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[the video shows one distressed nill who is trying very hard to appear as if she is not in the least distressed. her expression is smooth, save a crease between her brows. nothing is given away in her demeanor, even though on the inside her heart is racing. her hands shake when she types, but it isn’t obvious:]

Has anyone seen Kate today? I have not heard from her today an

[it is at this exact moment that helena appears on screen, approaching from behind. she looks upset, perhaps a bit disheveled, pursing her lips as she places a hand on nill’s shoulder.]

She isn’t in any of her usual places. Not at home, not in the gym, and she’s certainly not at my place. It’s been days since she’s contacted me, this really isn’t like her at all.

[nill had swiveled around to look at helena, and when she once again faces the camera, there’s no hiding her worry. she doesn’t like to pry, doesn’t like to ask too much--but kate always, always contacts her if she’ll be out for longer than a night. nill takes a deep breath and reaches towards the comm again. her hands are visibly shaking now.]

If someone knows where she is please tell us.

[hel looks at what nill has typed, nodding her sentiments.]

Yes. We would definitely appreciate it. [a beat.] And if you see this, darling, it isn’t cute, making us worry.

[ooc; black is nill, purple is helena. both will be responding!]
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[Hi, network. The last time you saw these two was right before they shrunk a number of you.

Only being as much of a sociopath as the average three year old, and having a much better understanding of consequences, Val realizes they have to apologize. And that it has to sound sincere. Fortunately, she's a great liar.

Calvin's on his own.]

Hi, everyone. According to my calculations, the Pym particle effects should have entirely worn off by now. As far as I know, no one was seriously injuried.

[Injuries to pride, dignity, and relationship status don't count.]

Yeah, and I'm sure everybody's really glad about that. I for one have spent enough time running away from ants to last my whole life!

[Calvin looks just thrilled about the whole adventure. He's standing next to Val, wearing his ordinary red shirt now instead of that ridiculous lab coat.]

Anyway, as the head visionary of this project and the original genius behind the experiment, I feel I ought to apologize to everyone...

cut for the Val 'n' Calvin Show running long )
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Troy and Abed in the mooooorning! [ That’s right. It’s that time. Troy and Abed, appropriately dressed in the tiniest of business casual sweaters which were stolen from toys, are coming to you live from in front of a convenient mug.

It’s kind of hard to pretend you’re drinking high-quality Hollywood coffee when none of the mugs shrank. They’re clearly not letting that deter them, though, and have their biggest stereotypical morning host smiles on. ]

And we’re back!

If you’re just joining us, welcome. Today’s show is all about some useful advice for those of us who woke up on the teeny-tiny side of the bed. We now have a guest in the studio, is that right? Abed, would you like to introduce us?

Thank you, Troy. We’re talking to none other than Mr. Joseph Colton, American hero, who’s going to be giving us all a lesson in dental floss: what else your tool for hygiene can help you handle. We’re happy to have you with us, Joe.

[ And Troy’s taken the opportunity to get up, moving the angle of the camera just a bit to show that Mr. Joseph Colton is a G.I. Joe propped up on the other side of Abed. He’s got dental floss strung all over him.

They pause for a moment, because this is where Joe is saying his hellos. Troy takes his seat again and laughs good-naturedly. ]

I know I never leave home without it.

[ Abed laughs as well and nods. ] Now sadly, we don't have too much time left to get into all the details we could use. [ Cue politely sad frown. ] What are your top three pieces of advice for the folks at home?

[ They pause for a time, letting their guest say his piece. ]

Truly words worth hanging on to. Thanks for being here, Joe. We appreciate the services that you do for the community. [ Troy nods and looks back to the camera. ] When we come back, we’ll be taking some viewer calls. Don’t go away, folks.

[ And with a nod/imaginary coffee mug toast, Abed makes the trip to cut the feed. ]


Aug. 11th, 2013 08:23 am
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No, God -- bad dog, Terror. Seriously.

[ the camera jostles a bit, like the person holding the communicator is moving around. there might be a quick glimpse of a little white terrier's wagging tail before the feed finally turns onto terry's (unsurprisingly) disgruntled face. ]

Okay. So. I might be having a slight problem here.

[ more jostling as terry tries to catch his dog again -- and gets out-maneuvered again. ]

My stupid dog may or may not have my roommate in his mouth. That roommate may or may not suddenly be the size of a Ken doll. So -- yeah, whoever's dumb powers are acting up right now, screw you, you suck, et cetera, et cetera.

[ being shrunk down to one-sixth of his usual height also appears to have compressed bradbury's voice -- and his temper, if the squeaky, indignant cussing that's audible off-camera is any indication. ]

Fucking hell! Put me down, you little shit--

[ when terror darts into the camera's view again, the problem becomes immediately more visible, as he's holding a much-diminished bradbury around the waist. at least he's dressed, but the miniature pajamas and t-shirt are thoroughly soaked with dog spit. ]

A little help, here?!

I'm trying.

[ and yet the terrier continues to elude him. ]

Look -- on the off chance that anybody knows how to fix this? That'd be great. If not, I guess I can always hope the Porter decides to bring in the Dog Whisperer before Terror feels like burying Mr. B in the backyard.
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[Calvin is standing in what appears to be a StarkTech lab, in front of a distressingly large and fancy-looking ray gun mounted on a tripod. He is wearing a labcoat that is much too large for him, pooling around his ankles and with sleeves hanging off his little arms.]

Attention denizens of the Network! You are about to witness the next great scientific breakthrough! Any journalists and academics among you ought to start taking notes, because you are going to see something for the history books.

[From offscreen there's the high-pitched whine of some piece of equipment spinning up, then Valeria's voice.]

I don't mind you recording, but you don't need to narrate.

[Calvin shoots a look off to the side.]

Yeah, well you don't need to interrupt!

Anyway, thanks to my genius and some minor technical assistance provided by some other kid, I have perfected a stunning leap forward in shrink ray technology! You're lucky to see its first-ever demonstration.

cut for length and kids bickering )

Are you done? Finally! You're distracting everyone from all the science!

[Now Calvin can be the center of attention, as it should be. He hops back on the shrink ray, and peers at the complicated control scheme that could only have been developed by a member of the Richards family.]

Hey, where'd you put the 'on' button for this thing, anyway?

[Val finally turns around, and shrieks in a mixture of outrage and alarm.]

