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☼ 009.

[molly is at rossum!! really, where else does she spend her time? she's wearing her lab coat over a hideous kitten jumper, and there's an almost empty mug of coffee beside her (only obviously almost empty because there's little steam coming from it). she's got a bag of crisps and is clearly on some kind of break. nutrition yeah!!]

So in about a week I'll have been here for a year! It's silly, but I never imagined I'd get to come some place like this. I mean, I never thought I'd be in America, but I also never thought I'd be in a completely different dimension.

[she picks up her mug which is suddenly!! full of coffee again. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN HM]

Are there any sort of celebrations people usually do? It's close to my birthday too [AWKWARD HINTING] so I thought it might be sort of a double thing.

[she glances over at the clock and her eyes widen a bit.]

O-oh, I hadn't realized it was so late! I thought it was still early in the evening. Well, I guess someone will see this in the morning, won't they?

[and as she continues to talk to herself about this and that, she ends the feed.]

[ooc; this is forward-dated to 2 am]
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[She's not the only one sipping coffee at 2am.]

You know, I never really looked into the celebratory procedures for it. But then, I've never really been sure it's worth celebrating, either.
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[He makes an amused hmph.] More like a vacation!

But there's still the feeling of being separated from home it brings along, isn't there?
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Maybe that's what I'm missing. Too many people I know here are from one social circle but not the other. Too many friends and not enough family.
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Of course, but there's the family you were raised with, and then the one you adopt when you grow older. [And can't visit the other one because they were mindwiped to forget you exist for ten years.] I don't think I'd want to put my parents through the experience of the City!
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[He laughs a little, more nervously than anything. It was a bit awkward, Molly, very much so.]

Getting them in the City would be like a fish on land, anyway. Even if the danger weren't more than I care for.

What does your mom do?
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There's no problem with that, if you're going to make a life for yourself, you have to find a way to make it your own. Following your mother's path while still escaping her shadow.
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I think it's a form of legacy that tends to weighs on us all, if we aren't careful.