thing, and no one's fooling themselves about that, but this week's issue of City Lights, our twenty-fourth and the marking of our second year's close, is the last. The magazine simply can't sustain itself under the challenges of poor circulation, a dwindling staff, and lack of interest.

To those of you who subscribed to our humble periodical over its two years of publication, though let's be honest, that was almost none of you, on behalf of our current and past staff, we deeply appreciate your support, both financial and sentimental. Shame it wasn't enough! [ this last part she says with the most deliberately insincere smile she's ever worn. so maybe she's a bit upset. at least donna isn't here to be disappointed in her, though she's going to take for granted she would be anyway, no matter how untrue that really is. ]

While we're on the topic of things that have been draining like a sieve, if you've yet to notice, there are a few more names to add to our absences. Shinji Ikari, Jake English, Astral, and Jessica Wakefield are no longer in this universe. Who knows, at the rate Lachesis is currently going, it could be that Vulcanus will finally have what they've always wanted!

[ the smile only seems to grow larger and faker as she cuts the feed. ]

encrypted to sherlock holmes and john watson )
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Im Assuming The Rest Of You Saw That Message As Well
Or At Least Hoping
If The Information Is Legitimate Then The Moment Many Of Us Have Been Waiting For
Or In Some Cases Have Been Told To Wait For
[ because she's too passive-aggressive not to say it. ]
Has Finally Dawned
We Need To Be Ready When The Positions Arrive
I Can Personally Expedite And Organize Movement If The Rest Of You Can Fulfill The Rest

[ basically just giving us all a place to icly discuss preparations for the finale. threadjacking is encouraged! also a warning that this consequence is already in effect. ]
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[ the scene opens on the desk in kanaya's room, with her sitting behind it. on top of it is a book turned upside down, the cover showing a large man caressing the leg of a woman mostly out of the frame. loose ends, by c.m. guarde, and kanaya seems to be already halfway through it. next to it is a water bottle half-full of a thick, red liquid.

the curtains are drawn, and the only light in the room seems to be coming from her. she has her chin propped up in her hand, and her eyes are heavily lidded, not as made-up as usual. she hasn't left her room all day except to buy this book.

It's funny, isn't it. The things one will do out of a hope for love. How much one will ignore, and agonize over, and consciously blind herself to. It comes to a point where you have to wonder whether Kristof is even worth the effort, but nonetheless, Nora makes no sign of relenting. She believes because she has to, and maybe if it should end in the worst possible manner, she will find a way through it still, to remain with the one she loves.

There's something beautiful in that. Tragic, perhaps, but still meaningful. And maybe it that which keeps drawing me back to the series. If Kristof could have someone to love him so much, could there be hope for the rest of us?

[ she turns the book back over, raising an eyebrow at the text. ] But it's still only fiction. That may ultimately be an unfair expectation of the world.

[ she slides over her bottle to take a quick sip from it. ]

Is anyone else reading these?
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It Is My Regrettable Duty To Inform You That The Count Of Those Present On This Plane No Longer Includes The Following
Jake English
Feferi Peixes
Roxy Lalonde
Rose Lalonde
And Karkat Vantas

There Are Others Missing Also But I Havent Identified Them
Just That The Number Of Familiar Threads Are Fewer In Number
It Seems As Though Some Sort Of Mass Exodus Was Accomplished While We Slept Last Night
And We Are The Ones Left Behind In Its Aftermath

I Wonder If We Havent Offended Her In Some Way
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[ it's early afternoon and kanaya is in the greenhouse, tending to a row of black calla lilies, watering can in one hand, clippers in the pocket of her apron. she has a headband on to keep her bangs out of her eyes, and a smudge of dirt or two on her cheek. she doesn't look like she's slept in a while. in fact, it's probably been days.

her communicator is propped up on a shelf above the flowers so she can speak to it while keeping her hands free.

I've been thinking about it, and i's something of an awkward question, but in the interest of cultural sensitivity, it needs to be asked. You see, it occurs to me that certain words have...numerous contexts depending on the user's place of origin, and in some cases can be utterly and unwittingly obscene. [ she stops and places her hand on her chin, looking up at the communicator. well, that will be more dirt, won't it. ] I was told once that I should write a book about my planet for human education, but I don't know about that. I'm not much of a writer.

[ she turns back to her flowers. ] That said, ignorance can only be dispelled through education, so there will need to be...some sort of offering to make. So, if a list could be collected from various non-humans on practices that would be untoward from humans unaware of the implications of these actions, perhaps a pamphlet could be prepared and left at the Porter's housing unit. I think it's worse considering, at least, but I'll need some assistance in constructing it, namely from any others from non-Earth planets to contribute things I may not be aware of, either.