I told you not t--GET DOW--


[Calvin shrieks, the shrink ray glows bright white, and suddenly there’s a crackling roar as a discharge of energy blanks out the screen. All that can be seen is the spreading cloud of gaseous Pym Particles filling the lab, as Calvin yells “It wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t my-“]

[ooc: No responses from either of the kids, as their world just got a whole lot smaller!]


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[ The camera clicks on to reveal a scene at the Institute's basement laboratories. It's the usual mess of mechanical miscellanea. There's the usual blue robot in view-- or is there? The being on the feed is definitely mechanical, but visibly masculine and dressed in what appears to be a priest's vestments.

When danger's voice comes, it's from off camera.

Inquiry: Have there been a significant number of incidents involving form alteration within the past twenty-four to forty-eight hours?
If so, what progress has been made towards identifying the source?

[ A pause, as she comes into view, moving to stand behind the other robot. She eyes him skeptically for a moment before speaking a touch impatiently: ]

It is impossible to run diagnostics while you are so needlessly dressed, Kirei.
I cannot access the relevant ports.

[ The second figure in question turns his head, regarding her neutrally. He has responded to 'Kirei', and perhaps by a stretch there could be a visible similarity drawn between the unfeeling metal shown on the video feed and the human flesh and blood that one would usually associate with that name, but it is slight.

What gives him away the most is the vestments, and he shows no intention of budging on that.

Concern is unnecessary. I am operating within standard procedures. Self diagnostics have returned normal.

Additionally: your request is inappropriate.

Inappropriate by the standards of the humans who have clearly indoctrinated you, I suppose.

[ Her tone is mildly judgmental, and she gives no warning before unceremoniously jerking up the back of his clothes. Reaching over her own shoulder, she chooses one long cable from her hair and promptly plugs herself in.

To the camera:

I will await responding Network reports.
The second opinion of a mechanic or technopath would also be somewhat helpful.

Initiating interface.

[ And the feed cuts. ]
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[The camera clicks on to Hank and Cross sitting on a white couch. There's a clear tension between them, as Cross sits with his arms and legs earning his namesake, while Hank has an elbow propped on the armrest, chin in his hand and eyes rolling upward. He has a small remote in his other hand.]

I'm telling you that they will tell you that it's a terrible idea. Unless we're in a city of morons- which means I'm disregarding their opinions because they are morons.

Well, the camera's already rolling, so I'm just going to come out and say it.

[He perks up, looking into the camera and holding his arms out in a welcoming gesture.] Ladies and gentlemen of the City, we have a grand occasion to announce to you all today! You see, this weekend I'll be celebrating my 34th birthday, and we would be delighted if you would deign to join us!

To that end, this Saturday morning, I'd like to invite everyone out to the park for a game of good old fashioned football. It's been perhaps too long since I've tossed around the old pigskin, and whatever some people
[A very unsubtle glance shoots in Cross' direction.] may think of it, I can say with a certainty that we'd have quite a grand time.

[Cross, however, regards this as a chance to show his displeasure by giving a slight sneer and staring at Hank as if he's stuck with some old man.] Oh, yes. Nothing says "Happy Birthday" than running around with a ball and performing what can only be described as the most mundane thing ever contrived. Why do something fun like have a huge party celebrating yet another year that you have managed to defeat the forces of nature and stay alive? At least let me put in an open bar for the rest of us.

[Hank turns to face him, his brows knitting a sweater.]

You do realize how impractical a full-service bar would be in a park, don't you? I told you, we can bring a cooler!

[Almost too quick a response, Cross scoffs:] Yes, because everything about me screams practical. Just tell him that his opinion is dumb and let me get back to putting together a party that people will actually have fun at.

[Hank turns right back to the camera with a giant grin.] Now with an added bonus! We'll give you each one free shot at taking us both down. Him especially. [Because guess which one isn't built like a mountain.

For a moment Cross stares at him, completely stoic before he starts to chuckle. From a chuckle to a laugh, for a laugh to something that causes him to almost fall of the sofa, he's laughing so hard. It takes him a moment or two before he can regain composure, wiping a tear from his eye.
] That's hilarious. If you wanted to watch me backhand idiots across the mouth, you should have just said so. It'll be my gift to you.

Ah ah ah, "free shot" means without defense or reprisal! You want to give me a gift, I'd say just go along with the game and keep an eye out for the forward tackle!

[With that, he hits a button on his remote and the recording ends.]

blue is hank, red is cross, of course
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[the video snaps on to an EXTREME CLOSEUP of Wild Tiger, visor raised, his expression teetering between a stupid grin and a rather proud, heroic look.]

Good evening, City, and welcome to a special edition of HeroTV, just for you!

[wow he’s never done that before. It feels great. He pulls back so he can aim the video at the important part of the scene: the back of an office chair. Spidey’s leaning on the smooth leather top.]

We bring you this little bit of breaking news... some of you may remember, Tiger and I’ve been keeping our ears to the ground looking for the guy who sold laser weapons to Phantasm -- or those crazy kids pretending to be Phantasm, anyway.

[Spidey steps back enough that he can spin the chair around to reveal...

One David Xanatos, webbed into the seat.

Ladies and gents, someone’s been a naughty, naughty boy.

[Xanatos himself is obviously annoyed by this, but manages to keep a relatively neutral tone.]

Patronizing me? I expected something a bit more mature, Spider-Man.

I’d pretend to be offended, but honestly, have even you met me?

Guys, come on. [he wants some camera time, too] We did our homework and found someone who could tell us where they got the weapons. Turns out it’s this guy.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t anything illegal about selling weapons to private citizens. [even though they may not have been the most legal of’s a good thing he’s keeping up that poker face.]

Oi, did you even do background checks on those guys? Considering they shot at us?!

Next time, I’ll make sure the checks are more thorough

Background che -- background checks?! [Unimpressed Spidey is unimpressed.] Hello, lasers.

Yeah, lasers! And that’s why we’re bringing you in, for weapons violations all over the place. [not that he’s an expert. That’s for the lawyers. He peers into the camera again] Can you believe this guy? Thugs pretending to be part of Phantasm get his weapons and he doesn’t even care.

Yeah, it’s almost like he’s an evil mastermind selling laser guns or something.

[Now THAT gets a small chuckle.] Evil mastermind? A bit too cliche, don’t you think? I’m a businessman, nothing more.

Yeah, and that’d be the standard evil mastermind alibi right there.

