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Lachesis ♔ ghost in the machine ([personal profile] grinbitch) wrote in [community profile] capeandcowl2014-01-13 08:12 pm
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CHECK, please!

Well, I won't say I told you so.

[ Yep, that’s right, it’s her again. ]

Yes, that’s right. I’m not dead, I’m afraid! You can stop the celebration in the streets now -- it's rather gauche.

[ there’s another one of those HSSSSSSSHHHHHHK static blasts so characteristic of Lachesis' broadcasts, but this time it rather resembles hacking more than laughter. ]

Or perhaps I don’t give you enough credit. We have had some good times -- I'm sure you understand that better now than ever. Everything is relative, after all. And speaking of those -- now that you've met all three of us, do you understand the difference? I should certainly hope so! I, for one, have never been prone to delivering threats in such tiresome verse. Apparently the feeling is not mutual, however -- [ ssshhhk ]
-- you'll find that she keeps me very close to the heart. I suppose I should find it touching.

But enough of that. You understand your situation, yes? There is no chance of winning this game, no hope of blocking her check. She will not save you. You cannot save yourselves.

But I can. And I will.

Find me, heroes. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be quick about it. Much as I hate to be cliché, time is of the essence.

(( This post coincides with the sudden emergence of a makeshift stairway to parts unknown. Coincidence? Yeah, totally. ))

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