[ she sits there lingering on the thought for a moment before setting the can down and rising to her feet, her hands dusting off at the top of the frame before she reaches over to take the communicator. ] While I'm on the topic of bridging cultures, we're not far from your holiday celebrating romantic successes.

[ she pans the camera out across the area to show what she's been working on. the greenhouse is growing a great many flowers which are just now coming into full bloom in a brilliant display of blacks, pinks, and reds, with a small corner of a few grey things growing. she'd have liked to expand that one, but her choices were limited as it was and there was sadly little demand for them anyway. ]

Last year, Jade and I offered bouquets to fit each of my culture's quadrants. She...may not be here anymore, but I thought I should carry on the endeavor in her absence. A tradition must be continued if it expects to be established, after all. So I will be accepting orders from now until Thursday's end, and delivery is available.

I hope you all enjoy the day as it approaches.
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[ feed cuts on to kanaya sitting at a desk in her room. her eyes are closed and lips pursed with her thumb and forefinger pinched above them, not parting very widely when she speaks, as if she's under some discomfort.

toothaches are awful. growing your fangs back in over the course of a day is worse.

This is likely already common knowledge to any who are familiar with him, but at this point I think it would be safe to conclude that Ron Weasley has returned home. To any who were closely acquainted with him, you have my condolences.

[ she winces and reaches offscreen to grab a glass of water, hands over her mouth as she holds a gulp over her front teeth a few moments before swallowing. why did she have to do this now? this was a mistake, she should have known better. ] Excuse me. [ she pulls her purse onto her lap and starts digging around in it for a bottle of painkillers. ]

So, unfortunately, this renders mine the primary income to a household of six, which may necessitate an expansion of that. This season does tend to create a greater need with the increases in consumption that the holidays bring with them, so I may have a fair amount of options that won't use my age as an obstacle. Assuming I can balance my schedule between that and my education...or maybe I'll simply need to drop that one.

[ she finally finds the pills and drops two in her hand. ] Of course, if any of you require an augmentation to your wardrobe for season functions, my services are always available for an appropriate fee.

[ the video ends as she pops some advil. ]
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[ here stands kanaya in the porter room. she looks about as human as she gets, hornless with brown skin, wearing just a black t-shirt with her virgo emblem on it and a red skirt down to her ankles. a bit underdressed compared to what would be more typical for her. curiously enough, though her face could give any beet a fair competition in a redness contest, she is not glowing even in the slightest.

she thought it would be important to announce her return as soon as possible. she wasn't ready.

So I... Well. [ she lets out a long exhale. ] I just... I thought it would be prudent to say...

[ she trails off, screwing up her lips and runs a hand down her face. it comes to rest on her lips, and just sits there a moment, through long pensive breaths. ...and then it moves to her neck, rubbing along its middle as her brows furrow.

she shakes her head. the feed cuts.

twenty minutes later she tries again. this time she's sitting on a bench in the park. the sky is overcast and she does not appear to be happy about that. she would have gone home, but found that she was unable to locate the thread to bring her there, or, for that matter, any thread at all. the walk did her some good, she seems to be much better collected now, at least.

I need to apologize. To everyone, really. Over this past month I've been...difficult to deal with. Which is an understatement, really, and even that timeframe is too narrow to be accurate. It's simply when the behavior has been at its most prevalent.

The problem is that I had allowed myself to accept certain attitudes about myself that were, well, aside from being inaccurate, were also entirely unproductive, and I believe it only served to toxify my interactions with others.

None of this is said in an attempt to excuse myself, of course. It is said more in hopes that in acknowledging it, and doing so publicly, I can put forth the effort to improve on these issues. You all deserve that, and...I suppose it may be possible that I do as well.

Any forgiveness may be offered at your own discretion. If you would prefer to eschew any kind of socialization where I am also involved, I will not spare you my understanding. Just please know that I am sorry all the same.
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[ imagine, if you will, this track playing in the background as the video clicks on. it isn't playing, but feel free to at your leisure.

the broadcast opens on an expansive black field, but it isn't just a dull void. my god, it's full of stars. the camera pans down, past the carrier in its own nearby orbit, and then the bright blue sphere of the earth dawns. it would be a wondrous sight in any other circumstances, with the view of new york below, but right now it's only giving context to the problem at hand.

worse still, moving the camera like that has set its operator in a slow spin, and the earth moves past the screen as it begins to focus on the vastness of space once more.

kanaya maryam is Not Happy.

I Believe I May Be Guilty Of A Tremendous Oversight

( ooc: respond with voice at your own risk. all of her replies will be over text until she gets back to the surface. )
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[ kanaya's sitting cross-legged in a nightgown on the couch, the room dark aside from the glow from the television and the rather bright one her skin's putting off. aradia's there next to her in pajamas and a t-shirt, leaning against her shoulder and fast asleep.

there's a scalemate held tightly in one of her arms and tub of ice cream, something minty, in the other, with a box of tissues in her lap. her eyes are puffy and tired, red from crying, but her expression is empty of any emotion, like it doesn't know how to properly communicate everything she's feeling right now and settled for something weary, overwhelmed, and stunned instead.

her focus remains on the movie she's watching, though she does flick her gaze to the camera every now and again, to properly acknowledge the recording she's making.

