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[ The video opens up to a humble little scene: a plush chair pulled up behind a table, which has two tall-stemmed glasses settled upon it. As Kirei steps into view, he has a bottle of wine in his hands to fill those very glasses. He addresses the camera as he unwraps the foil from the bottle's neck. ]

In my world, there is something known as the Holy Grail War.

[ It's something that shouldn't be spoken of so openly, but we're not in Fuyuki anymore, so what's the harm? Rin may surely scold him, but he's not concerned.

In fact, Kirei looks oddly uncaring in general -- and in the carefree sort of way, not the usually deadpan kind. Something has him in a pleasant mood. The foil is removed, crumpled neatly in his hand and tossed offscreen, into some unseen disposal. That done, he collects a corkscrew from the tabletop.

Seven mages, who are known as Masters, summon seven Heroic Spirits, known as Servants, and do battle. They fight for the Holy Grail itself, which grants any wish that your heart may desire.

[ That last bit isn't so much that truth, but we'll omit that detail. ]

The exact makings of a Heroic Spirit are not so difficult to define; they are figures of history and myth, so revered for their might and their sacrifices that they become legend. Their name, and their history, are a story that has survived through years, and that gives them power.

That is what I imagine, when the Porter refers to those summoned here as 'Hero.'

[ After some careful handling, the cork comes free with a satisfying pop, and he begins to fill both glasses with a very red wine. Once that's done, he pushes one glass closer to the camera: for you, Network! ]

However, that leaves a question: for what reason does Lachesis summon so many to this City? [ Kirei steps around the table, settling down into that plush chair with his wine in hand. ] And what seats you among the worthy?

What wish would you risk your life for, Hero?

[ Kirei smiles, raises his glass, and takes a drink. ]


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[ The camera clicks on to reveal a scene at the Institute's basement laboratories. It's the usual mess of mechanical miscellanea. There's the usual blue robot in view-- or is there? The being on the feed is definitely mechanical, but visibly masculine and dressed in what appears to be a priest's vestments.

When danger's voice comes, it's from off camera.

Inquiry: Have there been a significant number of incidents involving form alteration within the past twenty-four to forty-eight hours?
If so, what progress has been made towards identifying the source?

[ A pause, as she comes into view, moving to stand behind the other robot. She eyes him skeptically for a moment before speaking a touch impatiently: ]

It is impossible to run diagnostics while you are so needlessly dressed, Kirei.
I cannot access the relevant ports.

[ The second figure in question turns his head, regarding her neutrally. He has responded to 'Kirei', and perhaps by a stretch there could be a visible similarity drawn between the unfeeling metal shown on the video feed and the human flesh and blood that one would usually associate with that name, but it is slight.

What gives him away the most is the vestments, and he shows no intention of budging on that.

Concern is unnecessary. I am operating within standard procedures. Self diagnostics have returned normal.

Additionally: your request is inappropriate.

Inappropriate by the standards of the humans who have clearly indoctrinated you, I suppose.

[ Her tone is mildly judgmental, and she gives no warning before unceremoniously jerking up the back of his clothes. Reaching over her own shoulder, she chooses one long cable from her hair and promptly plugs herself in.

To the camera:

I will await responding Network reports.
The second opinion of a mechanic or technopath would also be somewhat helpful.

Initiating interface.

[ And the feed cuts. ]


Jun. 11th, 2013 03:28 am
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Hey, can you guys hear me alright? [ Leaning in towards the camera and speaking in a hushed tone is one dark haired girl with quite the devilish look in her eyes. ] You won’t believe this, but I’ve managed to convince that stuffy priest into attending prom with us. Er, not as an attendee, but as a chaperone. That’s honestly the best I could do at short notice, but oh well. It’ll do.

Oh! Guess what else?
[ Without giving anyone a chance to answer, she quickly adds in: ] And he’s going alone. Ladies, today fortune favors you for I, Rin Tohsaka, will give you a sneak preview of what’s to come during this momentous occasion.

