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~109 lives [ video ]

[ A super posh hotel room or apartment (spoiler: James' place). Selina's sitting on a leather couch, idly eating a truffle from a fancy box of chocolates. She wears a fluffy white robe with something silk underneath. Ramus the leopard is curled up on the couch next to her and a little gray cat peers over he shoulder. ]

It's been a very difficult few days. But I've somehow managed to make it through.

[ Another chocolate. Pussy Galore, the gray kitty, snuggles against her cheek. ]

Not exactly the first time I've had my residence blown up. [ Or the second or third... ] But I can't say I've ever had so many offers for help afterward. Particularly from those willing to brutally murder the mystery perpetrator. It's incredibly sweet, thank you everyone.

[ A little pause, like she's reveling in the friendship and all the luxury around her. Ramus growls a bit, catching her attention. ]

That's right, almost forgot. [ Ramus gets a scratch behind the ears. ] Anyone have an explanation for how exactly Andy Bernard ended up carved up at City Hall in a copy of my costume? Aside from the skullheaded freak, of course.
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[he's at a desk, a glass of scotch in front of him and a cigarette in hand]

You could have just asked.
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If anyone knows, don't you think it'd be me?
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Have I ever lied to you?
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So I told a few whoppers in my day. But am I lying now? No.
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It was a good replication of your costume.
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Heh heh. Someone has a meticulous attention to detail.
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What, are you saying you don't believe it was Nygma? Come on.
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I've been getting under his skin since Thanksgiving.
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My existence just seems to have that effect on people.
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It's cute you think I'm not.
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That's funny; I was under the distinct impression you'd relish something like this.
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No, no, Selina.

Making things worse for myself.
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Did you breathe a sigh of relief when you pulled the trigger? When my blood splattered your clothes? Did you enjoy the rush of adrenaline?

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