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May. 7th, 2013 02:00 am
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so it's been a week and i haven't heard from santo so i'm gonna put it out there that he's been ported out. i'll keep you all updated on that front i guess.

so how's everybody doing? any port-outs, gossip, or awesome stories you wanna share? actually, scratch that first one. tell me like, anything else.

† 045.

Feb. 9th, 2013 08:47 pm
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[the video is only on for a split second; rikku is in her pajamas, lounging on her and santo's big red couch. and by lounging i mean curled up and looking sorry for herself with half a bottle of wine halfway hidden behind a cushion. but the video is gone soon enough and text fills the screen:]

max gibson has been gone for almost two weeks
(thirteen days and about 22 hours and a few minutes or something like that)
so i guess she's ported out for real and not just on some kind of weird vacation where she doesn't answer texts about free pancakes
or blowing up buildings
or creddo daytime soap operas
so now everyone is aware

† 044.

Dec. 10th, 2012 02:07 pm
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[rikku is in her workshop, leaning lazily on her workbench. there are various bits of robots and tools scattered over it, along with a few empty cans of energy drinks (because those are exactly what she needs). she was wearing a sports bra beneath her coveralls, but girl got tired of being so confined so now the top half of it is pooled around her waist. she is rolling the comm around on the table when the camera turns on, so sorry if you get dizzy.

after a few seconds she stops, spiraled green eyes focusing on the camera.]

So not counting that weird month when Lachesis decided she wasn't cool enough to handle my presence here anymore, I've been here for about three years. Well, actually I've been there for three years and two days now.

[her nose wrinkles for a second before she sits up, grinning. this gets a response out of her little scout machina, which whirrs and beeps before crawling down to her shoulder from her hair. she giggles and taps its little machina head.]

Overall, I think it's been a great three years! I've met tons of people, got a pretty awesomesauce job, and basically the best boyfriend ever. We even--

[she is cut off by a loud growl, and then her pet kinkajou, brad, leaps down from above and swipes the machina off her shoulder so he can take its place. this is pretty much a regular occurrence in this house, obviously, because while she does screech a little bit, she doesn't shove brad away. he curls around behind her neck, beneath her hair, and rests his head on her shoulder as if he hasn't done anything wrong. she immediately rounds on the sugar bear because he knows what he did]

Brad! Fryd dra vilg, oui luimt ryja pnugah Scout! Pyt kinkajou, pyt!

[in the midst of this spurt of al bhed, she disappears from the frame as she crouches to pick up poor scout, who is beeping distressedly. she sets the little machina on the work bench and it awkwardly scuttles over to the comm, running into it and ending the feed.]

† 043.

Nov. 1st, 2012 01:29 am
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[this is the face of a very huffy, very not-pleased rikku in her lady luck dressphere. she is tapping the cards on her shoulder in an incredibly impatient and frustrated manner. just in case you couldn’t tell how done with the porter she is.]

Okay, I know I’m really awesome and all, but this has got to stop, Lachesis. If you want me, you can keep me, I’m cool with that. But don’t send me back for like, a millisecond and then decide, [she turns to the porter building behind her to say this, imitating the porter’s sexy woman voice somehow.] “Oh, Rikku, I’m so sorry come back and grace the City with your presence again!” [huf huff, front face again]

Because as much as I dig this place, you grabbed me out right in the middle of a really important project. Which, now that I think about it—

Santo, you didn’t touch anything in my workshop did you? [SOME OF IT WAS RIGGED TO BLOW HAHA. she actually looks a little worried, and taps her chin with the cards.] Please tell me we’ve still got a place to live. And Tony, please tell me I’ve still got a job.

Anyway, I checked the calendar—looks like I missed Halloween by literally an hour and a half. [the wickedest of wicked grins] Santo, come pick me up! So what if it’s a weeknight? Any parties still going?

† 042.

Jul. 20th, 2012 11:44 am
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[someone is sprawled out on her big red couch in her pajamas. she gives a little groan.]

Might've partied a little too hard last night.

[brad crawls across the top of the couch before plopping down onto his mom's chest. she groans again, but doesn't move.]

Seriously, Brad? [she reaches up to scratch him anyway.]

