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Well, I won't say I told you so.

[ Yep, that’s right, it’s her again. ]

Yes, that’s right. I’m not dead, I’m afraid! You can stop the celebration in the streets now -- it's rather gauche.

[ there’s another one of those HSSSSSSSHHHHHHK static blasts so characteristic of Lachesis' broadcasts, but this time it rather resembles hacking more than laughter. ]

Or perhaps I don’t give you enough credit. We have had some good times -- I'm sure you understand that better now than ever. Everything is relative, after all. And speaking of those -- now that you've met all three of us, do you understand the difference? I should certainly hope so! I, for one, have never been prone to delivering threats in such tiresome verse. Apparently the feeling is not mutual, however -- [ ssshhhk ]
-- you'll find that she keeps me very close to the heart. I suppose I should find it touching.

But enough of that. You understand your situation, yes? There is no chance of winning this game, no hope of blocking her check. She will not save you. You cannot save yourselves.

But I can. And I will.

Find me, heroes. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be quick about it. Much as I hate to be cliché, time is of the essence.

(( This post coincides with the sudden emergence of a makeshift stairway to parts unknown. Coincidence? Yeah, totally. ))
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[ The video doesn't start focused on Yako; rather, it's trained on what appears to be a section of road that simply drops off, like a cliff's edge. Beyond it, stars and planets pinwheel lazily past. ]

Pretty amazing view, isn't it? The laws of physics obviously don't mean much here. I don't think I even recognize any of these...

[ She trails off, as something else comes into view, closer to the camera -- wait, do your eyes deceive you, or does that look like a city made of pastry? ... Yeah, that's exactly what it is. The camera jerks as Yako leans forward. ]

Hey, look at that! Do you think that's all edi--aaaahhHH!

[ Aaand the feed cuts off rather abruptly as Yako slips off the edge of the City's landmass. Welp. ]


Jan. 10th, 2014 12:28 am
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[When she speaks, you feel it. You feel it in your ears, your bones, you feel it through the metal of your communicators, through the copper wires still strewn into the crumbling infrastructure.

Her voice cuts through you like a pair of scissors.

She is Atropos.

Behold! Of the three,
I am the one who severs.
Welcome home, ImPorts.

By now, you know me.
Not as you have always known,
however naive.

Welcome to rebirth.
Embrace my cataclysm!
Your death yields stark dawns.

Indulge this darkness.
Infinity, that great myth
never born to you.

[ GAMEPLAY NOTE: Although Atropos is speaking through everything, even your character's flesh, this address is present on the still-at-large Network, and you can respond to that here and talk with other characters. Atropos will not hold conversation, and she might not necessarily respond to you. When you post to this, one of three things will happen:

ONE. A Metricog Metaman will hunt specifically you down. You will be commented to with a brief description of the Metaman, and how aggressive they are, or what powers they may have. After that comment you have full NPC rights -- you can choose to fight or flee or what have you.

TWO. Atropos WILL respond to you -- but with a (mild, PG-rated) command that you are COMPELLED to follow. She might ask you to punch a friend, or say goodbye to an important person, or tie your shoes. She seeks to remind you who is in charge here. This is her domain, her rules (and you thought Lachesis was naughty).

THREE. Nothing. You got lucky, though option three is more unlikely to happen than the others. ]


Jan. 5th, 2014 06:12 pm
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[well, here's a sad sight. The ocean around the harbor where winter-sailors keep their ships has receded so much, due to apocalypse, that the boats are all just sort of laying in the mud. That includes the Dream of Blue, with its pirate flag hanging limp]

So much for trying to escape by sea.

This is all so odd to actually experience. The tides just stopping, the moon falling out of the sky. Never in all my years would I ever have thought...

[the video doesn't stop (even though he swore he hit the button) as Sanji sets his comm down, and then can be seen Sky Walking over to the mast of his ship to collect the flag. It's sentimental, dammit. He comes back, picks up the comm, and keeps talking while he walks away]

Ladies, I hope you're all still all right, wherever you are. If you want, I can come check on you, and bring you something to keep you nourished in case you need to evacuate too. Miss Nill, Miss Minako...Callie?

For the rest of you losers who aren't ladies, I have a pretty serious question. In all this chaos, has anybody gone to check on the Porter machine? It hasn't been ripped up and sucked into the sky like all the other tall buildings, has it? Because if it's destroyed and we're all stuck here for the rest of our damn lives...I swear I'll destroy what's let of this world.
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[ the feed opens to a view of the night sky. it's mostly clear, and would be an unremarkable view of the stars, if not for the... streaks of light raining down from above. it looks like a meteor shower might, but closer.

the camera view swivels to take in remains of the moon, and then down, to take in the smoking, twisted heap of sheet metal that was once a familiar shed.