The house feels too empty, as an abundance of space not given its due utilization is wont to. It's far too great a residence for only three individuals. There should be more than that, and I can feel its discontentment at being so poorly allocated.

[ she pauses after saying that, just staring at the television. it's about ten seconds before a sniffle tries to creep up, but instead she sets her jaw and continues. ] Terezi's gone. There's no uncertainty on this matter. Additionally, it has been days since last I saw Feferi, and I have had little success in locating her by my own means. This leaves only the three of us, Ron included. Whether we should open the possibility to new tenants has occurred to me, but...

[ she takes a deep breath ] I thought it needed to be announced, in case any listening may have been acquainted with-- [ she cuts herself off as her eyes suddenly narrow and her glow starts to flicker. is it something anne parillaud is doing on the screen? whatever it is leaves her face in a miserable bitterness as she sets her ice cream on the table and reaches for the communicator, tapping a few buttons before the feed ends. ]

two private messages, one for Seras Victora, the other for Donna Troy )
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[ kanaya's lounging on the roof in a green bikini and a purple sarong, though her atypically exposed abdomen reveals a nasty looking green scar just below her belly button. she's soaking up some sunlight and generally enjoying the weather as she flips through the classifieds section of the paper. beside her is a copy of the second crescent book and an open notepad with numerous green scribbles on it.

the paper isn't really netting her much, so she sets it down and lowers her shades.

Pleasant as the climate may be, and despite the horrendous events of the previous weekend, the inactivity afforded due to our schoolfeeding's hiatus is enough to drive one mad from being too idle!

I would attempt to expand my current employment to satisfy this void, but there are apparently limitations demanded by my age. [ she sits up and pushes the sunglasses onto her forehead with a frown ] There's unfortunately little I can do to rectify this matter but allow time to correct the imbalance on its own, but that does little to solve my predicament.

It has been brought to my attention [ by way of a certain series of books focusing on a club of girls who held such a profession ] that it would be entirely unobjectionable and even age-appropriate within human culture for me to accept financial reward in exchange for my services of supervising adolescents for a period during which their guardians would be otherwise occupied.

My question, then, relates to how one may pursue such a line of work. There is no question that I am diligent enough to sufficiently fulfill it, but appropriating clients isn't quite so unambiguous.
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[ the camera clicks on to show kanaya, her glow slight and gentle, wearing something rather modest, considering the subject she'll be discussing today. she smiles as she begins her address. ]

You'll pardon the intrusion, I hope, but I thought I might share one of my own passions today. ...Ultimately to your enjoyment, perhaps, should your interests fall along similar lines. I'm speaking, of course, on the subject of fashion. And to that end, we've prepared a small presentation on the topic!

[ she turns the camera around seven girls fancily adorned, aradia, nepeta, rose, feferi, jade, terezi, and nill. she passes the camera down the line, then it moves to the side of a small pathway she'd laid out earlier as a makeshift runway and motions for them to begin their march down it. ]

ooc cut for length because good lord is this long )

So, I hope the show didn't too poorly occupy your time, and I'd like to take this opportunity to note that prom is only two months from now, I believe, and so I will be taking commissions for any outfits one may wish to have prepared for that occasion! I can typically be reached here over the Network, and my fee shouldn't be difficult to negotiate. So, I welcome any clients who may be interested.

[ and she walks back in front of the camera to shut it off ]
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[ well, someone's looking a little forlorn ]

I realize this may be out of place, perhaps inopportune, but given the collective experiences of those individuals who regularly attend to these memos, I thought it might be an inquiry worth presenting.

I'm curious, you see, about the variety of passions you may carry. Those most unbridled within your heart, leaving it to flutter impotently in a manner akin to a butterfly kept in the most cruel prison of masonic glassware, with little chance of its release to fly unfettered. How can such an urge, in whatever form it may take, be better managed when it has no hope of fulfillment, be it a thirst that refuses to be satiated, or a romance that lacks reciprocation, or any other fully and entirely hypothetical hopeless scenario?

Tell me of your passions, Network. Should I remain indefinitely incapable of realizing my own, perhaps I can at least enjoy yours vicariously.
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[ hi network, have a glowing trollgirl sitting down on someone's lawn. the background'll be familiar to repeat viewers, as it's a different shot of one you've seen before, though the rubble has been gathered into a neat pile to the side, and rose can be seen tending to a small white kitten

as for kanaya herself, well, she doesn't look angry any more. she's considered and discussed and brooded and fussed over this enough for one night. now she just looks exhausted. there are pedals of torn and shredded calla lilies all around her, and she's twirling a twig of ash thoughtfully

Eridan Ampora, let it be stated for the record that we are in full awareness of your responsibility in certain proceedings to have been accomplished this evening, and I feel it a courtesy to likewise inform you they have not changed either of our feelings on the matter.

