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Wow. Uh-- this is interesting.

[By the walls behind him, he's still in the Porter building.]

I've helped people deal with the fallout from incidents like this, but they don't normally happen to me.

[He pauses and rubs his chin, still clearly disoriented.]

Okay. Well: I'm Leonard Samson, for anybody who doesn't know me, and I'm a psychiatrist. Or at least I was a psychiatrist, unless I can prove I have a degree through the magic of technology.
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[Oh hey, looks like he's in a white room with...padded walls.]

Oh, the paperwork can be such a chore to reinstate, especially with public opinion being as it has lately.
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[Just gonna deliberately misinterpret that question.]

Oh, they've been on edge toward imPorts ever since that incident with the Skrulls two months ago. It's a complex mess we're in, really.
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...Let's not worry about that yet. First, we should ensure that we're not talking about different incidents. What's the most recent thing you recall from home?
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Well, I guess that's sorted, then. [And there goes his stalling tactic!] But, you see, well...slightly yes.
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I was a little crazy for a short time, possibly under outside influences. Hurt someone, turned myself in during a fit of guilt. Even if the place has Norman Osborn's name on it, it still beats prison, in hindsight.

Carol and Clint are looking into it if you want to provide them with any assistance.
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[He turns his gaze off-camera, scratching at his neck a little tentatively.] Ah, well, I didn't seem to be the only one affected. On a wider inspection, it seemed rather widespread.