The police are on their way, so you can tell it to them when they get here. [a wink for the camera. Cliche lines are so smoooth] Never let anybody say heroes don’t do anything useful around here.

[he taps his finger to his visor] ...Wild Tiger, over and out!

[ooc: oops! right! greenish is Wild Tiger, red is Spider-man, and blue is Xanatos. Just in case!]
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[ The video turns on to display the Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation, Norman Osborn himself and the warden, Danger, standing in front of it.

Norman has his trademark smirk in place, though there's a hint of annoyance in his expression -- a hint that's at least not at all present in his tone when he starts speaking:

Afternoon. As most of you know, I'm Norman Osborn, and this behind me is the Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation, subject in recent months and weeks to both terrorist attacks and patches in the security perimeter. Obviously, I was not a bit happy about these incidents befalling such an important institution, nor was my associate here.

[ He indicates Danger. ]

This is the hospital's warden and primary security consultant; she, under my supervision, has been heading a total revamp of the facility's security, fixing what had worn down and overhauling entirely what needed rebuilding from the ground up. But I won't go on-- she can speak for herself.

[ He moves aside for Danger to take the stage. She steps forward. Aside from a slight pinch in her eyebrows that suggests a hint of impatience or something like it, her face is passive and her voice is brisk:]

The majority of our upgrades are structural and technological in nature, with components designed by myself and my colleague. Improved protocols and equipment will be implemented, in addition to new treatment and release programs. However, I will decline to confuse you with the details-- it suffices to say that the breeches in security at the Osborn facility will not be reoccurring.

[ She folds her arms over her chest loosely, her tone becoming pointed: ]

If you should find yourself in our care, I suggest you put thoughts of escape from your mind. Otherwise, I will personally have to disappoint you.

[ Smiling off to her side, Norman claps his hands a couple times in a (perhaps mildly patronizing) signal of approval. ]

Indeed. I hope you all feel in safer and better hands knowing that these problems are being swiftly and successfully contained. There has been no staff turnover, but I'll be taking firmer role in both management and supervision to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. At our current pace everything should be completed in less than a month. Thank you, Danger.

[ But despite the conclusion Norman still appears as if he's about to go on, and after a moment he does: ]

Also, briefly, in other news: I'm sure some of the student-aged populous may have already read online long ago about the undergraduate scholarship my company is sponsoring, but as the deadline draws nearer I'd be remiss not to mention it myself. Consider it a reminder -- but anyone entering college in the Fall with an interest in any science might consider applying if they haven't already. The deadline is still July 1st.

That's all.

( OOC: The details of the NOHoPE security revamp can be read in full HERE. Information on the scholarship can be found HERE & anyone interested can just drop a comment to that post saying so! )


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Hey, can you guys hear me alright? [ Leaning in towards the camera and speaking in a hushed tone is one dark haired girl with quite the devilish look in her eyes. ] You won’t believe this, but I’ve managed to convince that stuffy priest into attending prom with us. Er, not as an attendee, but as a chaperone. That’s honestly the best I could do at short notice, but oh well. It’ll do.

Oh! Guess what else?
[ Without giving anyone a chance to answer, she quickly adds in: ] And he’s going alone. Ladies, today fortune favors you for I, Rin Tohsaka, will give you a sneak preview of what’s to come during this momentous occasion.

[ Is that the background moving around her? At least she’s lowered her arm to hold the phone tightly between her fingers, but there’s enough space between the lens to tell she’s heading straight for the door of a dressing room. A jiggle on the handle indicates it’s locked, oh but there she goes blasting it off with a single explosion from her hand. ]

Hey Kirei! You’re taking your time which means this one ought to look good! [ And there goes the door being pulled open suddenly all while the phone remains hidden at her side. ] Come on, I want to see!

[ And despite how much time he apparently has been taking, Kirei isn’t quite finished yet. Behind the door, Kirei stands only half-dressed, midway through pulling a shirt over his shoulders -- which leaves a very bare and very muscular chest on display. ] Rin. The store will demand you replace that door. [ Then, as if an afterthought: ] You shouldn’t barge in without knocking; it’s indecent. One might get the wrong idea.

[ Then, his head tilts, catching notice of the hidden phone. ] What’s that you’re holding?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The manager will make their demands and I’ll blow their head off as well. [ A dismissive shrug as she holds up the phone so that the video gets a better view of Kirei’s face and his now covered chest. ] My phone. I wanted to get a picture of you for reference. If we take individual photos of each outfit, we can flip through them to find the one you like best.

[ Or in this case, the one Rin likes best. ] Smile. You know you want to.

[ He really doesn’t. His expression remains flat. ] If that is necessary, shouldn’t you wait until I’m fully dressed? [ He’s still working on that, buttoning up his shirt. Once that’s done, he drops his hands with a very mild gesture at himself. ] Will this suffice? I thought we were here for your clothes.

Can’t you at least smile for Emiya? [ Waggling the phone a bit in front of his face. Sorry viewers, you’re long forgotten in favor of the teasing. ] Well, maybe not. That’s probably a face he sees in his nightmares so we shouldn’t overdo it. Instead, let me see if those pants fit you alright. We wouldn’t want them to accidentally fall down while you’re on the dance floor.

[ If anything, his expression gets even more stoney. ] I was not aware you’d show these photos to Shirou Emiya. [ He’s very much not aware that she’d show the whole Network, either. He shakes his head, trying to urge her out of the dressing room. ] That won’t be necessary; I won’t be dancing.

Kirei, you have no idea if that will be true or not. [ Rin retorts as she shoves the phone towards his hand. ] Hold onto that, will you? I just need to reach around your hips with both of my hands like this--[ Which yes, she’s doing just what she’s saying she’s going to do. ]--and feel around for the tag.

Oh, you should probably say hello to everyone while you’re in possession of my phone. It’d be rude to ignore your audience without giving them a bit of acknowledgment, don’t you think?

Rin, you-- [ His protest is stalled when the magnitude of her words sink in, and his gaze turns to the phone in his hand, his eyes narrowing into a glare -- then widening again at some unseen gesture from the one next to him. ] Rin.

[ And with that, the feed cuts out. ]

(( ooc: red is rin. blue is kirei.))
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[The connection is rough, muffled, and it's hard at first to hear because the words are spoken in a hushed voice.]

I'm in need of assistance. I'm being held against my will.

[The voice cuts off again and there's an unidentifiable sound in the background.]

