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"In other news, we've received reports of a missing child - a young boy named Jacob Schofield. Jacob, along with his friends, were playing at the Spuyten Duyvil Shorefront Park when his mother Erin noticed that he wasn't among the other children; the following search proved fruitless, and authorities were notified. So far, there haven't been any leads; there've been no reports of him walking off with another adult, and search dogs haven't been able to pick up a scent.

"Jacob's mother, Erin Schofield, is begging anyone who's seen her son to say something."

[insert some footage of a teary woman pleading with those watching to help her search, how good a boy Jacob is/was, and Jacob, if you can hear her, she just wants to know that you're safe ectectect]

"Jacob's friends have also added their hopes that he's found safe and sound."

[more footage. this of a preteen boy, who's awkward on camera but clearly distraught. 'we were just playing tag, and we were all running, and then we couldn't find him...']

"Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact..."

((OOC; Related to this plot.))

II. [text]

Sep. 30th, 2013 11:36 am
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How do you so easily resign yourselves to the inevitable?

You simply accept that you cannot control your stay here; that there will be threats to your lives and livelihood, that you are at the whims of another...and that, ultimately, you have no control. Even when dying, there is an air of defeat about you.

Is this a Human trait?
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Is there a record of how many are present?

[and then, he speaks in a completely different language. something that sounds almost...mechanical. Cybertronian, for those curious]

And how many of you understand me?

((OOC; For the record! All voice comments by Nemesis are in Cybertronian as well, unless noted. All text is in English. c: ))


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