Someone, anyone. Next time I say I wanna go out for my birthday, tell me no. [she's only half serious]

[ooc; WHOOP rikku's birthday was yesterday so i guess just assume she took all her friends out dancing or something I'M SORRY I FORGOT TO POST HERE]

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May. 31st, 2012 12:12 pm
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[the video opens to a pair of huge brown eyes right up in the camera's face. there's a giggle, and then the kinkajou to which they belong is lifted out of the video by rikku. she sits cross-legged in front of the comm with the baby kinkajou on her shoulder. it's nestled into her hair, looking quite cozy.]

Santo! I got us a pet. Isn't he the cutest thing?

[the honey bear makes a series of high-pitched squeaking/chirping noises. rikku reaches off screen and picks up a slice of banana. she smooshes it in her fingers and offers it to the tiny thing. its super long tongue whips out and licks it up. rikku thinks this is adorable.]

I haven't named him yet, but I want it to be something awesome.

[ooc; this is back-dated to last night. kinkajous are adorable.]

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Apr. 15th, 2012 01:11 pm
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[this is rikku lying on a couch that is not her own.

this is rikku groaning and pressing a large icepack to her forehead.

this is rikku with the comm on her stomach, still in her pajamas and looking a little green.]

Rumo cred. [she is mostly talking to herself.] Why did I even think that was a good idea? Right, 'cause I'm a good friend. Such a good friend.

[she groans.]

Santo, I'm gonna need you to come pick me up. Like, literally.

[ooc; this is backdated a few hours.]

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Mar. 20th, 2012 06:30 pm
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[it’s at night, the camera angle a little jumpy and the lighting a flashlight held by the same person who has the camera. max is crouched on the ground setting something up, hoodie up. she looks up after a moment and grins.]

Did you just improvise all of this?

Because this bit right here – [she points to something in the shadowy lump she’s been working over] – I love it.

[someone’s yellow-nailpolished hand comes into the frame, adjusting what max had just been pointing to. rikku then leans down a little further, trying to get a closer look; she’s wearing a red beanie hat, and nods with a grin.]

Yeah. It’s kinda what I do with my free time, y’know? It takes a little to get all the bits and pieces and chemicals, but it’s worth it.

It is definitely worth it. I haven't done much work with chemicals, but I'd love to know more. [max stands up, grinning.] Okay, I think we're good to go.

[the video cuts out, and resumes about seven minutes later. it’s still dark outside. rikku has something in her hand—some kind of remote-looking device. she offers it to max after fiddling with it for a moment.]

Wanna do the honors?

It would be my pleasure. [she takes it and presses the button. nothing happens. she gently presses the button again, and then turns to rikku, an eyebrow raised.] It was definitely set up right.

[rikku had been waiting too, but disappointment is evident on her face when nothing happens. she takes the remote, turning it over in her hands for a second. then she gives it a shake, and kind of pounds it with a fist.]

Come on, I knew I did this right! Fung, tysh ed!

[max looks disappointed too.] One of us is going to have to go back in, huh - [KA-BOOM. the abandoned building in frame turns into dust in a storm of bright explosions. rikku is thrown back a few steps, automatically raising her arms to shield her face. once the building is completely collapsed, she kind of looks to max, and then breaks into a grin, pumping a fist into the air and jumping up and down.]

Woo-hoo! That was totally awesome!

[max's grin is threatening to split her face open, and she lets out a whoop of victory before turning and holding her hand up for a high five.] That was amazing!

[rikku immediately grants her that high five, and nods.]

Yeah! We used to do things like that ‘round Home when people wanted to build new things. But it never gets old. We’ll totally have to do this again sometime.

You can always count me in for sure. [so much grinning.] I can't imagine this ever getting old.

Chyeah. Now let me tell you about those bombs—

[and the feed cuts. orange is rikku, purple is max. this is forward-dated to tonight, around 1 a.m.]

† 038.

Mar. 11th, 2012 06:04 pm
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[this is rikku in an itsy-bitsy orange bikini with lime-green sunglasses perched on her nose. 66 degrees and sunny is perfect for tanning, okay. she is lying on her stomach on top of something grey and slightly reflective.]

It’s about time the cold went away! Seriously, I don’t really trust those tanning bed things and I’ve been dying to get outside for this.

