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Greetings, Network users! This is Steve.

Might I bother you for a bit of friendly conversation? I've come to the conclusion that is the best course of action.

Please do bear in mind this does not require us to be acquainted! I am always interested in meeting new people, as it increases the likelihood of learning something new today.

Thank you very much in advance!
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[oversized sunglasses are slipping down the bridge of his nose. they are promptly pushed up again.

a chipper tone ensues:]

[a beat.] Ahm...Yes! Well! [HM. the bright smile twitches, and what you can see of his brow is furrowed. CONCERN OR CONFUSION? WHY NOT BOTH. it's all peppered with optimism all the same.]

I appear to be the victim of that unusual time-lapse phenomena I've heard tell of! If I am certainly correct in believing the current date is twenty-thirteen, as much of my – ah, admittedly little – investigation leads me to believe...

[another beat.]

That would be...well, mildly distressing if I were to have missed some terribly important happenings! As I no doubt have, given this planet's knack for excitement and danger. [his smile's a little wincing; sorry about missing all that, really. he scratches at his scalp, making him look even more sheepish as the sunglasses slip down his nose again.

they are pushed up once more.]

I do hope you will consider helping me fill in some most likely substantial gaps! This being my preliminary investigation into such, given how it will not only serve as a means to catching up to speed, but...catching up with those I already know quite well! [HOPEFUL NOTE IN VOICE.

and then he bristles with a thought.]

Oh! [a laugh.] And those I don't know at all yet, for the aforementioned reason!

My name is Steve. Hello!
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[Steve drops into view quickly, sitting down in front of the communicator. he looks very...peppy. when doesn't he?]

Hello, friends and acquaintances and those I've yet to meet! I've learned today is part of a small series of days for picnics! I took a little time to do some research on the notion...and I've decided I'd quite like to participate in one, myself. Properly. As a human! [ohboyohboy.]

Would anyone care to join me? I've already secured the food and beverages required; having company is just as vital, if not moreso.
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[backdated to around NOONISH today. bright and sunny! and a Steve, seated on a bus bench. a heavy, but pleasant sigh!]

Well, I've been informed the buses at this particular part of the City are all running rather late! It appears I have quite some time on my hand. [slight pause. then, with a chuckle in his voice and a shrug of his shoulders:] Then again, I have plenty of time on my hands most of the time!

[and that seems to strike a thought.] Ah, then I suppose now is as good a time as any to inquire for...Miss Callie? Or, perhaps, someone with the know-how in regards to the documentation one needs for work? There's a bit of a, ah...hitch? In filling them properly. On my part, that is. They are fine papers for what they're for!

[he scratches his cheek, half-smiling sheepishly. sigh.] But that's all well and fine as it is for now... [he swivels his head, looking about.] I wonder what I ought to do to pass the time... [back to the comm with a hopeful smile.] Perhaps one of you has an idea? Or maybe something interesting to talk about? How are your days going?
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[hello network, how is everybody today? doing good? good. Astral floats on screen as usual, holding the communicator at a safe distance so everyone watching can see him and Steve. practical!] Steve was showing me his butterfly knife earlier--

[moving from one side of the screen to the other behind Astral, looking white-faced and distressed. "Please, hurry if you can, I think...oh..."]

--which is a rather peculiar name for the weapon... It doesn't resemble a butterfly at all.

Then he managed to sever his finger. It's quite fascinating, actually! I had no idea what human tissue looked like when it wasn't apart of the body. [that sure is a severed finger in Astral's free hand]

[turns his head over his shoulder, attention focused on Steve] Oh my, perhaps it'll help if you stopped bleeding? [and back to the camera]

Anyway, the reason why I was made this video is because we were wondering how would Steve re-attach his finger? ["Oh, oh, this is..." Again, from one side of the screen to the other...and backward he goes, falling off-screen with a magnificent thud.] Steve..?
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Good evening, everyone! [a wave, smiling big. definitely not close to bedtime for this one.] I have to admit, I've been quite distracted by a great deal doubt much has been shared and discussed here since then. My apologies, those I know who I might've overlooked! It's not intentional. [his eyebrows furrow with the apology to make it more apparent.

But I'm curious! Do many of you participate in sports here? I've seen and read about so many in just this region alone, let alone the planet as a whole...[slight pause.] And some don't seem particularly enjoyable in some perspectives...But perhaps the pros outweigh the cons?
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[from audio to video, and hello to Steve's puzzled face. zoomed out to more of him, as the device is settled away, propped up against something. he is sitting cross-legged on the floor.

he scratches the side of his head before he goes on.]

