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TWENTY-FIVE :: [voice]

I'm sure this shall come as little surprise to anyone, but I do not have many people in the world I would consider friends. Trust is not something which comes easily to me. It's simply not in my nature. At one point, I had a psychologist who would analyze this in great detail. He could never determine if it had more to do with my mutation or my upbringing. An atypical topic for the nature vs nurture discussion, but one that is perhaps at least tangentially related.

Regardless, despite, or perhaps because of the fact that I have so few friends in this world, I consider the few I have especially dear. One in particular, I've had the pleasure of knowing now for the majority of both our lives. That's not actually something I'd stopped to consider until very recently.

Thus, you can understand how it might come as something of a betrayal when neither my best friend nor my oldest friend mention their mutual engagement to each other. It's simply inconsiderate. And after I'd supported their torrid affair for so long.

... Congratulations to you, Bobbi Morse. And to you, Clint. I'm so very glad the two of you will no longer be living in sin.
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I'm sure they were just working out the best way to break the news to you! So, when's the special date?
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And probably not without reason, either. But that simply won't do! Should we help by choosing a date for them?
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Yes, well, somehow I think she wouldn't have it any other way. Maybe little Clint is finally starting to grow up?

So, I take it she didn't know when to set the day for, either?
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Something like mid-August? It can be quite lovely when it isn't too hot, yes. And making it a Saturday should be obvious.
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Perhaps you should volunteer to be the wedding planner? Or, volunteer to hire one!
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Wedding planner, Pietro, not life planner. That would be a full-time position! You should be looking more for caterers than therapists.