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40th Memo- [Voice]

Alright, for once this isn't an update to give me an opportunity to get on my soap box and talk about the situation at hand.

This is just me asking-

How are you doing?

Not because I care personally. It's more like me figuring out where the hell everyone is at right now.

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I think the fur's starting to grow back. ...I hope.
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What can I say? Hell is, by its very definition, an unkind place.
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Who's to say they didn't? [That's exactly what the last person to kill him did with the corpse, after all.]

It wasn't really so much a full shave as it was a close shave.

[He clicks on the video to show what would have been a nasty looking gash along the side of his neck, parts of his neck bald underneath.]
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Yes, I suppose I was a bit preoccupied at the time to properly commend them on the craftsmanship.
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Yes, well, far better than many of those I paid the visit with. Which is lucky, as someone needed to take care of things once we returned.

You come through this relatively unscathed?
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Ah, I've had that happen before. Not exactly an ex, and she was my shadow instead, but it's funny how a lifestyle like this can completely redefine your concept of "normal". Stepping back on it and realizing "Oh, no, that was rather out of the ordinary" can take some doing, in cases of overexposure.