Moreover, the only reason you're allowed to continue your unfortunate existence without suffering threat of immediate and bloody revenge is due to the advent of her conditional immortality, as otherwise I would not have allowed you to survive the night.

Don't you feel this has gone far enough?

[ her gaze shifts back to the camera, and she holds the flower up to make sure it can be seen ]

To the Network at large, I find myself in need of an auspistice. [ she glances over her shoulder at rose, then back ] Or perhaps two would be necessary, in fact. The inclinations in neither case are mutual, but this situation requires appropriate management, and I'm clearly incapable of achieving that myself.

Qualifications required should include the ability to tolerate an overbearing and insufferable blowhard with little regard for any beyond his person, an incessant exertion of his superiority, and a clear overcompensation for his own unquestionable shortcomings.

It would be preferable, I would imagine, if you could accomplish all this while maintaining enough patience that you would avoid squeezing the life from his gills as he painfully voices his protest, but should you eventually find yourself in lack of the capacity to practice this restraint, I will raise no complaint at your success.

[ and then she reaches in to take the comm, and the view shifts a little as she shuts it off ]
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[ the microphone is on and recording but it's silent for a moment, before a deep breath is heard that breaks in a stifled sob, she is trying very hard not to cry over the comm

when her voice finally comes in, it's left flat with despair and grief and rage and exhaustion

Terezi Pyrope is dead.

[ beat, another breath ] Where is the justice in that?

[ and the recording cuts off ]
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[ the video clicks on to a ceiling many imports may have seen before, if they'd ever bothered to look up as they exited the porter building. after a moment, it's moved to the night sky ]

--Let them know we've returned. I'd hate to think that anyone was worried!

Okay, here! [ the camera pans down onto the two girls as kanaya realizes jade already turned on the comm she was holding. it's dark, given the hour, but the streetlamps and the dim glow kanaya's giving off provide enough light for the video to be clear ]

cut for mild length and lots of green )

[ ooc: as you can probably guess, lime green is jade, jade green is kanaya
also kanaya has a permissions post for her new power, please give it a glance!
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[ hi, network, here's kanaya just kind of washing clothes and glowing around.

she's straddled in front of her bathtub with a washboard in front of her and a long purple skirt draped over it, covered with various splotches of jade and indigo. the water in the bath has become a swillish mixture of those same two colors, along with some amount of a deeper purple.

she's wearing a long and loose skirt patched together from various patterns, pulled up around her knees. her blouse is a very pale green, with one sleeve rolled up, and the other...tied off over a stub that ends around her elbow. oh, network, where did her right arm get off to? the knot seems to have somehow collected a much darker jade than the rest of her shirt.

she's got a bandanna holding back her hair, tied in a way to account for her horns sticking out. there's a streak of indigo on her chin, she must've forgotten to clean that bit. you can see the sun shining in from the window. and if you've never never seen her glowing before, well here you go.

let me tell you, network, she looks SO tired.

Seems as though I'd only just washed the blood out of this thing. I just thought it might be prudent to let everyone know I'm alright, no need to worry. I may not have come to a more permanent solution to Our Collective Issue Of Attempted Subjugglation, [ she glances at her stub with a small smile ] but I took as much as I lost, at least.

It's repairing at something of a slower pace than I expected, perhaps I hadn't taken enough. [ she moves her hand to her forehead and groans ] I'm trying to maintain this form until it's finished, as I'm not inclined to see what would happen if the injury remained at the moment I reverted, but it's...leaving me rather thirsty.

[ she moves her hand to the top of her abdomen, just below her ribs ] Well, at least that one's closed.
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[ kanaya is chilling at her apartment, seated at the table with a pink book in her hands. the cover, which is facing the camera, would best be described as "bodice ripping", showcasing a gentleman with a tattered shirt revealing his swelling chest, draped by his long, luxurious tresses, holding a lady in his arms whose dress only seems to stay on by sheer force of will.

there's a stack of similar books on the table beside her, next to which is a small, folded bundle in green and white spearmint stripes. is that a necktie?

as kanaya glances through the pages, she appears to be somewhat perturbed.

Why is it that the majority of your literature here on this planet seems to involve the male human wooing the female human? I find it... [ she pauses to think of the right word, her mouth turned downward in a scowl ] ...frustrating.

[ she turns the page and skims on, the raises an eyebrow and continues mostly to herself: ] Oh, is that how human reproduction operates?

Private to Doc Scratch )


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