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There has got to be a way to give others -- especially work -- a heads up you're going to be unavailable for about a week on account of the Porter sending you off to another world. [ All is said in a flat tone, but it picks up a bit. ] I don't doubt it will happen again, but a note in advance would be handy.

Anyway, I'm kind of glad to be back somewhere I'm familiar with and not on a ship with ghosts and cannibals. [ Emphasis on "kind of." ] But retail therapy only did so much and lately I've been thinking it's been forever since a bunch of us ladies of legal drinking age had a night out together on the town. So how about it? Any of you in?

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Nearing the end of 2012 seemed to involve quite a few strange animal encounters. Never been close to a lion or an elephant seal before. [ Does it count if that seal was a human? Don't worry Wally, she won't namedrop you!! ] Or a tragon, but those don't exist where I'm from, pretty certain of it.

[ Pause. ]

I also have too many pies. I think I should give a few away before they go to waste.

[ locked from nill ]

Anyway, Nill's birthday passed. I already got her something big for Christmas... or something that will be big enough in a few months. I'm not sure what to get her for the grand one eight. Any ideas?

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[ The feed opens up to a bright room in what is clearly a police department. The video is angled incredibly low and for a brief moment, the viewer can catch a glimpse of an officer handing the device to its rightful owner.

Then it focuses on a girl, no older than eleven. Bright red hair and eyes, notably pale, notably surly. ]

If your guardians are here, you can speak to them through this and inform them they can come get you at [ PRECINCT STATION # HERE ]

[ The girl looks away from the comm to argue: ] But I don’t live here! And I didn’t do anything wrong!

[ From offscreen, another voice adds: ] Neither did I. Do we look like troublemakers to you? I think we're being scapegoated.

[ Kate frowns and impatiently looks at the comm. After a few seconds, her expression softens up a little and she speaks into it: ]

They said our parents or guardians have to come pick us up, but I don’t... [ A beat. ] Are Jake and Gabi Kane here? [ She sounds hopeful, even if she knows her parents are going to kill her if they are here.]

I know mine aren't here. Friends but never family. I can get home myself!

[ There's a buzzing sound, and then suddenly the sprinklers blip on. There's rustling as the adults move to protect their paperwork, and a young girl -- also about eleven, with large green eyes and white hair -- is visible on the screen leaning toward Kate. ]

Want to try to get out of here? You can call them from outside.

What? We’ll get in way more trouble!

No way. If we’re quick, they’ll never catch us!

Hey, wait!

[ The camera shakes as Kate moves after the other girl and there’s shouting in the background that gets abruptly cut when she closes the comm. ]

[ ooc; post came from Kate Kane's comm and all replies will be ICly delayed. replies from Felicia will come from her own comm. ]
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[ Forward dated to a couple of hours after this post! It's another one of those rare times Kate turns the feed on and it opens to her room -- or what may be some sort of sleeping quarters. Who knows right now? The bed is covered with clothes and other items all over it. On the floor, various shoes and bags sit along with her suitcase which is still stuffed full of clothes. ]

Nill's already made it obvious... but we're back. I'd almost forgotten how tiring traveling out of the country can be until you're hauling back a second suitcase full of new clothes, shoes and souvenirs. I think we overdid it with the chocolate, though. [ She turns the comm to face the pile of boxes of chocolates, seated next to a bag full of these things. ]

Brussels was beautiful. I have to admit I wasn't expecting the natives to be that friendly, but if you're looking for a place to visit in Europe, Belgium's still pretty welcoming. We only got a couple of odd questions, like that small group who asked if I was a vampire from Berlin. In broad daylight.

[ She doesn't laugh. In fact, the whole time she speaks she comes across as distracted. ]

Looks like while we were away more people got ported out. Does anyone know if Dick came back or not? [ She doesn't trust Khisanth's words entirely. ] Or Jen?
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[ Someone sounds a touch tired today. ]

I didn't expect to do this again so soon. I've looked and everything, but Vic Sage has presumably been ported out. I'm not sure what's going to happen to his office or if it's a temporary thing, though... [ She doesn't know who knows about Vic's illness back home, so she isn't going to touch on that at all. ] You know how it is. Never really certain until they come back or not.