[it turns out that grey reflective surface is santo after a good polish.]

Do I have to keep laying still? I think an ant crawled up my nose.

[rikku kind of rolls over (helloooo cleavage) and pulls her sunglasses just a bit down her nose.]

Just a sec! I’m in the middle of something very important.

[santo stifles a little bit of a laugh.]

If by important you mean showin' off to the network, yeah, but hey, don't let me cramp your style.

[oh snap rikku pulls off her sunglasses and glares at him a little.]

Excuse me, I am not “showing off!”

[she even does air-quotes with her free hand for that.]

You so are! Here, I'll prove it.

[and then santo rolls over so that he's supporting himself with his arms, looming above her and blocking the comm's view.] Okay, now go on!

[after giving a little scream, everything is suddenly dark because santo just blocks all of the sunlight. all of it. she’s pouting now, and pushes her sunglasses up to the top of her head.]

No, I’m done with the Network now. Can I have my sun back?

[there's another rocky rumble as santo rolls back over and the sunlight returns.]

Totally just proved my point. [he sounds so smug.]


[rikku blows her bangs away from her face, hair tousled now, gives him another pouty glare, and shuts off the comm. red is santo, orange is rikku. backdated to sunday afternoon. why do you guys let us write anyway]

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Feb. 24th, 2012 12:25 am
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[rikku is panicked.

she's holding the comm in one hand, and is in her white mage dressphere. there are flames behind her, and her outfit is torn in a few places.]

Santo--everyone get over here! There was an explosion and--Shiva just get over here! Any one who can heal--anyone who can do anything. And run!

[ooc; obviously this is back-dated to 9:36 pm est.]

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Feb. 18th, 2012 11:12 pm
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[rikku is looking... oddly serious! her brow is furrowed and there is obviously something on her mind. she takes a deep breath, and then:]

Jessica, I think your boyfriend is an alien.

[she pauses meaningfully, letting this sink in. somewhere in the background: "WHO'S BOYFRIEND IS A SKRULL?" from santo. she ignores him.]

I mean--tentacles, Jess!

["WHAT TENTACLES?" thanks, santo.]

What if you've been--you know. [she makes some random gestures that are supposed to mean "making out with a tantacled alien"] Just wanted to let you know, girl. I'm here to like, support you, if you need it.

† 035.

Dec. 2nd, 2011 11:56 pm
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[the video flicks on to show rikku's apartment; she's cuddled up on her big red couch in her hideously mismatched pajamas. dirty dancing is on her tv; you can tell because of a very distinct song in the background. she's munching on popcorn, and has her tonberry plushy all snuggled up next to her. she looks thoughtful. also, notably, alone.]

Y'know, I don't really get movies like this. The guy's a total jerk to the girl, but then she goes running back to him the second he gets into trouble! If I were her, I'd just let him deal with it on his own.

[it's kind of obvious that she's no longer talking about johnny and baby]

I mean, who does he think he is, breaking her heart like that and then expecting her to come rushing back, huh? What a load of cred! [munch, munch] Guess she'll just have to be ready for next time. I mean, there are only so many times someone can pull that kind of thing before it just gets too old.

[munch, munch, munch]

Yup. Just too darn old.

† 034.

Nov. 20th, 2011 10:54 pm
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[there's a rather annoying ticking in the background. her tone is sort of curious, and wary.]

Hm. I don't think a toaster is supposed to make that noise. Maybe—

[the ticking speeds up.]

Oh. Cred.

[the ticking is almost a buzz now, and something explodes a split-second before the recording cuts.]

[ooc; idk she needed to blow something up today.]

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Sep. 21st, 2011 05:13 pm
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[the video flicks on to show rikku’s garage, a place you all know and love! she’s wearing nothing appropriate for working with explosives, but who cares, she does what she wants. the comm is set on a stool a few feet away from her as she mixes this and stirs that into a large beaker. after a few moments she pauses, looking at the beaker happily.

and then the happy is gone, replaced with confusion and a bit of worry as the beaker begins to bubble. she takes half a step back and yells:]


[and there's a sudden crash as santo plows through a wall off camera, charging into view right as the mixture explodes. thankfully, an invulnerable rock body works very well as an impromptu blast shield.

when the smoke starts to clear, santo speaks:]

That. Was. Awesome. Are you okay?

