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( iii ) ( v i d e o )

[The feed clicks on and, as usual, Christine is in her finest attire, blowing smoke between bright red lips, cigarette in her fingertips. As usual, her neck is covered, this time by a white scarf, concealing an ugly scar.]

I had someone back home. [She exhales, chin tipping softy.] Dirk Harriman; that was his name. We worked together, lived together - when we felt like it. He knew me better than anyone else. We were practically married.

Then he cheated on me. [She rolls her eyes, shaking her head. (She fails to mention she cheated on him, first.)] It wasn't the first time. Except this time he did it with my assistant. Classy, right.

[Her speech is slightly different from usual. As though she's talking to an old friend, not to an audience.

She brushes her free hand on the scarf, holding up its end.]

He gave me a scarf like this one. I didn't think it mattered, but - now I can't help thinking about him.

You always seem to remember the things that shouldn't be worth your time.

[Her stare is a little blank, for a moment, lost in her thoughts. She rolls the cigarette in her thumb, biting her lower lip distractedly. Christine isn't sad or nostalgic. She's angry. The sentiment seems to fade when she sighs, tipping the ash off into a tray.]

But that's just human nature, I guess.

So why don't you tell me about your memories. The last thing you remember before coming here. I'm sure they're much more interesting than mine.

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