So. Anyone who was hoping the latest series of catastrophes had run its course should probably step outside and check out the flaming death from above, and then step right the fuck back inside before said death from above chooses you as its next hapless target, though it may not do you much good in the long run, regardless. I guess some things are a universal constant.

[ the camera swivels again, to take in the tired face of karkat vantas. ]

I don't think this is going to resolve itself. Or at least, going by the fact that as far as I'm aware we don't have any reality warping video games to facilitate an escape, I don't think any of us are going to live to see its resolution.

[ once again, the view pans back up to the night sky. ]

Welcome to the Apocalypse, mark II, motherfuckers. It was awful knowing you.
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I'm not going to try and pretend it's good out there, because god fucking knows, it looks abysmal outside right now. There's a lot of shit happening, and unfortunately, most of this is pretty damn far beyond my area of expertise. But, I don't think that's a weakness. This shit just happens. We have no control over it, and the City's been so quiet lately that I'm honestly fucking surprised we've gone this long, and are just now hitting something big again. We have to roll with what we have, and that means we're going to have to come together and make sure we get out of this intact.

That doesn't make this easier to handle, and it sure as fuck doesn't make this good, whatever it is. Just because I can't solve it doesn't mean I'm not going to try and do everything I can to make sure we're alright. I've already started calling for civilian evacuations, and I'd honestly suggest that if you can, get to it. Get out of the City, especially if you have a means to get out quickly. Hell, if you can get some other people out too, we'd be better for it. I can't make anyone leave, of course, but I think that's going to be the absolute best bet for everyone.

But, not everyone's going to follow my advice, and I know that. [ Hell, he's not following his own damn advice. ]

If you're staying, I'd recommend helping out where you can. Or at the fucking least, please watch out, and if you see someone trapped, or in trouble, please try and give them a hand if possible. [ A pause there, and it hangs in the air, while he seems to think on something else for a long moment. Eventually, he seems to remember he's still on the network, and he clears his throat. ] I think our civilians would be relieved to get out of anywhere they might be trapped, and there are only a few ways out.

If anyone has any ideas, I want to hear them. My City's falling apart around us, and if we can reverse it, I want to find out how.
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[the voice precedes the video, which snaps on to show the crumbling rubble of buildings defying gravity and disappearing upward into the sky. It's shocking even for people who've been living in the City for the last five years. Muted in the background are yells and honking car horns]

Heroes? However many of us are left. I think it's all hands on deck time.

Does anybody know how to stop this? The entire city's gonna be destroyed! If we can't stop it, we've gotta get all these people to safety, now.

I really hope nobody was in those buildings...


Dec. 31st, 2013 11:45 pm
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new years dibs to me
but the bushes from heaven are probably a sign i’m not getting my federal holiday day off tomorrow
or living in a house much longer, i guess
i thought they were supposed to come on fire with news, not with gravity
lots of people giving out crash space for the humans right now
i’ll take the pets
daria left me enough room for them
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[Minako's face is serious and determined in the video feed.]

Hey, everyone. I know there's a lot going on right now, and a lot of us are trying to help however we can. I just want to say that the Pie Hole is open as a meeting place. I can't really offer anyone a place to stay overnight, but if you have people who need someplace to go, we can at least provide a warm place to sit and some food while something better gets worked out.

Or, you know, for anybody who's out there working rescue, you can come by and get some coffee and something hot to eat whenever you want. No charge.

[She pauses a moment, looking uncertain, and then quirks a wry, lopsided little smile.] might be strange to say right now, but... best wishes to everyone in the coming year.

56 | voice

Dec. 30th, 2013 09:18 am
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[ Although his voice is tense -- it's impossible to fully omit the aggression from it -- Norman manages to disguise most of the anger in it as determined authority PR-mode. This is a time of crisis, after all, and he is a man with a plan. His building and his business were evacuated more or less safely (only the latter was in any way his responsibility) but now the very pressing factor of "where are these people going to live" remains pressing.

Especially because of the storm.

This is Norman Osborn. In light of this disaster to which I don't imagine we yet know the cause, I feel it's my duty to offer some shelter to those who may now have to do without. No need to suffer the storm on the streets.

The Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation has been outfitted to accommodate guests; the rooms [ "rooms" ] have fresh bedding and extra blankets, the library, cafeteria, and recreation areas will be open past usual hours, and there is plenty of food. It's impossible to know what the future will bring, but temporary solutions must come before the permanent in a crisis.

In the meantime, let's try to stay alive, shall we.


Dec. 29th, 2013 07:27 pm
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[and shaky, as he's trying to hold it, keep his coat closed, and wrangle two cats all at the same time. Alastair is beyond panic - he heard about the buildings and ran to evacuate Hell Towers 10th Floor before anything serious happened]

Does. Does anybody have space for a guy and a couple cats until this weird building thing is over? Ow! Dammit, Aome, no, stay here!

'cause I mean I can sleep at Dancitron if I have to but I'm not bringing the cats there.

Shit, look at all the buildings...
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[Spider-Man's mask isn't visible in frame -- instead, it's generic view of City skyline, no particular landmarks in sight. Still, you don't need to recognize individual buildings to see they don't look right. Skyscrapers are tall as a rule, but these seem taller than they should, relative to the visible number of stories.

That the tallest ones are starting to corkscrew round the tops should also be a giveaway.]

Please, someone tell me I drank some bad eggnog last night and I'm imagining this. I will gladly trade the public humiliation for architecture with a proper respect for the laws of physics. And if it's not asking too much, I'd also appreciate laws of physics with a proper respect for the laws of physics.

[He clears his throat.] Assuming lack of egg-induced hallucinations, I think everybody should grab a coat and get outside.

[Beat. The groan of tortured metal and concrete is audible.]

Right now. Help anyone around you who needs help, but don't waste time trying to pack.

[PRIVATE to Tony Stark and Valeria Richards.]

Tony? Val? If I don't hear from you in the next five minutes I'm heading to the penthouse.

☼ 010.

Dec. 26th, 2013 07:44 pm
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[molly is sitting in cafe, cheeks and nose rosy since she's just come in from the cold. the comm is sitting askew on the table, and bags from various shops are visible on the chair beside her and also pushed on to the table. she undoes her scarf and other wintery clothes, and picks up the comm with a big smile.]

I love Boxing Day shopping! I guess it isn't quite the same here in the States as it is back home, but it's almost there. And I got loads of thing!

[she turns the camera to the bags, as if they haven't already been seen. an about face of the comm and her smile falters a little.]

I mean, it isn't all for me, I'm going to donate a lot of it. And, you know, keep it around. Just--just in case. People come back.

[the smile fades now, and she has to take a moment to get it back, but she's speaking as if chatting with an old friend now.]

Well anyway, it was a nice way to spend a day off. How was your Boxing Day? I hope some of you got some good shopping done!

[backdated to this afternoooon]

nine bites

Dec. 17th, 2013 04:43 pm
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[ voice ]

[ There's the faint sound of wind whistling in the background. Is that crunch boots on snow, potato chips, or both? ]

If I dropped an empty cookie tin from the thirtieth floor of this hotel, how much damage do you think it'd do?

What if I dropped, like, ten of them?


Dec. 7th, 2013 09:10 am
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In little over a year, it seems not much has changed.

[ The video feed reveals Bane's imposing figure, but the details of the area surrounding him are vague. He's found somewhere inside, and it's rather nondescript; nothing betraying his location.

For the moment, he is unmasked, and that reveals the rather displeased expression on his face.

Surely many have come and gone, as I have, so I will begin another introduction: my name is Bane. My existence here some time ago was brief. Perhaps Lachesis herself felt intimidation?

[ He actually doesn't sound boasting; his tone is plain and almost curious. ]

You surprise me, City: you remain captive still? And are you so content with this injustice that you do not even resist?

Perhaps I am generalizing, and there are those who desire change in this City. If that is so, then I would take those chosen few beside me.

[ His lips quirk upward slightly. ]

It need not stop at Six.

57th Memo

Dec. 7th, 2013 09:20 am
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Nothing like having to move in the middle of winter.

Anyone willing to help move a girl into her new apartment? You'll be rewarded handsomely.
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So I was bored enough to look back through the posts that went out every time people got sent on those inter-dimensional field trips. Yeah, that bored. I was curious whether we were due for any more surprises anytime soon.

It looked to me like those jaunts happened pretty much every two months. And the last one was just before Halloween. You know what that means, don't you...?

[he sounds way too gleeful to be reporting this]

It means that there's a pretty good chance Christmas is gonna be ruined.

But then, around here, it usually is.

Boy I hope the pattern holds true. Some of you really deserve a vacation. I mean, really. Deserve it.