[CROUCHED ALL BENEATH HIM. coughing a bit. finally straightens and looks... at her poor wall...]

My wall! Why'd you have to pick today to pretend to be that red-drink guy like on TV, huh?

The what guy--look, it was you or the wall and I made a good decision! That wall sucked anyway. It blocks your view of... uh... that street. I basically did you two favors!

[ALL THE SIGHING. about to say some witty retort. and then... a pause... she slowly looks up at him. questioning. so many questions.]

What's that... poking me?

Uh...I think it's a kneespike. I got a lot of spikes.

[she seems to accept this, and ducks out from beneath him to look at her wall. her back is to the comm so her voice is getting more distant by the second, but her last words are pretty clear before the recording times out:]

--I swear to Yevon, if that was your rock penis and not a knee spike I'll--
[identity profile] rock-it-punch.livejournal.com
[The video feed from this comm is giving you a lovely few of absolutely nothing, since it is recording a darkened room with almost no lighting. There's enough to make out that this appears to be a workshop or garage of some kind, and that some big idiot with huge hands is fumbling around on a shelf and mumbling.]

Freakin' key, I know you're around here somewhere, or at least you better be...

[And suddenly, there’s the lightest sound of metal scraping against metal as someone picks up something. Just a split second later, there’s a yell:]
I got you! [And metal slamming against... rock? A startled yelp, and the metal thing drops to the concrete, clattering around. Someone is hissing and running, bumping into things as she goes.] Cred!

Hey!-[The intruder with the phone spins around, sounding ready for a fight, and-stops. Thanks to the AMAZING CAMERA WORK of this accidental video post and the whole pitch darkness, it's kind of hard to see anything except some blonde hair.] ...Rikku?

[Rikku’s voice comes from somewhere across the room, just as surprised as his.] –Santo? [As if she needs to ask that question. Her incredulity turns to annoyance so quickly, though!] What the vilg are you doing breaking into the garage?!

[The phone moves as Santo puts up his hands defensively.] I needed the extra key to the apartment! I got ported in and I wanted to surprise you but the door was locked so I came...here...and okay, maybe it wasn't a GOOD plan but it seemed like it at the time!

[Rikku finally manages to feel her way across the garage to flick on the light. The wrench she used to hit him over the head is on the ground at her feet and, well. Her hand is starting to turn a lovely shade of purple already. But she can’t ever stay mad at him, and her voice softens.] It was a pretty good plan, dork.

Yeah, I know, I just was saying it wasn't just in case you were mad at me. [And the comm is unceremoniously dropped for the moment so he can rush over and hug her.] I'll buy you a new wrench. Uh. Eventually.

[She lets him pick her up, wrapping one arm around him so she can grip at his stony neck with her good hand. Her bruising hand is hanging kind of useless by her side, but oh well. She... looks pretty close to tears, but is doing a good job of holding them back.] Too bad you can’t buy me a new hand, huh?

I'm sure someone can build you a robot hand that's even better than that one. And then we can thumb wrestle! [Being an idiot is keeping him from getting all what-passes-for-misty-eyed-when-you're-a-rock-man too, which is good for his reputation.]

† 032.

Jul. 27th, 2011 03:39 pm
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[rikku is chilling in her garage, looking cute as can be. she’s got the comm set up on a can full of screws, her elbow propped on the metal table, and her chin resting in her palm. she looks as if she’s in the middle of solving a big problem. because that is exactly what she’s doing.]

Y’know, without Santo around, it’s hard to move all my stuff when I wanna reorganize. I’ve been thinking about where I wanna put everything since my birthday, but I haven’t actually done anything with it. I’m not really sure where to go from here.

[and this is when she actually turns her attention to the device. she puts on her best puppy-dog-eyes-face for the import community.]

There wouldn’t happen to be any big, strong men looking for work, would there? I can pay you just fine, and all I need is a few big boxes moved around dryd faekr ypuid vuin rihtnat buihtc aylr. It isn’t much work at all ev oui'na syta uv nulg. Easy as pie!

[batting her eyelashes so innocently. run for your lives, boys.]


