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[ Jim has actually been here for a day (or night) already!! But Jim Kirk being Jim Kirk, got distracted from the important questions of 'where am I' and 'how is this even possible' by a pretty NPC who happened to find all his babble about being a really important guy at home to be cute. But now that it's the day-after, he's decided to be somewhat responsible and reach out ]

Oh my God this technology is old it belongs in a museum.

ANYWAY, melodramatics over, Hi my name's Jim Kirk and I'm stuck at the corner of Fulton and Water, and I need a ride and a new shirt. Got a little sidetracked the day before and lost track of things; great story, but a little off topic so I'll save it for later.

And while I'm asking for favors, I'd also really love a new pair of shoes and maybe a ride back to San Francisco instead, but seeing how I'm already in the wrong century I'm guessing the last one won't matter too much.

In order of preference: ride, shoes, shirt.

Kirk out.
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You come to the City and didn't think to wave down a cab? I would hope transport beams hadn't spoiled humanity that badly!
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Oh, who needs that? You're more likely to draw wandering eyes on the street as you look for that cab.
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What about summer heat? I mean, you are wearing pants, aren't you?
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Possibly a bit of both. You might say I spent a lot of time back in the day making nothing but a pair of shorts look acceptable in public.
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Some of us never had the chance not to be noticed. You just have to make sure the onlookers have something worth seeing when they inevitably do.

Of course, they're sometimes likely to notice the confidence just as much, if you wear it well.
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Is that really the worst you've ever been called? Sounds like someone's had an easy life!
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I doubt any of them came with giant robots trying to kill you--Sorry, correction, forgot who I was talking to--I doubt most of them came with giant robots trying to kill you, but we're hardly making a competition of it, are we?
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There was no real pissing off to be done back when it started, and mostly hasn't been since, either. The worst crime we committed in their eyes was simply existing.