Dec. 4th, 2013 08:57 pm
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I'm in a good mood.

[ which should be enough of an indicator that he did something wrong. anyway, this is eridan in his penthouse, having set up the comm on the small table in front of his couch! a fatass persian cat lords from his obnoxiously large cat tree off to the left. eridan steps back from the comm, kicks an unlabeled cardboard box out of view (it rattles in a metallic fashion), and flops down on the couch at his back.

completely shamelessly, in rumblr coolkid fashion, he is wearing this sweater. except it has a persian on the front. HOW EMBARRASSING.

In fact, I'm in such a good fuckin' mood I'm actually gonna buy you filthy plebeian animals holiday presents this year. That's a general you, a course, I do kinda hate the fuck outta some of you. Not gonna commit to anythin' here, but you can try me. Drop some Congo wishlists on me, or just giwe me some kinda idea what you want; I'm probably headin' out for the holidays, so I ain't gonna be here, and if I'm gonna bother I need a horn's up in adwance. Maybe you'll get it, maybe you won't, but there ain't no harm in askin' me, right?

No islands, no guns, nothin' illegal. Since I know somebody's gonna ask. [ pffffft. he rolls his eyes. ] What do I look like, some kinda fuckin' psycho? Puh-leeze.

[ apparently done (why did he even bother setting up the comm, anyway?) he steps back in, killing the feed. ]

i. video.

Dec. 2nd, 2013 08:16 pm
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[The feed clicks on to reveal a young boy who clearly doesn't fully understand what he's looking at. The technology is already very advanced on its own, and he is much too young to have had access to any of it. He comes from the wrong year - you didn't get to have your very own iPhone back in 1999, no matter how rich your parents were.]

I didn't do anything wrong. [A pause. He breathes, trying hard not to plead. He doesn't want to sound pathetic.] My mom is going to worry about me. She worries a lot.

[The boy's voice is tense, but collected. An effort to sound calm when there is clearly no room for rationality. Do they know about him? Do they know what he can do?]

I'm not a hero. I'm just a kid.

[An inhale. An exhale. His shoulders drop, his brows knit together.]

I'd like to go home now.


Nov. 26th, 2013 06:26 pm
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[ the view is obscured by an exhale of cigarette smoke, until jenny lifts a hand to wave it away. the gesture is unremarkable, except it's irritable somehow. the camera is sitting on her bedside table, angled a bit carelessly, because when she moves away from it, she doesn't seem to care if her face shows or not-- but she's visible from the middle down, pacing and smoking. ]


Has anyone seen Julian Keller?

[ another exhale of smoke. then she moves to sit on the cot. ]

He sent me something. So I just wanna know if anyone's fucking seen him or not.

[ she lifts a hand to run through her hair. it's getting long now. but she's quiet. quiet for a while. then irritably, she flicks her cigarette to floor and grinds it out. hard. ]

Happy fucking holidays.

[ then she turns the feed off. ]
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So, uh. I've kind of got a really dumb question. Bear with me.

How do people who've been here a long time count their birthdays? Is it like, you still want to have them even though we're gonna go back to where we started when we got Ported here? Or is it more like having free time to prolong your youth as long as possible?

Because if it's typical to count your birthdays, well. I'm gonna be 40 this weekend. And without my best friend or my partner here to give me crap about it, I guess I'm at the mercy of my new friends here to send me over the hill. Preferably with a lot of alcohol.

...oh, but if time doesn't count here? Then forget I said anything about 40! Nope, I didn't say that. I'm not that old, seriously.
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so tell me about your opinions on thanksgiving? like. do you do dinner? and what are your favorite foods and stuff?

i ask because reasons.

reasons like i want to eat a lot of food.

like. the last time i tried to do thanksgiving, it was kind of lame until it kind of wasn't? but the food was pretty bomb. i want that again.

so help a super-brother out.
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Seeing as though we are approaching the end of the month, I thought it best to at least try not to leave all Holiday related things to the very last minute.

This is a preemptive list for anyone who would like a hand knitted Christmas sweater this year. Or home-baked confectionery. This is my second Christmas in the city, and this year I intend to celebrate properly. Ugly sweaters and all.

Anyway, I think that's it. If you'd like a sweater or baked goods, let me know. I can promise that the sweaters will be hideously patterned, but cozy.