[and she cuts the recording so she can pat herself on the back as she giggles.]

† 031.

Jul. 18th, 2011 07:08 pm
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Tomorrow's my birthday! I'll definitely be nineteen. I dunno if there's anything people in this world do for that birthday, but I want it to be special. [EVEN IF SANTO ISN'T HERE... DON'T EVER REMIND HER]

So I'm going shopping right now for something special to wear! Anyone interested in joining me? I could always use extra opinions.

And if anybody has suggestions for what I could do tomorrow, tell me now because I gotta plan.

† 030.

May. 19th, 2011 10:48 am
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[recording starts with static, but it clears up enough so rikku's voice can be heard. she's basically screaming, and it's obvious she's really pissed off. there are other voices in the background, jeering and mostly male.]

—et out! You can't just barge in here like—

[a loud crash, and she screams again. there's panic in her voice now.]

Fru dra vilg tu oui drehg oui yna? This is my garage! You could've at least knocked before breaking down the vilgehk door! I swear, if you touch anything else, I'll—

—Put that down right now! Don't you point that at me like—cred!

[metal sliding against metal as she draws her daggers. there's the whistle of something flying through the air—a crowbar, for anybody with really good ears and a great imagination. a metallic clang as it hits a table, and she growls. she lets loose a string of al bhed profanities before her boots can be heard slamming against the concrete as she runs towards the rioting nerds. another crash, and the recording cuts to static.]

† 029.

May. 7th, 2011 05:31 pm
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[HAVE A BLONDE GIRL IN KNEE-SOCKS WITH SHORT-SHORTS AND A TANK TOP AND GOGGLES AND WHY AM I EVEN BOTHERING TO DESCRIBE HER. she's just all kinds of adorable. she looks angry (but cute at the same time, it's totally possible) and glares down at the comm.]

What's the big deal, huh?! There I was, ready to kick that jerk Seymour's butt, and now I'm not on the airship anymore! What gives?

[she kicks at the ground (even though there's nothing there to kick) and puts one hand on her hips.]

Someone's got some explaining to do! But it better not be Pops. I don't wanna hear from him. Brother? Is it you? [a pause, then more hesitantly:] Gippal?

[when there's no immediate answer, she makes a frustrated sound and then stomps her foot angrily.]

Well, whoever did this, get me outta here! I've gotta save Yunie!

† 028.

Apr. 6th, 2011 08:20 pm
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Fryd dra vilg ec kuehk uh? Frana ys E? Fryd--

[a pause. looks like we're not in kansas anymore, toto.]

Oh. Seriously? You couldn't just like, not 'port me out and then right back in? Shiva, what'd I do to you, huh? Kessa y pnayg!

[SUDDENLY SHE SWINGS BACK HER LEG AND KICKS THE DAMN 'PORTER BECAUSE WHY NOT. this is such a bad idea and she yelps, stumbling backwards and falling on her ass. the comm swings up to land on her skirt, and now everybody can see her forever-sexy abdomen. grumbling, she grabs the comm from her belt and holds it up in front of her face, blonde hair all askew and spiraled green eyes all pouty like her face]

Santo? You'd better still be here, cfaadc. I wasn't gone so long, was I?

† 027.

Mar. 26th, 2011 09:52 pm
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[someone was caught in the illusion, and was not pleased. but she made do, because that's what rikku does. she puts her hands on her hips and glares at the camera a little.]

Okay, what is this? I was just mindin' my own business, and suddenly I'm wearing a dress! I mean, I don't mind dresses, but that thing was ridiculous. I'm just glad I was able to find this more normal dress to take its place.

[she looks down at herself again, and sighs.]

Even though some people keep lookin' at me funny. Anyway, there's no way I'm going to work looking like this.

[mutters to herself.]

Skirt down to my feet. Seriously.

† 026.

Jan. 11th, 2011 08:13 pm
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[the video flicks on to show a very pouty rikku. a very pouty rikku who happens to be the berserker at the moment. she's kind of crouching on her haunches in her and santo's apartment, away from the camera; this crouching lets everybody see the giant paws and claws that have suddenly replaced her hands/forearms & feet/calves. she reaches up with one of her hand-paws to scratch behind her ear.]