Murdock. [ A second voice cuts through, low but clear -- and the displeasure in the tone is obvious. The noises get louder: firm footsteps and a vague rustle of movement that escalates. ] What do you think you're doing--?

[The rustling continues, followed by a low, sharp growl.]

I'm getting out of here. I'm going to turn myself in.

Don't be stupid. [A more drastic motion is betrayed by a rough rustle of fabric -- and then, the second speaker's voice darkens even further ] Is that transmitting?

[A snort, the voice growing suddenly louder.]

You bet it is.

Stupid-- [ several sounds form in a clutter: grasping hands, moving feet and clattering objects.]

That's enough, Frank. This is finished. I'm leaving.

[There's further commotion, perhaps a physical struggle? Who can really say at this point.

Some of the noise quiets, but only slightly. There is still a murmur of twisting fabric: a hand tightening its grip. The second voice is also calmer now.]
That won't do you any good.

[The first voice has gone quieter again too, though the frustration is still clearly present.] Anything's better than this hellhole. [A beat.] Try to stop me again, and I'll break your damn leg.

Hm. You'd try. [The sound of moving fabric ceases and footsteps grow quieter.] Go then.

[There's a moment's hesitation as the footsteps fade away before the connection is abruptly cut.]

((ooc: Red is Murdock, blue is Castle. Responses may be delayed.))
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[The camera flicks on, showing two female figures huddled in a darkened room, one girl fumbling with the communicator. They're both panting hard, whimpering as they try to catch their breath, and outside the door, something distinctly not human is scratching, howling, and laughing at them.]

It's gonna eat us, Lila!

[Lila only stops making the high-pitched, continual eeeeee (which, really, isn't helping against members of the dog family) long enough to correct Jessica.]

THEY! THEY'RE gonna eat us, Jess! Didn't you see the other one? With the fangs and the slobber and I am too pretty to be puppy chow! That's what you do with used up hor-

[She cuts herself off in a loud shriek, and one hand flies up to cover her mouth. Now that she's hyperventilating under her hand, the communicator's microphone is picking up the distinct sounds of wood cracking.]

Oh my god!  Why is this happening? I want to live!

[Jessica wails loudly, before apparently having a bright idea.]

Hold them off for a second! I have to go get something!

[She accidentally kicks the communicator in her scramble to dart away.]

HOLD THEM OFF? Are you crazy? Why doesn't this place have a fire escape?

[A moment later, though, Lila crawls through the frame in her nightie, clutching a stiletto. After she's offscreen, there's thump and her legs return, bent as if she's sitting and bracing herself. The door is rattling less, but the laughter is getting louder.]

Get some hairspray and a lighter!

I've got something better than that!

[Jessica reappears, clutching what would appear to be a handgun. Yup, that's totally a handgun. And even in the dark, her devious grin can be seen.]

Okay! Open the door! And be careful, I've only done this once before!

[Lila starts screaming her head off at the sight of this.]

Open the door?!? What if you MISS?

[Except that there are wild animals on the other side of the door, and they can't stay here forever. The legs disapper as Lila gets to her feet.]

OK. OK. One, two... THREE!

[Lila wrenches the door open and can be seen throwing herself onto the bed. Meanwhile, Jessica has her eyes closed tight as she pulls the trigger and the gun fires.


Cue sharp yelping from outside the door for a second, followed by the earth shattering sound of silence.]

Lila? It's safe now. I think I killed them.

[She pauses, staring into the camera with a look of horror on her face.]

Oh gawwwwwd!!

[[ooc: Pink is Jessica, purple is Lila. This is in reference to the Jumanji happenings tonight!]]
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[ Wow, it's a VIDEO. A great start into technological competence, indeed. Faintly in the background, this music is playing… but at first, all that's visible is a placard that reads, in very carefully written print:


The placard is removed and someone steps back; the communicator is propped up somewhere, stationary, displaying a view of Riverside Park. In-frame is Hooded Justice, joined shortly by Nelson in his Captain Metropolis costume. He's got his mask in his hand.

Good evening! To those of you who don't know me, I'm Nelson Gardner, alternatively known as "Captain Metropolis"; I've forgone my right to maintain a secret identity so that me and my associate Hooded Justice here might better demonstrate the importance of safety when it comes to standing up to crime. It isn't as easy as it looks. More important than will is know-how -- watch what could happen to the under-prepared would-be hero.



Apr. 15th, 2013 08:32 pm
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-- ain't puttin' up with this again.

[ the camera jostles a little before the feed becomes steady, focusing on lillian crawley's aggravated face.

it's hard to tell what's making her mad -- the list of things that could set her off probably stretches around the earth twice -- but you might notice on the couch behind her is a humanoid woman with vibrant blue dreadlocks and white eyes. she's dressed in a large sweater and little else -- and judging by the scratches on her arms and her throat, it was a fight for lil to get even that on her.

I ain't. Someone else can babysit her goddamn bot ass. If she thinks I'm gonna let her stay here after she comes waltzin' in, tellin' me my husband's really gone an' she's upset about it --

[ lil purses her lips. her face is angry, but the slight break in her voice suggests she's choosing anger over more miserable feelings right now. ]

Someone come an' take her. Before she blows her own goddamn head off again.

☆ video.

Feb. 11th, 2013 06:59 pm
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[James and Zatanna are in what appears to be a moment of domestic bliss. Everyone's favorite couple are in her media room and, more importantly, they're surrounded by rabbits of all kinds. They're on the floor, on the desk, and... mostly curled up near James. One in particular is laying on its back in his lap, fast asleep. The couple, however, are focused on the computer before them.

Zatanna makes a rushed noise and points at the screen, prompting James to stop scrolling.]
See! I told you there was a ton! [The screen features a cluster of fanfiction about the two of them, a good number of them seem to be weird AUs and love triangles.

James reads a description of one aloud:]
"It Takes Two to Teach Love by TantalizingTwilightFan: Zatanna is the new vampiric vixen English teacher in the City, upon meeting James Bond, her boss and school Principal, she thinks he's rude and obnoxious. Is there more to him than meets the eye? Rated Mature for language and lemons." ...These natives have a little too much time on their hands. At least they understand the part about you being blood sucking.

I'd hit you, if it didn't mean waking the bunnies. [A beat.] What do lemons have to do with a mature rating? I like that I get to be the vampire in this one, though. [She seems a little too pleased with this.]

