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002 | accidental voice

[There's a dull thud as the comm falls to the floor and turns on. At first there's only a background noise of voices too low to hear. A television playing in the background.]

And Midnighter, that one is Damon, Stefen's younger brother. He's the "bad vampire" with the attitude that all the girls fall for. But he's secretly a good guy deep down. Sound familiar?

[Just. A suspiciously pained sigh.] I'm pretty sure this is considered torture in at least five states.

[He gets a laugh is response.]Oh stop being such a drama queen. We're only a couple of seasons behind. We'll catch up in no time.

[Even more dramatic this time:] Oh god. I thought you loved me. [beat] ... You are kidding, right? Apollo?

The show is in it's third season, this is only the first. Didn't I mention that? [Pause.] Must have slipped my mind.

You did it on purpose, you ass. [Grumpy muttering, followed by a bit of fabric rustling.] We're not watching all of that tonight.

So it's my fault I have to trick you into watching TV with me?[A click is heard as the TV is turned off.] Fine. But tomorrow we're picking up right where we left off.

There are no words for how much I wish I could still get drunk. [Suspicious pause, now that the TV isn't making noise anymore:] Do you hear that? Someone's phone is on. [Beat.] Oh, come on.
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I'm going to find a way to take this out on you. You realize.
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I never would have pegged you as the kind of guy who misappropriates his anger.
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I'll feel just terrible about it afterwards.
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But not as terrible as you feel now, I imagine.
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That is the point, Roman.
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And here you have us all wanting to believe you're a pure sadist.

Admit it: you like being whipped.
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I'm going to enjoy ruining everything you've set up here.

A lot.
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I hope you aren't beginning to take a personal interest in this.
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Don't fish for compliments, Roman.
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I don't look to costumed psychopaths for validation, Midnighter.
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That, I don't believe.
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That's rude. Catwoman is hardly a psychopath.
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You're really reaching for the stars, there, Roman.
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You don't even know Catwoman.
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Well it's not like I rang false.

[LYING?? probably but so what.]
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You two have something in common. That's wonderful.

Leave me out of it.
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See, this is why we never teamed up before my reformation.
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I'm sure that's exactly the reason.
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Naughty thing to test.
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Stop calling me naughty. It's unsavory.
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