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so tell me about your opinions on thanksgiving? like. do you do dinner? and what are your favorite foods and stuff?

i ask because reasons.

reasons like i want to eat a lot of food.

like. the last time i tried to do thanksgiving, it was kind of lame until it kind of wasn't? but the food was pretty bomb. i want that again.

so help a super-brother out.
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guys. it's almost a week into October.

what are you going to be for Halloween?
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Troy and Abed in the mooooorning! [ That’s right. It’s that time. Troy and Abed, appropriately dressed in the tiniest of business casual sweaters which were stolen from toys, are coming to you live from in front of a convenient mug.

It’s kind of hard to pretend you’re drinking high-quality Hollywood coffee when none of the mugs shrank. They’re clearly not letting that deter them, though, and have their biggest stereotypical morning host smiles on. ]

And we’re back!

If you’re just joining us, welcome. Today’s show is all about some useful advice for those of us who woke up on the teeny-tiny side of the bed. We now have a guest in the studio, is that right? Abed, would you like to introduce us?

Thank you, Troy. We’re talking to none other than Mr. Joseph Colton, American hero, who’s going to be giving us all a lesson in dental floss: what else your tool for hygiene can help you handle. We’re happy to have you with us, Joe.

[ And Troy’s taken the opportunity to get up, moving the angle of the camera just a bit to show that Mr. Joseph Colton is a G.I. Joe propped up on the other side of Abed. He’s got dental floss strung all over him.

They pause for a moment, because this is where Joe is saying his hellos. Troy takes his seat again and laughs good-naturedly. ]

I know I never leave home without it.

[ Abed laughs as well and nods. ] Now sadly, we don't have too much time left to get into all the details we could use. [ Cue politely sad frown. ] What are your top three pieces of advice for the folks at home?

[ They pause for a time, letting their guest say his piece. ]

Truly words worth hanging on to. Thanks for being here, Joe. We appreciate the services that you do for the community. [ Troy nods and looks back to the camera. ] When we come back, we’ll be taking some viewer calls. Don’t go away, folks.

[ And with a nod/imaginary coffee mug toast, Abed makes the trip to cut the feed. ]
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so i got a cat. i'm taking suggestions on what to name it.

Annie's Boobs is off the table, because I already used that for a monkey. neither Annie's Boobs nor Annie's ACTUAL boobs are here, and that's pretty sad. so i'm not looking to be reminded. feel me?

see attached pic (3.jpeg). what is a good name for this cat?
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superhero protip:

being a black guy in a mask carrying a pipe wrench apparently doesn't scream "i'm here to help". go figure.

next time, i'm just gonna dress up like mario. everybody likes mario, right?
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ok so stop me if you heard this one.

a jehova's witness, a muslim, and a jewish person walk into a holiday season. they kind of ignore christmas, but decide to have a party anyway. a not-really christmas party. it also doubles as a housewarming.

it's a bad joke, but its a bomb-ass party invitation.

so, you know. if you don't celebrate christmas, feel free to come to our party for people who don't celebrate christmas really. there will be chips and stuff. lots of stuff.

its at
[ X apartment number ] in the MAC starting at 3 or something. it might just be us, but we figured there is probably more people who aren't all down for full-blown christmas.
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[ There's a long moment, here, filled in with just: ]


[ But he should say something at some point, right? Damn. ]

So. I was just in my apartment, and then I wasn't? Also: superheroes, space robots, wizards... All that stuff? Yeah. That's not really real. That's just in movies and comic books and stuff. I've done the research.

Not that this isn't, like, completely awesome. It is. It's completely, fantastically awesome. Just... It can't. It can't be an actual thing that's happening right now. So... Yeah.

[ ... ]

But just in case it is real... Hi. My name's Troy, and oh my god this is so fantastically awesome. Did I just see somebody flying? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I did. Can everybody fly here? Do we get super-strength? Are we all aliens and, if 'yes,' are we basically all Superman? Do we have a nemesis? How dark a storyline are we talking here? That might be valuable information.

Oh, I just have so much stuff to know! Where's Abed? This wouldn't skip over him. It couldn't.

Anybody seen a Pakistani-Polish-American film student? Skinny, flat affect, might go by Batman or Inspector Spacetime... This is exactly his kinda thing. If anybody can sort out getting kidnapped by a comic book or whatever, it's Abed.

[[ooc; Also please be sure to hit up his 4th wall permissions, if you have an interest in that. ]]


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