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Nobody's heard from that Joxer bloke recently, have they? I've been meaning to get in touch with him about getting together and stealing myself a ship, but seeing as he's apparently not around and it takes two to commandeer a vessel of such size, that little activity of mine will just have to be put on hold.

In any case, someone had asked the network a few days back about what makes sex so special, and I decided to whip up a little something to perhaps best explain why we humans can't get enough of what's between our legs. And then I thought to myself "Isabela, why not share this with the whole community? I'm sure they'd appreciate it."

Now, mind you, it's not nearly finished. I haven't even gotten to the steamy bits's a start, I suppose.

Once upon a time, there existed a man who longed to conquer the world. He wasn’t the most impressive man, oh no, he was rather corpulent, not handsome in the slightest, but he did possess a rather imposing weapon. A weapon that both men and women pined after, a weapon capable of remarkable explosions, the sort that would leave one whimpering, physically and mentally in pieces, having been caught in the throes of passionate battle with this man only to be bested again and again as he came down on top of them in waves.

His was a weapon of mass destruction, and my, was it massive indeed. And it was for this potent weapon that the Major was a wanted man, and no one desired him more than a man by the name of Alucard.

Now, Alucard was a different sort of man. Whereas the Major was rather unimpressive appearance wise, Alucard was the spitting image of desire Herself. He was a luscious specimen of a man, with long raven locks of hair so well-kept it would put an Orlesian nobleman to shame, pouting thick lips that could make a man’s groin quiver at the very splendor of having them wrapped around the length of his longsword, and striking ruby blood-red eyes that made him a step above the rest.

He could have anyone, anyone he ever wanted. All he had to do was bat those crimson eyes in a simpering manner and men and women alike would fall at his feet, trousers and corsets unlacing in anticipation. Alas, while the rest of the world longed to be ravished by this man, he did not want just anyone.

No, he wanted only one man, and that man was finally at his mercy in his apartment.

He had cleverly organized a meeting between the Major and some hired man, and having known the Major’s affinity for fine German sausage said meeting was at a fine restaurant where only the best lengths of meat were served. And with a sausage laced with a sleeping poison, the Major was felled, tied up, and taken to Alucard’s place with little to no trouble.

The Major had roused, arms cuffed behind his back, and legs spread so as to be bound to both legs of the chair with thick, abrasive rope. The chair groaned beneath his mass, creaking as he shifted to assess his compromising situation, and upon turning his head to the left he saw Alucard, glass of wine in hand, sitting at his kitchen table, watching his prisoner with a careful gaze.

It was then that the Major noticed a draft, and looking down he was shocked to find himself having been stripped down to his smallclothes. He looked away from Alucard, trying to process how he arrived here and why he was brought here, but his memories were fuzzy and his mouth dry and thirsty from the salted sausage he had consumed earlier.

The sound of wood rubbing against wood brought him back from his musings, and he looked back towards Alucard once again. The lean man was making his way towards the Major, his pace leisurely and his stroll as lithe as a wild cat.

The Major felt himself flush. First, out of embarrassment, for here was a finely-dressed and fine-looking man approaching him, and here he was, a fat, stocky man sitting in nothing but his underwear, with his legs spread for all the world to see. But then it slowly morphed into a blush of anger and he struggled against his captivity, trying to free himself.

Alucard made a shushing noise, and he stopped his approach a few inches away. Despite the bulge of the Major’s weapon in plain sight, Alucard somehow kept eye contact with the large man, lips curved up in a delectable smirk. He took a sip of his wine.

“Well, I finally caught you.” He licked his lips and he took another step forward, leaning down towards the Major, finally allowing his eyes to travel downwards. Despite his anger and his fear, the heat of this man’s gaze slowly moving down towards his crotch caused the Major to grow somewhat rigid, and his sword was slowly but surely readying itself for battle despite itself.

Alucard grinned hungrily now as his eyes took in what he so desired to be his. “I have you now. You and your weapon. And you will no longer be using it on anyone anymore.”

Fearing for his weapon, the bound man struggled against the ropes once again, but alas the poison he had been given had not only put him into a slumber, but it made him awfully weak and awfully vulnerable. As he struggled, the raven-haired deity that had captured him closed the distance between them and tipped his glass over, drenching the Major’s crotch with blood red wine. The large man hissed, tensing as the liquid splashed over him and soaked his drawers and his rapidly engorging length, and Alucard chuckled throatily.

It was that chuckle that made the Major fully erect despite himself, and the beauty looming above him took notice. His gloved hand was at the rotund man’s equally engorged stomach, and it followed a trail of hair down to the weapon in question, pausing at the band of his underclothes.

The well-groomed man dropped to his knees as he used his teeth to remove the glove from his free hand as the other played with the band, snapping it playfully against the Major’s belly. His hand then dipped down and grabbed him at the hilt of his sword.

“Here, let me clean that up for you.”

In related news, did you know that there are places on the internet dedicated to this sort of thing? I found them while I was traversing, getting to know the new technology of this realm. I have a long way to go, of course, but I do think these sorts of sites will...keep my interest for a long while.
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Was that necessary to relay that writing to all of us?
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It read like some tragic trainwreck of literature. I think, in this case, you should have gone against what your mind was telling you.