Vampire or not, it says here that I'm your boss. [He shifts just enough in his chair to somehow look more smug than he already did.] Now be a dear, Miss Zatara, and get us a bottle of wine before I'm forced to drown myself in bunnies instead.

You know, I might enjoy watching that... but I'm only going to do this because I'm too sober to read any of these. When I get back, you better be prepared to read that quality piece of fiction to me, Mister Bond. [She carefully extracts herself from her seat so as not to disturb any bunnies and the video comes to an end. It's for the better that they don't read any of these on the Network. They're looking in the mature section, after all.]
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[ The video opens on a sub-basement laboratory of the Xavier Institute. There stands who else but...Sydney Greenstreet? He gives the audience a small, knowing smile as he stands there in his rotundity in a black suit, holding a cigar. ]

Mm hmm hmm. I distrust a man whose trust for other men is determined more by his trusts than his distrusts. There is no trust without discretion, and in that scrutiny we develop the distrusts that determine our interactions with the world at large. I do like a man who tells you upfront that he distrusts you, saves the time of founding a trust that only disguises the true distrust present.

[ Once he's done he gives his audience a very stern look that holds for all of five seconds before it starts to crack, erupting into a hearty laugh. When he continues, his voice is different, now a rich, purring baritone that may sound familiar. ]

I'd like to present to you the X-Club's latest invention, a new take on an old classic... science within. )

Anyhoo, we’re on the tail end a’ publishin’ the results a’ the headline project, but if y’wanna donate a hint a’ tissue for the sciences... it’d be much obliged, yeah? There were some concerns last time it came up that I wasn't... [ In the mood to deal with. ] ...available to answer, that we'd like to be more upfront with now. What we're looking for for is proof of physiological connections between imPorts that are absent in the native populace, so obviously we'll need a reasonably sized sampling pool of imPort volunteers.

So, y’know, with that lil’ hint a’ clarity -- please? We got cash, alright?

[ They both give big, slightly desperate smiles for the camera before the feed cuts. ]

red is madison, blue is hank
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[Charlie is standing in the center of the screen in her apartment when she appears, in a blue blouse and black skirt, and she waves, smiling brightly.]

Hey guys! This is kind of a ...public service announcement sort of thing but not really about something totally important! See this is-

[She frowns off screen.]

You have to actually be in view Kat!

[There's a groan off screen.] I guess I kind of have to, don't I...

[And then a girl with dark skin and blonde hair sidles into the frame, one arm reaching across her stomach to idly grab at the other arm. She seems uncomfortable, but manages a nervous-looking smile at the camera.]
H-hi there!

Right, great. This is Kat! [Charlie throws a hand out as if to indicate her.]

She's awesome and cool and everyone should want to be her friend. And she's pretty, and she has this really neat gravity powers.

But! And you may not believe this, she has never been on a date before! Ever!

[She whispers a bit too loudly.] You didn't have to be so blunt about it--

[And then she just looks at the camera and waves a bit awkwardly.]

Well how else was I going to put it?

[She rolls her eyes and looks back at the camera.]

Anyway! She's awesome and cool and needs a date? So who's interested?

[A beat.]

Oh right! We're pretty sure she's eighteen or so, so kinda around there's the age we're looking for here, and...uh, don't be a creeper. Or evil. Evil's a big turn off, okay?

Yeah, if I could avoid anyone evil that'd be really great.

[She takes a deep breath for courage and looks at the camera, her smile growing more genuine if no less nervous.] I like cats and stuffed animals and like high-up places with nice views, and taking long baths and reading magazines, and think that--

[Oops. She timed that wrong. The feed shuts off.]

[ooc: Blue is Charlie, Red is Kat, they'll both be answering this!]
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Hey, hey, is this thing working? [Her experience with technology is increasing ever so slowly, but at least this time everyone is treated to her beauty spared from her horrendous font choices.] Oh, there it goes.

[Suddenly she's holding up a silver chain with a familiar object to some dangling from it.]

Hee, I was lucky to come across some stupid mutt with this in their mouth. It took me a few minutes to clean up all the slobber, but it looks really neat. I doubt there's a lost and found in this place, so I think I'll just keep it for myself for a while. [With a noblewoman's laugh, she moves the sleeve of her shirt to rub the metal free of the smudges left behind on her fingertips. Little did she know what will happen as a result despite her knowledge of magical artifacts.] Wait, what is--?

[The spirograph briefly glows white hot and out pops [personal profile] Davesprite looking incredibly bewildered, like he had just woken up or gotten out of the shower or something. He nearly stumbles (despite the tail and lack of legs), catching himself with his incredible wingspan.]

Yo, what the fuck. [He catches his sunglasses to keep them from falling off his face and looks around until he spots Rin with the spirograph, his entire expression deadpanning. Of all people--] Welp.

Whoa, did I just summon you? [ Without wasting another moment, the smug smirk spreads across her face in her delight. ] Does that mean you're... ufufu, yes, yes it does mean that.

[ Quickly exclaiming: ] You are my Servant to do my bidding!

[Meanwhile, Davesprite's expression remains the same.]

Slow down there, Aladdin, I'm 99.9% sure I can't grant you any wish on your Christmas list. You're also like, a month too late.

[That was probably one of many things someone shouldn't say to Rin because now that this little exchange was on display for all to see? Her smile widens as she leans down towards the phone in the other hand.]

Hey everyone, won't you help me test out my new Servant? Let's see how many tasks he can do in a single day. [That laugh of her's is too evil.] I'm taking requests for my feathery friend here for the next couple hours so don't keep us waiting for long! If you do...

[Turning the phone towards the lower end of Davesprite's body, she reveals the tiny orange kitten who's gazing towards him as though he just hit the jackpot with dinner. Idiot just might be trying to get a mouthful of feathers by time she cuts the call.]

[...c-cat.] Oh god.

& the OOC note! )

☠ Four

Jan. 12th, 2013 03:19 pm
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... Goshdarnit! No! Jake, I am sick of you. You never listen, you've stood me up more times than I can count, and if that weren't bad enough, you treat my like I'm just a pal! I thought maybe things would work themselves out, and that maybe you're just getting used to this sweetheart schtick, but you're so egocentric you can't seem to see past your stinking nose!

Oh, come come now, Jane dear! Sure we've had a few rough spots but, I mean, I would say things have been going spiffingly between us!

Spiffingly?! Jake, you threw me into the snow when I asked you to settle down!