It looks like there's been quite a few port outs lately. Wonder if the Porter's in a mood.

[ Kate pauses for a couple of minutes. One might assume she turned off the comm before she speaks up again. ]

Wouldn't be considered unorthodox to bring back a souvenir later on for someone who isn't here anymore, would it?



► 035.

Jul. 13th, 2012 11:39 pm
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[the comm has clearly come on mid-conversation. rather, mid-argument. it's a voice transmission.]

--ave an answer for you, Dent.

I don't believe you. How can you not know when you're the one who was keeping her from me? If you don't know, who would?

[there are footsteps, heading towards the person holding the comm.]

I hope you aren't lying to me.

Who told you she was gone?

[there's suddenly the sound of someone moving quickly, away from the comm. scuffling.]


You damn--

[something slams into someone, and breaks. a loud thump as a body hits the floor. running footsteps]

Don't test your luck. It runs out for everyone sooner or later.

[and the transmission suddenly ends]

[ooc; this post comes from kate kane's communicator. this is backdated to about 6 pm, in reference to this log. red is kate kane, purple is harvey dent. responses will be delayed ic.]
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[ Her voice would sound too resigned for this, except given the subject of this post, anyone who knows her well enough might be able to tell she's not pleased. ]

For those who knew her, Renee Montoya has been ported out of the City.

Sorry if anyone had plans with her.

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[ It's around 8AM when the audio clicks on, catching the half of the tired sigh from Kate and the quiet noise of something sizzling on a stove. ]

Today marks a whole year since I was ported into the City. People tend to say congratulations or happy anniversary when it happens, but I never understood what there is to congratulate.

You'd think you'd have something insightful to say when you hit the one year mark, like some of the others. But it doesn't feel that much different than yesterday or a year ago. Maybe time went by too fast to notice.

[ There's a long pause, as if she might actually say something of worth, but she ends the feed there. ]
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Every two years in Brussels, there's a flower carpet that's set out at the Grand Place. It's become a tradition over there. Begonias are mostly used since they can withstand bad weather, so the carpet stays beautiful and fresh for a long time. It's a huge carpet that takes a lot of time, preparation and dedication to set up, with a different design each time. There have been bigger carpets in other parts of the world, but the one in Brussels is probably the most famous.

[ She switches on the video for a moment, so people can see she's looking at some glossy magazine with these pictures inside. ]

I've never seen the carpet myself, though I think I would like to this summer. Why not, right? No telling when the Porter will decide it's time for you to go. There might be little differences in this world, but I imagine it's still as beautiful as it would be anywhere else.
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I think I can officially declare my iPod gone. Doesn't bug me as much as I thought it would have. I thought it would have smashed itself into pieces from the height it fell at, but I went to look for it? Nothing. Then again, it was in quite a rush. [ Kate why are you talking as if your iPod ran away on April Fool's. Oh wait, it did. ]

Anyway, Renee came up with this idea, so how many of you play baseball? The weather's nicer and we figured we could spend an afternoon playing it. All in good fun, of course.
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[ the video turns onto a nice boutique in what appears to be So-Ho. it spins to focus on not a grinning, green She-Hulk face, but a mousy Jennifer Walters instead. she waves a little before speaking up. ]

Okay, so Kate and I decided to do a “treat yourself” sort of day and that means clothes. Lots of clothes. Because clothes are great. Anyways, everyone, you guys need to see how great Kate looks in this.

[ the video turns again to focus on Kate wearing this sexy ensemble. ]

And beg for her to buy it and spend everyday wearing it because girl, look at that body.

[ Kate has her attention focused on a mirror to the side, but when she notices Jen is pointing the communicator at her she turns to face her properly. She tilts her head, eying the comm. ]

Is that on? [ She chuckles a bit. She doesn’t look the slightest bit embarrassed or shy, clearly comfortable in the dress. ] I don’t need to inflate my ego, I don’t think.

