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so im havvin an amazin wweek howw about evverybody else
that important matter aside i wwouldnt normally havve the time for addressin you lot again in such short order wwhat wwith quadrants day and my related hectic social schedule upcomin and all but ill make an exception this time around
wwe havve a important matter to deal wwith and the longer wwe take to up and fuckin do somethin about it the more a pain in my fuckin gills its goin to end up bein
wwell mine and wwhatevver humans got that kinda approximate to gills anywway
naturally im glubbin about this copycatbeast infestation runnin about potentially destroyin our infrastructure and shit like that wwhich i for one wwill not stand for
i mean if anybodys goin to be destroyin any infrastructure a mine they oughta at LEAST come stand an do it out in the open so i can draww and quarter em you knoww thats just good fuckin manners for any race alien or not
so i say wwe ought to open up an official-type invvestigation you knoww pool our abilities and resources and all that carp
wworkin together wwe could havve this little skrull affair settled all quiet-like wwithin the wweek long as wwe arent squeamish
not advvocatin a slaughter or anythin here thats not in my nature but im just sayin wwe might havve to get our fins dirty
that aside my bein a natural hatched leader i suggest all a you appoint me in charge a said group though you knoww thats more a suggestion than anythin else dont look too deep into it
unless you wwant to

ok noww wwhos wwith me
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Say it, Eridan.
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That cannot rival what you've been talking about.

[He's watching your conversation with Roman.]
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-- What? [Oh my God, Eridan.] Did you just -- don't say things like that. Don't casually admit to cannibalism.

I just.


And with regards to Roman, just mind that he doesn't know your culture. Don't develop an ebony-tinted crush or some such.
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Oh my goodness, you really are getting deft with sarcasm.

Regardless of what may appear, I can assure you that isn't the case. Such is how Gothamites treat each other, really, there's nothing intimate about it.
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Eridan! You son of a --
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You did not have an "ebony spark" with Batman. Okay? You did not.
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I don't even know why I'm humoring you.
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Ugh. Damn it, Eridan.


It's not a yes. I simply enjoy having a suitable rival. And he was suitable, make no mistake.


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[giving that annoying 'heh heh' laugh he does]

You going to spank him in front of us too, Eddie?
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I don't question your parenting techniques, Roman.
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Surely someone as pedantic as you are knows why that is.
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I just assumed it's because you've a low sperm count, so I can't critique your progeny for lack thereof.
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Do you want me to be flattered by your interest in the mystery of what kind of contraceptives I may or may not use?
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It's so irritating, you know. How you can take that with a straight face.
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[switching to video just so eddie has to look at that very straight, constantly amused face]

I know it is. How hard that must be for you to swallow.
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Oh please. As if I'd be swallowing anything inspired by you.
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[but you already are

lol no he totally resists saying that and blowing his cover and this calls for more subtlety]

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Ha ha, that's so funny.
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But it didn't ring false, did it.