Nothing like a little rough housing to blow off a little steam! Heh...


((Jake does not compute.))

((Jane does not approve))
cut for absurdly big text )
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[Once Fry's hand has stopped blocking the camera, a horrific example of festivity can be seen all too clearly. The warehome Fry and Bender inherited from Zoidberg has been decked up in true holiday spirit. Tinsel and lights are hung haphazardly from a large pine tree located squarely in the middle. It probably wasn't the best place for it when you consider the mass of trailing wires that surround the tree. Still, when Fry turns the camera on himself he seems pretty happy with what they've accomplished so far.]

Isn't Christmas great in this century? We've almost got enough stuff to decorate this whole warehouse. Some of these lights look sort of weird, but I think we've got at least half working.

[In the background, Bender is rather impatiently fiddling with a ball of wires, muttering and swearing under his breath before he speaks.] Stop yapping over there and come help me! Jesus should be damn grateful I spent so long on some crappy lights.

[Fry is only too happy to come over and help Bender tackle the lights. He puts the device down and picks up a separate ball so he doesn't have to deprive Bender the joy of unravelling his own.] Oh, you haven't seen anything. Once me and my brother spent three whole days untangling our crappy lights. And then another two on the tinsel.

Three days? Can't we just erect a bomb shelter, like in the good ol' days?

[Fry looks a little crestfallen at Bender's lack of enthusiasm. Why wouldn't he want to spend an indefinite amount of time untangling Christmas lights? It's the best part.] This is the good ol' days. We have a pine tree. Why would you want a bomb shelter?

The pine tree got needles all over my collection of hay! [And, indeed, there's a large pile of damp hay sitting under a pine tree somewhere in the distance.] I need that hay for my cow business, Fry. Cows need hay! And shelter from bombs!

The hay's fine. If there were needles in there I'd have found them by now.

Well, if you want to untangle the lights so badly, be my guest! [He shoves his bundle of wires towards Fry with great gusto.] I want a traditional Xmas, not a Christmas.

[Fry clutches the lights possessively, possibly tangling them even more in the process.] What's so bad about Christmas?

At least Robot Santa got his massacres over in one night!

Normal Santa didn't need massacres. That's what makes Regular Christmas so special.

[Bender rolls his eyes and sighs dramatically.] If it's that special to you, then I'll do it. But only if I get to cook.

For a moment Fry looks thrilled. And then it seems to sink in just what Bender's demands are. He looks distinctly more uncomfortable after that.] You know, traditionally people only eat chocolate on Christmas. Cooking's sort of frowned upon.

Aww, what's the point in doing anything nice for you?
[Bender just sighs and storms away from the camera.] If you need me, I'll be buying cows!


Dec. 7th, 2012 06:09 pm
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[ the floating, steady video clicks on to a wide view of the well-lit and sterile x-labs. however, they certainly aren't as neat ― scattered with a smattering of metal components, tangled wires and half-finished assemblies. in the center lies a large and also incomplete fragmented mechanical structure, given room by pushed-apart desks.

far in the back of the laboratory, hank mccoy is pouring something from a beaker into a test tube ― looking a little grim. sitting at the desks in the foreground, danger and madison are working together in comfortable silence. danger is carefully stretching a transparent film over what looks like metal mesh embedded in resin. she occasionally glances madison's way for a few lingering moments even though neither of them have spoken ― almost as though in silent conversation.

her hands don't stop working when she glances up, her attention shifting to the feed:

As quaint as I find organic bodies to be, I have increased my productivity by nearly 400% since my mechanical form was restored to me.
With that and other personal matters dealt with, I have returned to X-Club, and we have increased our queue of experiments significantly.

[ madison – fingers detangling a set of large electrodes and feeding them into a sensor – tilts his head up at that, the staples along the thin and deep red line along his entire hairline glinting brightly. smoothly and a little stiffly, as if her words have fed into his: ]

That helluva backload means aside from needin' scrap and isotopes for our tech half a' our work ―

― we will also be requiring tissue samples from ImPort volunteers for experiments of a classified nature.

We'll be acceptin' them into January; but the sooner we get them, the better.

You may consider it your seasonal act of charity, if you wish.

[ her passive voice doesn't miss a beat, even as she turns to retrieve what looks like a circuit board, her movements automatic as she begins working on it. ]

It is more likely to benefit humanity than the majority of your other options, regardless.

So it is for a good cause, if you're human and all.

[ his hand opens, making a little adjustment to the electric panel from a distance without so much as a glance at it or danger. ]

Y'hafta sign a waiver, but it's less insidious-like than it sounds.

Additionally ― [ she does something that makes metal squeak on metal uncomfortably. ] ― you will only experience momentary discomfort.

We eagerly anticipate your responses.

► 038.

Dec. 6th, 2012 11:58 pm
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[See Nill. See Nill and Damian. See Nill and Damian sitting at a picnic table somewhere in Central Park. They’re bundled up for the winter, and Damian has what appears to be a map spread out before them. He’s pointing things out, muttering and then looking up every so often to glance at Nill.]

Are you getting this?

[And as often as he is glancing up, she is nodding, actually paying great attention to the map and everything he’s mumbling. She has one hand on his arm, and is presumably responding to what he’s saying. Except since, you know, nobody but Damian can hear it, the scene probably looks mildly hilarious to anyone else.

After a particularly elaborate series of gestures, Damian scrunches his face and then throws up his hands in frustration.]

Tt. This isn’t working. I was right—we’re going to need a live demonstration.

[Nill rolls her eyes in response, though she can’t hide her smile. The eye-roll is just for show. But she nods in agreement anyway.

Damian leans over his communicator—since Nill’s is the one currently on—and begins to type rapidly. After a moment he holds it up to Nill for her approval.

She inspects what he’s typed, and reaches out to poke out a few fixes. But then he gets the Nill Nod of Approval and she leans back, looking confident.]

You are hereby challenged invited to participate in a war mock war, this coming Friday. The games shall last until there is a winner. (Or until we decide to stop.) The weapons will be anything you care to bring snow. Like snowballs.

The purpose of this is to prepare should the City ever fall under siege again. (We hope that does not happen.) It will probably happen soon.

We shall meet at the central court of the park, at dawn ten am. Further rules will follow this post. (But it is really just for fun.)

