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[ Okay guys, he gave you all your space. Multiple days of it, even! The time has come for recompense. In this post, Abed makes a lot of assumptions about people being totally up for volunteering their time and resources, as well as their general interest. ]

This is Abed Nadir. My name should be attached to this entry already but I didn't want to take any chances with technological malfunctions. I'm planning on putting together a documentary about the collective experiences that were experienced in the town of Capers.

That means I'll need any footage, photographs or souvenirs that people are willing to contribute to the project (to be returned once copied and documented). I'll also need anybody willing to subject themselves to a one-on-one interview with me and any camera crew. Questions about your home world or daily life in this city may come up, but you can waive them if you think you need to. I won't be needing title suggestions or a director.

A group of people to put their heads together and come up with a fairly detailed outline of events during the "expedition" would also be useful. I have a good memory but I couldn't be everywhere, and I can only establish so much through the aforementioned interviews.

While I'm here: if any imPort is willing to sign up for a general interview about themselves and their life here, I could use the footage for a potential future project.

Contact me to set up an appointment in the future or reply here.

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