[ In fact, Kate is always comfortable and confident in whatever she’s wearing, even if it’s been a while since she’s put on a dress like this. ]

[ Jen speaks up again, laughing a little ] Whatever. You look fantastic and everyone needs to know that. Anyways, so this isn’t brag central, how do you guys treat yourselves?
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[ The feed opens up to one Kate Kane in an extremely dark and what looks to be an empty room, with quite the dour expression on her face. Her eyes are focused elsewhere for a good thirty seconds. She sniffs loudly, taking a deep breath, and wipes her upper lip with a hand covered in some blood. It’s clear to anyone paying attention to the lack of wounds it’s not hers.

Then she slowly directs her attention to the communicator. Her gaze hardens. ]

You don’t understand. [ Her voice shakes, as if still trying to find the audacity to speak up. ] You still don’t understand.

[ And then she turns the communicator toward Nill. Nill is cowering against a wall. There’s some blood running down her back; one of her wings is bent at an odd angle, obviously snapped at a joint; a bit of bone is sticking out, mixed in with the white feathers, though it’s very apparent where because of the blood soaking the area. There’s a constant stream of tears running down her face, which is contorted in pain. Her entire body is shaking, though she’s doing her best to stop it. She just stares at the camera, pleading. Help me. ]

[ Kate walks over to her, reaching forward to simply touch the broken wing. Nill’s eyes slam shut and her mouth opens in a silent scream. She writhes in agony, trying to get away, but she just ends up pushing her wing against the wall. It’s too much; she falls to her side, unconscious. ]

The one you have in custody, release him. Release him, and no more harm will come to this girl. [ The feed returns to Kate, and her pale skin begins to darken and shift. It continues contorting until the skin is rough looking and a distinct shade of green. ] Twenty-four hours, or I will clip more than her wings. Call off this entire --

[ She stops to take a breath, and her expression softens up a bit. ]

You will see. He still loves you.

[ She cuts the feed. ]

[ ooc: IMPORTANT! Kateskrull and Nill are currently hidden away, but don't fret. You'll be seeing her soon again. ;) ALSO!! Kateskrull might not reply to everyone, so I highly encourage threadjacking with each other! ]
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Since he's not the type to fall silent for so long, I'm going to hazard a guess Nathan's been ported out. Unless he's decided not to answer my texts for some reason. [ This is the first time someone she really liked has been ported out on her, so it feels awkward.

And oh, the timing. ]

I don't think anyone else has actually heard from him, have they? Just bad timing with this Skrulls business. [ Yes, she's a bit worried. :I ]
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From November, back to June, then missing most of November – and suddenly it's December. You don't think about how much time can pass until the Porter decides to chuck you out temporarily for whatever reason. Needless to say, that was weird. One minute I'm cooking dinner, the next I'm back in the Porter's room.

... well, back now. I miss anything?

private to shahrazad )
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It sounds like most of us made it out of the recent fiasco alright. Good to hear. At least the kids got to do some trick-or-treating later on... now hopefully we won't hear any ominous prophecies about Thanksgiving.

[ Something rustles quietly in the background; she's folding away the Columbia costume she wore for Halloween. Sequin, sequin everywhere. Then what sounds like nylons ripping and a quiet "ugh". ]

On the bright side, I finally found a place a while back and luckily, it's still in one piece after all the fighting. No walls crashed through or the like. Since it's on one of the higher floors, it's got a decent view of the City. Even though I was ported in late June and free housing is awfully generous, I'd prefer not to stay in the MAC the whole time. However long my [ unwilling ] stay will be. Besides, I like the view better from the new place.
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[ There's a few seconds that go by before anyone actually speaks. The music in the background, while not loud at all, is turned down completely. A moment later, shuffling noises can be heard and Kate finally talks into her communicator. ]

I remember when I arrived here, I was told the powers the Porter gives us are a bust. Like the ability to locate the nearest dalmation. [ Hi Carrie. ] Unless you like dalmations. [ A beat, now she's actually talking about her... power... a touch sarcastic: ] I guess the thought behind it is nice. How many other random abilities received from the Porter, like dalmation tracking, are there?

[ Something drags across the floor -- a small table from the sounds of it. ]

And September's here now. Time for autumn wear. Got a favorite store to shop at?
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Since the Network likes questions: do any of you consider this world home? Would you? Just curious. For people who've been here for months or years, it's still a big change, isn't it?