Be prepared.
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[ The video feed comes on late at night -- late on Sunday night, even, which is when no one sane has any reason to be at City Hall. It's the first post Bradbury's made since getting caught up in the events at Yankee Stadium, and the video feed is filled with nothing but... green? The camera pulls away a little, showing off a half-decorated and fairly large Christmas tree (fake, of course) set up in the foyer. Boxes of ornaments and a stepladder are visible at the edge of the camera, but Bradbury himself is nowhere to be seen.

The question of where he is, though, is answered fairly readily when his exasperated voice comes off-screen. ]


[ B E E P ]

[ The feed ends there, but by the time people come in to City Hall by Monday morning, the tree in the foyer's been completely decorated - star, lights, and all - and actually doesn't look half bad. ]

[ ooc: Bradbury is in ultramarine and Mitch is in circuit board green. ]


Dec. 1st, 2012 12:53 pm
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[ There's a little fumbling with the communicator, and a girl's voice speaking away from the mic (No, no, it's okay, I-I've got it--) before the camera turns in her hands to show two faces that are probably familiar on the network after all these (crazy) years. There may or may not be a little nervous energy. (or a lot.)

Abby glances at Jaime for a moment before turning to address the feed.

Uh-- so, yeah, hi, Network.
[ She clears her throat a little. ] It's Abby. Again. Hope you guys all, er-- had a nice Thanksgiving? And. Yeah.

[ A hesitation. She totally doesn't know what she's doing. ]

Soooo. Anyway. Me and Jaime... We kinda have something to tell everyone? A-And we figured we better give the good news before, like, it got out some other way, with naked Santas or somethinnn-- ehhhhhh.

[ She makes a face, like she didn't really mean to say that, lifting her hands pull briefly at her own cheeks as she gets progressively more mortified. ]

What I mean is--

What she means is – [ Jaime fidgets and grabs a squirming Abby arm, holding it up and tilting her hand to be shown. ]

See that? [ The ring, y'all. ] I put that there. As in I asked if she'd marry me [ Grinning at her, rather than the camera. ] and she said well, I GUESS...

Dude! No way, I totally said yes. Yes times a million, okay? [ His grin is apparently infectious. Because when she looks at him, her nervousness goes away and she's smiling pretty big. ] So, yeah.

We're getting
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[ Hello everyone! You thought it was going to be a quiet day now didn't you? Well, you thought wrong! One Roxy Lalonde has turned on a communicator during some serious baking talk! Or well, really exciting baking talk from her bestest friend, Jane Crocker. Jane is super excited to share the experience with her BFF5EVERZ. ]

Now then, I've the recipe right here. This pie business is a lot of work, but If we divvy up the tasks, we're sure to come out on top! [ Jane gives her a big, toothy grin. ] So, my dear friend, do want to be in charge of the crust or the filling?

The filling, of course! I got a top secret ingredient in mind for that too.

[ Roxy then gives a wink to the audience. It's show time! ]

Welcome to The Cake and Bake Show of Janey and Ro-lal guys. So listen up! I'll reveal the little secret for everybody right away because who likes waiting.
[ ps: it's a bottle of wine... ] Now let's just pour that in the bowl.

[ This causes Jane to go pale immediately, her eyes wide. She can't.... She can't tell if Roxy's being serious or not. ]

No! Roxy, there's no gosh darn way you're pouring that in there! It'll ruin the whole thing!

Oh, Jane. Don't be such a tight ass. It's good to experiment.

[ Oh but, she's serious, and she tips the bottle as Jane waves the spoon she had in her hand. ]

No, no no. Experimenting is the very last thing you want to do with baking! Things need to be precise.
 [ Nope, Roxy's pouring. ] Roxy, NO!

[ Jane flings the spoon in protest in Roxy's general direction. It slips out of her hand, barely misses Roxy... and embeds itself into the wall. Roxy looks at the spoon... and back at Jane. ]

What the FUCK?

[ The feed cuts off quickly after. so much for that baking show.

... and few minutes later text pops up: ]

we are experiencing tehcnical difficulities please stand by
this is rolal btw reporting on janeys phone so nvm mind the color and all
guess we foudn out one of her powers :3
and yes im stlil alive <3

♞ five

Nov. 20th, 2012 04:03 pm
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[ The feed turns on and Max steps away from the communicator, which has been propped up so as to show him and Clint standing in the Avengers Embassy. Max smiles and adjusts his tie, before he begins to speak. ]

Hello there. I know -- I know, before I start, let me express my gravest condolences about the tragedies that have recently unfolded. Let it be known that the Avengers, for one, are working on taking steps to lessen the chances of some kind of repeat performance in the future. Super-villains are an epidemic, but we can at least help better prepare our heroes for the fight.

[ Clint makes no attempt to hide his boredom as Max speaks; he rolls his eyes for a moment before pursing his lips as Max discusses the last week’s events. Eventually, he elbows his way to the forefront of the video feed. ]

Yeah, yeah, no need to dress it up so much. Basically, this is a City full of people with powers — and that means training tends to take a few bites out of the place.

[ Max clears his throat. ]

Right -- well, exactly, what we need is community, and proactivity. We need action. Which is why I'm -- ah, we're -- happy to announce that, through tireless negotiations, location scouting, and careful budgeting, we now--

[ The eye-rolling continues until Clint sees fit to interrupt, holding up one hand. ]

We’re putting together a place that won’t collapse if someone with super strength hits their punching bag a little too hard.

[ Max smiles tensely, hiding his irritation. ]

A training facility, endorsed by the Avengers, to give anyone at all the chance to practice or hone their… talents, as well as meet possible partners for team-ups down the road. If you train together, you'll at least be prepared to work together when the next crisis hits.

[ If Clint senses that irritation and is immensely pleased by it, you’d never know it from his face. He just raises his eyebrows a bit as he speaks. ]

Right, right, it’s a great idea. Not surprising, since I came up with it.

[ Max grinds his teeth, but pats Clint on the shoulder. ]

Where would we be without Hawkeye? Good ideas should be funded and made into realities, which I was more than happy to do. We won't get anywhere without a little support, we're all part of this situation -- every one of us -- and all our contributions are going to make a difference.

[ Clint gives him a look that could melt lead and sidesteps. Clearly they are not in the “comfortable with touching” phase of this relationship, yet. ]

Yeah, okay. Solving the world’s problems one gym at a time. We can go with that.

Er -- right.