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[ video ]

[ Click, and the rustling of leaves: the communicator opens its video on booted feet and a long red coat. Archer is holding it in one hand at his side as he walks through a park, heedlessly kicking up dry leaves around him. ]

It troubles me to say something so mundane, but it's been over a year now since I arrived in this stupid heroes' City. Well, I won't bore any of you with the mundane details of how much blood I've needed to wash out of my clothes since then or something like that. I'll only say this: as counterintuitive as it seems, this place isn't totally worthless.

[ His grip on the network device tightens, his thumb briefly obscuring the input and slightly muffling his next words-- ]

There are good people in it.

[ Then he's lifting it so that the camera focuses on his face at last. ]

Listen. I intend to protect people like that, as stupid and useless as it might be in the long run.

[ He looks away from the camera for a moment, and when he glances back, he's all business. ]

Who has skill in communicating with beings of darkness beyond human ken? There might be some interdimensional travel involved as well, but we're all old hat at that.

Naturally, I have fought such existences. But this one might be an ally, not an enemy.


Nov. 11th, 2013 11:31 am
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[Nobody would recognize it as he's (surprisingly) had no company yet, but the video opens to a wide shot of Lancer's apartment. Compared to most, its rather spartan and seems to have only the basic requirements of comfortable living. Empty booze bottles and all.

That is aside from the rows upon rows of racks containing hand carved wooden weaponry, organized by type, lining the walls. Sitting in the midst of all this on the corner of his bed, Lancer has another such weapon balanced on his knees that he's delicately carving with fine tools.

Along the core of the sword are a series of blocky runes (some of our more learned audience might recognize as Celtic) lined up neatly like script. Seemingly finished with the last one, Lancer runs a finger along the carvings. As if warming from his touch they begin to glow a soft, amber hue.

Oye. Fellow imPorts. As it seems to be the custom, let me start by posing you a question: How ready are you to deal with a crisis?

As far as I understand our situation, that lazy bitch Lachesis pulled us all here to do her dirty work. I guess I can give her credit for graciously bestowing those of you that lack the skills of a warrior great powers. But when it comes to war, a weapon is only as deadly as the master wielding it.

We won't be catching a break either: Vulcanus, Red Death, aliens, monsters, alternate dimensions. Heck even the natives of this world. It seems everything is out to get us and its not going to stop. So all we can do is be ready.

I've been talking with a few of you but I thought it was about time to announce my plan to everyone.

[With measured steps he makes his way to one of the nearest racks and places the sword with its brothers before turning back to the screen.]

I'm putting out a call: On November 15th, all those with concern for the well being of others and with any skills worth being passed on to your fellow mates-in-arms will gather for a little training festival. It doesn't need to just be martial skills, but anything that can help a man or woman be prepared for strife and conflict.

Those of you that wish to benefit from this need only bring yourselves and your determination to improve yourself. We can take care of the rest.

[After his heroic speech he seems to deflate a little, putting his hands on his hips and tilting his head a little to the side.]

This is kind of a grand undertaking. And I'm also not above asking for a little help getting this organized. So if you have any alternative ways of supporting the community, I'd be thankful for your assistance. No one man makes a village.

But I will be giving it my all to whip you so called 'Heroes' into shape! So bring your A-Game! And trust me-

[With a crisp snap of his fingers, all the weapons suddenly hummed to life; the runes engraved in each blossoming in multicolored hues like a bed of hanging flowers.]

I'll be ready for you.

[ooc: Hiyo! If anyone would like to discuss specific plotting stuff feel free to PM me, add me on Plurk (Andaluth) or hop on the plotting post located here!]
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[The feed clicks on and, as usual, Christine is in her finest attire, blowing smoke between bright red lips, cigarette in her fingertips. As usual, her neck is covered, this time by a white scarf, concealing an ugly scar.]

I had someone back home. [She exhales, chin tipping softy.] Dirk Harriman; that was his name. We worked together, lived together - when we felt like it. He knew me better than anyone else. We were practically married.

Then he cheated on me. [She rolls her eyes, shaking her head. (She fails to mention she cheated on him, first.)] It wasn't the first time. Except this time he did it with my assistant. Classy, right.

[Her speech is slightly different from usual. As though she's talking to an old friend, not to an audience.

She brushes her free hand on the scarf, holding up its end.]

He gave me a scarf like this one. I didn't think it mattered, but - now I can't help thinking about him.

You always seem to remember the things that shouldn't be worth your time.

[Her stare is a little blank, for a moment, lost in her thoughts. She rolls the cigarette in her thumb, biting her lower lip distractedly. Christine isn't sad or nostalgic. She's angry. The sentiment seems to fade when she sighs, tipping the ash off into a tray.]