[ Is that the background moving around her? At least she’s lowered her arm to hold the phone tightly between her fingers, but there’s enough space between the lens to tell she’s heading straight for the door of a dressing room. A jiggle on the handle indicates it’s locked, oh but there she goes blasting it off with a single explosion from her hand. ]

Hey Kirei! You’re taking your time which means this one ought to look good! [ And there goes the door being pulled open suddenly all while the phone remains hidden at her side. ] Come on, I want to see!

[ And despite how much time he apparently has been taking, Kirei isn’t quite finished yet. Behind the door, Kirei stands only half-dressed, midway through pulling a shirt over his shoulders -- which leaves a very bare and very muscular chest on display. ] Rin. The store will demand you replace that door. [ Then, as if an afterthought: ] You shouldn’t barge in without knocking; it’s indecent. One might get the wrong idea.

[ Then, his head tilts, catching notice of the hidden phone. ] What’s that you’re holding?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The manager will make their demands and I’ll blow their head off as well. [ A dismissive shrug as she holds up the phone so that the video gets a better view of Kirei’s face and his now covered chest. ] My phone. I wanted to get a picture of you for reference. If we take individual photos of each outfit, we can flip through them to find the one you like best.

[ Or in this case, the one Rin likes best. ] Smile. You know you want to.

[ He really doesn’t. His expression remains flat. ] If that is necessary, shouldn’t you wait until I’m fully dressed? [ He’s still working on that, buttoning up his shirt. Once that’s done, he drops his hands with a very mild gesture at himself. ] Will this suffice? I thought we were here for your clothes.

Can’t you at least smile for Emiya? [ Waggling the phone a bit in front of his face. Sorry viewers, you’re long forgotten in favor of the teasing. ] Well, maybe not. That’s probably a face he sees in his nightmares so we shouldn’t overdo it. Instead, let me see if those pants fit you alright. We wouldn’t want them to accidentally fall down while you’re on the dance floor.

[ If anything, his expression gets even more stoney. ] I was not aware you’d show these photos to Shirou Emiya. [ He’s very much not aware that she’d show the whole Network, either. He shakes his head, trying to urge her out of the dressing room. ] That won’t be necessary; I won’t be dancing.

Kirei, you have no idea if that will be true or not. [ Rin retorts as she shoves the phone towards his hand. ] Hold onto that, will you? I just need to reach around your hips with both of my hands like this--[ Which yes, she’s doing just what she’s saying she’s going to do. ]--and feel around for the tag.

Oh, you should probably say hello to everyone while you’re in possession of my phone. It’d be rude to ignore your audience without giving them a bit of acknowledgment, don’t you think?

Rin, you-- [ His protest is stalled when the magnitude of her words sink in, and his gaze turns to the phone in his hand, his eyes narrowing into a glare -- then widening again at some unseen gesture from the one next to him. ] Rin.

[ And with that, the feed cuts out. ]

(( ooc: red is rin. blue is kirei.))


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[ The camera opens up to a very serene image of a vast space filled with wide benches and stained glass windows. The building has a tall ceiling, dimly illuminated by candlelight, and the imagery on the colored glass betrays it easily: a freshly furnished Church – with a very tall man standing at the center of it. He speaks, and his voice is deep, smooth and oddly chilling. ]

It is my sincerest regret to report the passing of the pastor which this City was so familiar. He was a very generous man, granting me hospitality and a home within these very walls when I had nothing to offer in return. He was a shepherd very much beloved by his flock – however, his life was full and he has returned to God.

[ There is a practiced pause here, and a slight incline of his head, as if bowing under the weight of these heavy matters – it isn't at all to hide the small grin forming at the memory of exactly how this man was returned to God, and how unnatural that passing was. His head raises again, and any hint of that smile is gone without a trace. ]

It is with a deep honor that I carry out his last will and maintain this Church in the name of him and of the Lord. These are troubled times, and I pray you will find my arms as welcoming as the man who came before me.

I am Father Kirei Kotomine, and I offer my services to all without distinction.


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