I've never been fond of moving, myself.


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[ the feed clicks on and the first thing anyone paying attention might see is how goddamn pale this person’s skin is. there’s a quiet hum and only ten or so seconds later it’s revealed to be a redheaded woman, eyes currently hidden behind dark sunglasses. it’s probably hard to make out any other physical details besides what appears to be tattoos on her arms. her expression is impossible to read. she might look at ease – or bored. it depends on how you want to interpret her body language as she sits back on a couch, running a hand through her hair.

but when she speaks, she doesn’t seem too thrilled. calm, yes... but certainly not overjoyed by this sudden predicament. ]

I don’t remember being here before – or ever having left Gotham for what turns out to be not New York in the first place. The brochure they handed out didn’t exactly explain the deal with the [ ugh ] sudden memory loss. I’m under the assumption that’s just normal here?

[ trailing off. she adjusts her sunglasses, red lips pursing. ]

Either way, if this is a joke of some kind I’m not laughing. If someone can give me the rundown on this place, it would be greatly appreciated. Good or bad news, doesn’t matter. I’d rather know what exactly is going on. I figure going home is out of the question here. I’m not wrong, am I? That seems too easy.
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[Batwoman's communicator seems to have fallen out and is wedged in some garbage on the street, though a view of her is seen. Hello, City. Here is your second glance of Batwoman, the first being when she was ported in. Currently, she is kicking zombie ass.

Although she has fiddled with her communicator to make it virtually untraceable in an attempt to hide her identity as Kate Kane, some of the more tech savvy/smart people (aka Batman) might figure out that they are one and the same...

Or hey, they might just be nerds who think "A Batwoman? Hot." or "A Batwoman? What the HELL?"

Either way, here she is.]

ooc: I got some complaints that this comm didn't have enough Batwoman so here she is 8D ♥ It would be difficult for EVERYONE to figure out that she and Kate Kane are the same person, considering what a low profile Kate has been keeping but like I said, perhaps someone like Batman might figure it out. =D

Assume replies happen after she finds her comm.


Oct. 2nd, 2009 10:58 pm
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I really hate to be idle, so I got a second job as a bouncer at Warren Worthington's new establishment.

It'll be nice to have extra money in my pocket.

[Private to Felicia]

Confession: I sent the flowers. Hope you don't mind.


Sep. 24th, 2009 10:19 am
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[Kate is sitting around wearing sweats and a tank top, covered in oil as she's cleaning motorcycle parts. Although she's not very expressive, she looks serene and almost... happy.]

I've found a job at a local motorcycle shop. The hours and pay aren't bad. It's the first job I've ever held in my life-- paying my bills on my own is very satisfying.

I haven't had much time to go out and meet people, though. I should have more freedom to do so since my step-mother isn't here breathing down my neck about "proper decorum" and "who is that girl you're bringing to my annual Chanukah party?"


Sep. 8th, 2009 03:39 pm
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[there is some fumbling with the comm.; for a few seconds, all you can see is Kate from the neck down wearing work out clothes-- a visible scar is seen over her heart. Finally her face is in the picture]

So, I'm new to this city and looking for employment. A point in the direction to a gym would also be great. And maybe a map.


Sep. 6th, 2009 08:40 pm
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[Batwoman wakes up, fully costumed and masked and groggy. And annoyed.]

Waking up in a strange place isn’t all that uncommon in this line of business but I’m pretty sure I’m not in Kansas anymore. Or on Earth. Batman—is this your idea of a joke? Some sort of test? Are you still sore about the fact that I knew about the thirteen covenants as opposed to twelve? The fact that my hair style irks you? Or is it about that dating thing? We discussed that properly, didn’t we? I’m just not your type, for various reasons.

The last thing I remember is being face to face with that train wreck of a leader, Alice, and then… nothing. Renee? I think I saw her but that was probably just a product of my imagination and the poison.

This calls for a thorough investigation.

(Batman, this seriously better not have been your doing or you’re going to get a Batarang in an uncomfortable place.)


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