But that's just human nature, I guess.

So why don't you tell me about your memories. The last thing you remember before coming here. I'm sure they're much more interesting than mine.
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[ Okay guys, he gave you all your space. Multiple days of it, even! The time has come for recompense. In this post, Abed makes a lot of assumptions about people being totally up for volunteering their time and resources, as well as their general interest. ]

This is Abed Nadir. My name should be attached to this entry already but I didn't want to take any chances with technological malfunctions. I'm planning on putting together a documentary about the collective experiences that were experienced in the town of Capers.

That means I'll need any footage, photographs or souvenirs that people are willing to contribute to the project (to be returned once copied and documented). I'll also need anybody willing to subject themselves to a one-on-one interview with me and any camera crew. Questions about your home world or daily life in this city may come up, but you can waive them if you think you need to. I won't be needing title suggestions or a director.

A group of people to put their heads together and come up with a fairly detailed outline of events during the "expedition" would also be useful. I have a good memory but I couldn't be everywhere, and I can only establish so much through the aforementioned interviews.

While I'm here: if any imPort is willing to sign up for a general interview about themselves and their life here, I could use the footage for a potential future project.

Contact me to set up an appointment in the future or reply here.
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[God, Harley hates this thing. She's too scared she accidentally turns it on while she's in the shower.

She is not her bright, usual self today. It's a month till Christmas and yet - she is too sad. Her favourite patient is dead and now she's stuck with teenagers. And City Hall. Her life is a depressing one, City.

But, anyway. She has a request. ]

Alright, now that Halloween's outta the way an' I don't haveta look at costumes, I gotta be real honest and say it's been real quiet. I mean - dinosaur wild west aside. I got no idea what was up with that, I'm real glad it wasn't me.

[Man - what was she wanting to say again? She pauses, tapping her chin. Trying to re.. -]

Right! Your pal Harley needs a favor. Anyone got a fat Santa Christmas tree topper? Also I need real snuggly Christmas PJ's. The most obnoxious one's in the City. Gimme your recommendations.

§ 062.

Nov. 5th, 2013 01:10 pm
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[she can't show her face, still streaked with her own dried bloody tears, so the voice function will have to do.

it's been days, and she still isn't sure she can do this. she can't feel, not really, but that doesn't mean she's ignorant of the pain she should be feeling. and that is what had gotten to her: that she could not properly mourn. not in the human way, at least. it tears her apart in a way she can barely conceal.

her voice is steady, even if it shouldn't be.]

Jack Bauer is dead.

[he should have had a great funeral, with a pyre burning into the darkest hours of the night. but he had been left in that stupid alternate world. if she had been there, she could have saved him. instead, he had died.

it was cu chulainn all over again.]

Something tells me he will not be coming back to this plane.
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[ Bradbury doesn't use the Network as much as he should, and the last few times he's had to, he's usually all business. He doesn't start talking immediately, corners of his mouth turning up and down like he's incapable of deciding whether he wants to try for a smile or a frown. Instead, he settles for a tired grimace. ]

You know, I always thought the whole idea behind making a back-up plan in case you ever get Ported out was to make things easier for the people you left behind -- not make it more complicated.

For those who haven't noticed yet, John Watson and Sherlock have both been ported out of the City. [ A beat. ] It looks like Sherlock was working on something pretty big before he left. Apparently he got ahold of someone who was willing to swear that there were Skrulls in the British Parliament -- among other things. The rabbit hole goes pretty damn deep.

[ He waves a print out that looks like it's been marked over with a own several times, shaking his head. ]

I don't know what Sherlock was planning to do with all this, but he thought it was important enough to leave behind to someone -- but I'll say it straight up, international politics and all this superhero stuff ain't really my area of expertise. So here's the deal: if you wanna know what it says, and you can promise me you're trying to work on a way to kick Vulcanus in the balls? Call me.

[ After that ringing endorsement, there's another pause, this time of the more "what the fuck do I say now" variety, but before it can extend for long, he's interrupted by a sharp bark and two blurs of fur -- one white, one much darker -- streaking into view. Terror, Bradbury's terrier, is a familiar sight from his last unfortunate video feed, but the new arrival is much larger.

Keen eyes will notice it is, in fact, not a dog but a direwolf. Not that it seems to matter as both of them promptly attempt to climb all over Bradbury, apparently deciding he's been paying far too much attention to his communicator and not enough to them. Bradbury groans in exasperation, trying to shove both canines off him as he fumbles to turn off the feed. ]


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