So, uhm... usually I can't do this for more than a few hours but uh, I've been the Berserker all day.

[she pauses to sniff the air, and then turns her attention back to the comm.]

Smells like steak somewhere. Anyway, I guess this is happening to other people too? I mean, it could be worse--I could be like, Ghiki or something. But yeah.

[she smirks, and springs into a back flip before somersaulting towards the comm. up close, her eyes are wide and her spiraled pupils stand out vividly against the brilliant jade of her irises.]

I think I'll go for a run.

[with a wink and a feral grin, she cuts the recording.]

† 025.

Jan. 5th, 2011 10:43 pm
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[this is a very angry and flustered-looking rikku. she's standing outside in what looks like an alley, and santo is standing in the background, rocky arms crossed, visibly scowling. rikku herself is absolutely livid. her jacket is buttoned crooked, and her hair is kind of messed up.]

Fryd dra vilg is wrong with people here? I can't even go to a store with my boyfriend without being harassed!

[santo mumbles behind her:]

I had to beat them away with a stick! And by a stick, I mean my fists. So... more like. Rocks.

[she waves her hand at him and turns back to the comm, brushing bangs from her green spiraled eyes.]

Yeah, rock fists. Anyway, what is it with nerdy boys coming up to me and asking me to sign... things? And these are definitely not things I want to see. I don't get it! I was kinda a celebrity back home, but not so much here.

Freakin' nerds.

No kidding. Anyway, there were hoards of them. And by hoards, I mean four. They roam around in groups, I swear. And one of them tried to grab my cute, leather-clad butt!

[she rubs her poor bum at that.]

Packs of geeks, all around us! And not a locker to be found.

[she gives one more exasperated sigh, and santo grumbles once more ("freakin' nerds") before she shuts off the comm.]


† 024.

Nov. 7th, 2010 06:19 pm
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[it's voice today. rikku has already done all her crying and the like, and she knows it's time to get herself together. she's sure she looks a mess, which is why there is no video here. anyway, she sounds almost like her normal self--there's just a slight hint of hesitation, and some sadness, in her voice.]

I'm sure everybody already knows that Santo is gone, yeah? I looked everywhere, and I couldn't find him, so. Uhm, anyways.

[awkward pause. she's not exactly sure where to go from here. deep breath.]

I have enough money to keep this apartment by myself for a while, but only a few months. So if anybody needs any kind of mechanic or engineer, I'm your girl. Just lemme know what you need built or fixed, and I'll have it ready as soon as I can.

[another pause. she's running her hand through her hair, even though you can't see it. there's the rustling of some papers, and then a little sigh.]

So, yeah. Just give a holler. Thanks.

[under her breath:]

Zicd bnabynehk vun dra funcd.

[recording cuts.]

† 023.

Oct. 17th, 2010 02:11 pm
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[the video flicks on to show rikku's private workshop. there's really nothing to see... until there's something of a whizzing sound. it gets louder, seeming to come from the left and then the right. finally it seems to be hovering just above the camera, still out of sight. rikku's voice comes in, very excited.]

Ladies, gentlemen, and all others! I, Rikku, bring to you my newest and best project so far!

[rikku (who seems to be holding the camera) stands up and focuses the shot on a very miniature airship. it's idling in the air, and the engine revvs with a sound that would be impressive if it was bigger. rikku giggles.]

The Celsius II! It's just a prototype, but if I ever get the chance, this thing will be able to carry at least three times the whole import population, and then some.

[she pauses, and then turns the camera to her face, which is sporting a big grin.]

Pretty sweet, huh?

† 022.

Oct. 6th, 2010 09:47 pm
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filtered from santo vaccarro.

[she just sounds... so worried. and looks it, too.]

So... how can you tell if someone is like, depressed? I mean, I know they're really sad and they mope and they don't want to do anything, yeah, but maybe that's just like their puppy ran away or their favorite cactus drowned. I mean how sad do they have to be? 'Cause, well.

[there's a pause, and she bites her lip and pulls on one of her braids.]

'Cause Santo is really sad and won't even smile at my special outfit and he keeps sulking around and I'm worried about him. It's been going on since Rikki left, but really, it's been a month and... I'm all out of ideas. He isn't cheered up by anything.