Hello. I'm in need of a little help today! [slight pause.] Or...simply clarification would do, I think. Yes...

But, ah...[dropping his hand, settling it into the other one and curling his fingers around it.] Would this-- [he pulls his hand; everything from the fingers to the wrist starts stretching and stretching...and he stops when his forearm is a good foot longer than it was before, holding it level in front of him.]

Would this be one of those powers I've heard about? Or...Is this some kind of biological anomaly? Considering all the troubles I've been experiencing lately, it's hard for me to truly determine...[offhanded afterthought, a little more to himself:] And I don't really see how something like this is really something of a power at all...!

.04 | VOICE

Feb. 6th, 2012 05:09 pm
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Good afternoon, everyone!  


...In spite of the many strange and unsettling revelations, of course...[OF COURSE...]

Ah, that is actually why I needed to make contact once again! You see, if there is to be some kind of interspecies conflict brewing, it would follow to try and defend one's self, yes?

[slight pause.] Un...forutnately, that's become somewhat a challenge for me, though not for lack of trying. You see, the weaponry I was equipped with failed to transfer with me when I arrived...and truthfully, I doubt I would be able to operate it properly in this form anyway.

Which means I must search for alternatives – which I certainly have tried, but...[another pause.]

Well. Well, I've been in several vending establishments lately and come to find next to no weaponry at all! Am I simply not looking in the right places? I could use a bit of help in finding my way, if you don't mind! I would appreciate it.
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[video feature, ahoy! in a department store. clothes, clothes everywhere. he has them piled on top of the racks – the ones not draped over his shoulders, that is.

he is smiling, but he looks a little anxious.]

Ahm...Hello! I beg your pardon, network...But I'm having a little difficulty. You see, I'm not unfamiliar with...with excessive variety, given the planet I'm from, but. Well...It never truly affected me, personally! Androids don't need clothes, after all.

But now I'm...I'm not sure I've quite got the hang of it! Not to mention the attire here isn't like the kind on Zerard...I don't know what's practical and what's...what's simply decoration!

[a wearied chuckle, heavy on the exhale. he puts another shirt on the pile.]

These vendors have been looking at me like a wild animal looks at its prey...
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[INSERT THE SOUNDS OF A HUSTLING, BUSTLING DINER. clinking glasses, rattling plates, unintelligible prattle in the background, all that jazz. even muffled Christmas music because someone forgot to switch the satellite radio or something.

and now, this happy voice:]
Good day, network users! This is Steve again. I felt compelled to report on my progress, since I met several other users who were kind enough to take interest in me! Thank you very much, again. I am doing well! And better still, now that I seem to be beginning to get a sense of where things are relative to myself.

I must say, though...It is very hard to remain rather...out of touch with much of my senses in this body! There are just so many smells and sensations...And some cause reactions I'm not entirely certain of just yet! But I'm pretty sure the key reaction so far has been hunger. Much and more of the food I've encountered has made my stomach react more and more! So that must be it, a––

["Here ya go, sweetheart," says a waitress; loud clink of a plate.] Oh! Thank you! Thank you very much! It looks wonderful, and smells even better!

[a moment, please, as Steve fidgets with utensils and cuts up some unseen meal and makes some really loud eating sounds. and yummy noises.]

Oomh–– Ouh, my, thish...[slurp.] Ish verr' goodh! Oh! [smack.] How wonderful! I could've never imagined the sense of taste before! This is even better than the salty discs from the night before! Who knew there could be so many different combinations of flavor? [the clink of utensils. a bit more loud chewing for a little bit.]

...Oh! Right. I was wondering! I saw some people taking down some of the lovely rope lights out in the streets. Was that part of the holiday with the trees? I must admit, I rather liked those lights! It's a shame they can't simply stay up for good, don't you think?
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-ello? Ahm...Hmm! So that's––

Ah, hello? Hello? Am I connected properly? [a beat. some rustling, then a loud squeak of shoes on waxed floor.] Oh! Oh, goodness! Maybe I should just stand still...

[right. aHEM.]

Yes, well, ahm...If I am connected, I could use some help! You see, I think there's been an error with one of the Salgin teleporters, because...ah...Well...

I, I appear to be organic!

[voice lowering, starting to grow concerned:] I do hope this isn't one of those fabled body swap accidents! I would hate to have inconvenienced someone by having their brain transferred to my body...!

[louder:] So, if you please...If anyone can hear this, I could re-e-e-eEEAAUH–! [squeak squeak shuffle shuff--


Ouch! Oh, dear...


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