[ Max's brow furrows but he smiles again, a bit more convincingly for the cameras. He holds a photograph up. ]

The address is ( location ) and it's available for any Imports to use, free of charge. Just do us a favor and don't try to blow it up even if it can take it. Damages mean delays, and everyone deserves to get started right away.

[ Clint huffs out a breath. ]

Play nice, kids.

[ And then he cuts the feed because if he doesn’t he assumes Max will keep talking forever. ]

☠ Two

Nov. 7th, 2012 09:52 pm
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((The feet starts up to a most joyous looking Jake English, leaning into the camera.)) Aha! Seems I got the gizmo to finally do what I wanted. ((He pulls the camera away, grinning at it a bit.)) Alright then! This is log, er, what was it again? Oh yes, Log five from the adventurers Jake English and Finn the Human! Completely confidential, of course, until the final video is released. Today we're exploring the dark and crypic abandon building on the south side of down where dangers like poisonous spiders and rabit squirrels roam the dark catacombs. I'm in charge of the camera this time, so let's turn our attention to today's star explorer. Finn, take it away!!

((Finn waves to the camera, stoked to be out on this nightly adventure. Because there's nothing like being 14 years old and out in the big city in a condemned building, right?? He's walking backwards, not paying attention to his path.)) Okay, last time I did this with someone we totally didn't find any ghosts, but we did find a raccoon, but I'm prepared for both this time! ((He holds up a plastic sack.)) Snacks for both ghosts and raccoons all up in this sackizzy. Now, we just gotta find the creepiest room and--OOF! ((He turns to walk into a room and runs smack into something that's blocking the entrance on the other side. He pulls off, and rubs his face, sort of pout-glowering at Jake in a way too silly to be taken seriously.)) Why didn't you warn me, dude?

Oh, heh, sorry about that chum! Guess I was a bit engrossed by your excellent insight. ((He turns the camera to him.)) Two seconds so we can get this triffle aside. ((He sets the feed down and on the count of three the two of the heave the pilar aside.

Finn looks at Jake with the eyes of fun and bro-affection , and Jake can't help but comment with a smile himself, flicking his fingers forward: ))
Hey, nice team work, buddy!! Nk-nkt!!

(( PCHOO!! Lights shoot forward and THROW Finn and his stupid friendly grin right out of the view, leaving a horrified and startled Jake.))

HOLY HORSE SHIT, FINN!!!! ((And he too speeds off.))
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( Lenalee's not so good at figuring out technology stuff yet (she's really trying!). She's out in the garden of the penthouse that Cross got them, trying to call Cross and accidentally accessing the video function. As she walks through the garden, fiddling with the device, she finds Cross which... makes it easier than trying to call him. )

Ah! General Cross.  ( She knows he asked her to call her him Cross in public but it's harder to do at in private. She's still clutching the phone in both her hands (it makes for a good anxiety reliever when dealing with Cross) and not realizing the video is on. )  I... well. I noticed you used the Millenum Earl's name when signing the papers for the penthouse.  ( Her face is so nervous and concerned. )  Don't you think he'll be upset with us if he shows up here?  ( She's such an optimist. )

They're upset that humanity still lives and breathes to see another day, they're upset that we took their ark, they're upset at every little thing. Honestly, Lenalee, if they can kill our comrades and try to wipe out humanity for the past 7000 years, we can ruin their credit a bit.

( None of that is reassuring and she looks very shocked and terrified of this news. )  But there's not enough of us to fight them if they get upset about this! We're the only ones with anti-akuma weapons!

( Cross looks nervous for a moment before shrugging it off. )  And they're not here, why push it?

( Except Lenalee is more persistent than that, and now she just look's determined. )  Then... I want you to teach me! Like you did Allen. In case they do come... I want to become better!

I don't think it's a good idea if I train you, there's a reason why Allen is as good as an Exorcist as he is, and there's a reason why he whines.

I can handle it! I'm stronger now. I can do it.

( And this is Cross. Slowly... edging towards the edge of the building. )  I suppose if you're that eager to be the only Innocence user here, we should get started right away.  ( and this is Cross FLINGING HIMSELF OFF THE EDGE OF THE BUILDING DESPITE THEM BEING IN THE PENTHOUSE

Lenalee's trained for fast responses and she drops the phone on the ground as her anklets turn into dark red (almost black boots) that go up her thighs. She runs to the ledge and jumps and both are out of frame for a short while.

Eventually Lenalee and Cross reappear at the edge of the frame, her carrying him as she lands back on the ground and drops him before falling to her own hands and knees, taking deep breaths. She reaches to grab her phone on the ground and pauses when she has it, eyes wide before looking over at him.

Only user?

( Her fingers finally hit the button to turn the device off. )

( ooc: lenalee is normal and red is the ginger general )


Oct. 22nd, 2012 10:44 pm
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[ the camera turns on to a nauseatingly in-motion feed, as if someone is holding it in their hand while clearly being preoccupied with something else. like a dinosaur. or a hysterical canadian. whose voice seems to increase in pitch and volume progressively in the background. and may or may not be recognizable as diamond lil. ]

-- didn't even have t'try, did you? Y'heartless mechanical bitch. D'you know what it was like for me? Y'ever had to fight for a man t'love you? Y'think y'know what it's like t'be lonely, but y'don't know a damn thing. And here y'are, sittin' under my damn roof, like y'belong here? Judgin' me like y'got that right? Well, y'don't! Y'don't get t'judge me, and y'don't belong here -- y'won't until I'm dead.

Y'hear me? [ hysterically: ] I ain't dead yet. I ain't dea --

[ you can just catch the movement, as danger abruptly lifts a hand and slaps lil across the face, cutting the stream of words off with the crisp sound of her palm meeting lil's cheek. calmly, clinically: ]

You are not yourself, Lillian. You must stop.

[ lil's face isn't visible from the feed, but she's still for a long moment with one hand lifted to her cheek before she's flying at danger again, practically screaming: ] Get out! Get out, get out, get out before I kill you, y'stupid bot --

[ there's the scuffling sounds of a struggle, quick steps, then the sound of a door shutting and locking. the comm gets roughly put down on what appears to be a bathroom counter. danger can be seen tilting her head up, eying three rows of parallel red welts that start at her throat and disappear under the collar of her shirt. her face twists with irritation before she addresses the communicator: ]

Attempts to physically subdue or verbally calm her have been highly unsuccessful. Her hysteria has only worsened since she returned home.

If it's not obvious, I require assistance.


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