So, help?

† 021.

Sep. 12th, 2010 06:19 pm
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[the video starts up with a shot of... the underside of rikku's favorite red couch. not very interesting, really. but suddenly! the shot swings over to the legs of the table. as the holder of the camera moves forward, the sound of... nails clicking on tile is very hearable. there's a pause, and then a monkey's paw reaches forward to grasp a table leg.

all of a sudden, rikku's voice, followed by santo's:]

Bad Ghiki! Come back here with that! Cred, oui chaygo suhgao, kad ouin vinno pidd ujan rana!

Monkeys can't even use phones! [pause] ...Right? I mean I've never seen a monkey use a phone...

[like a shot, ghiki (who, by the way, is holding the comm in his mouth) scuttles up the table leg and swivels his head around. there are a few papers and things, but no food. he is disappoint. so he clambers across it, towards the kitchen.]

Frana tet ra ku?! E cruimt hajan ryja dyikrd res ruf du cdaym!

Rikku, you're slipping into Al Bhed crazytalk again. I don't think monkeys understand words!

[ghiki leaps off the table, and the comm flies out of his mouth on the way down. he squeals and plops in front of it. a large, orange-and-white monkey with an elaborate headdress is in your face. he gets to his back feet and paws at his face, shaking his head, a little bit shaken.

hearing the commotion, rikku slides into the room in her trainer dressphere, shaking one of her overlong sleeves off her hand so she can point at her pet monkey. santo kind of looms up behind her, just staring with his rock eyes.]

Bad monkey! You're supposed to come to me when I call, not run away! Running is the exact opposite of what you're trained to do.

Maybe we should set out some bananas for it or something. A banana trap.

[ghiki gives something of an apologetic chatter, grabs the comm in his monkey paw, and proceeds to run away again. the video times out.]

† 020.

Jul. 28th, 2010 10:24 am
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[so, rikku is in her superhero outfit again! she's just chillin' in her ~*new apartment*~ that she got when she turned eighteen i guess. ANYWAY. she's lying over the arm of a bright red couch, as in, her legs are dangling off and her head is on the cushions. the comm is on another cushion, and so this entire post is done with her face upside down. also, cleavage.]

So I've been thinkin'. How does someone who's bad--like, an evil villain-y type person--get that way? I mean, nobody is born evil, that's just silly. So it's gotta be something that happened to 'em, right?

[she stops to think for a second. mental exploration is a go.]

I mean, bad things have happened to me. Plenty of bad things have happened to my cousin and my friends. Heck, bad things happened all over Spira back when Sin was still around. But there were only a few really evil people, and I dunno why what happened to them made them, well I guess snap.

So, any thoughts, oh-so-unwilling citizens of the City?

private to santo vaccarro, encrypted )

† 019.

Jul. 17th, 2010 11:51 am
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I totally almost forgot that my birthday is coming up! I haven't even so much as glanced at a calendar in like, weeks. I definitely need to get myself a birthday dress, stat. Anybody wanna come with me? I could always use second and third and fifth opinions!

Oh--girls only. Boys always beat around the bush or just say, "Yeah, that looks fine" when we girls ask them if they like something we're wearing. And you know that's true!

[ooc; for as long as i've been playing her, rikku's birthday has been the same as my own. SO I NEVER FORGET.]

† 018.

Jun. 17th, 2010 08:00 pm
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[video clicks on to show rikku all dolled up. she's smiling widely, and waves one newly fingernail-polished hand at the camera.]

Hey! Guess what? Santo said he'd take me out to a club tonight. A real club! We never had anything like that in Spira--not even after the Calm started.

[she turns her head for a second to listen to santo grumbling something from the next room, rolls her eyes, and then faces the recorder again, looking just as peppy. pulls the camera close to her face.]

I don't think Paine would like it much, but Yunie might have fun. Scratch that--if Yunie was with me, she'd definitely have fun! Maybe even Gippal. If it really is as fun as it's sounded, then maybe if they all show up, we can go together.

[more santo-grumbling. she waves her hand in his general direction.]

Yeah, okay, I'm ready!

[stands up, blows a kiss to the comm and gives a wink. a farewell wave, and the recording cuts.]


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