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001 ✚ voice

( A few hours after arriving, and after meeting up with Jim and figuring out some basics, because he's not about to make a public post that makes a fool of him in front of a bunch of people, Bones picks up the comm and says, rough southern accent and all-- )

Alright. There's obviously no point asking about how to hail a ship that's in orbit two hundred years in the future.

( A great start, by Dr. Leonard McCoy. He sounds all business, and you can almost hear him rolling up his sleeves. )

If this is a city of heroes, I'm willing to bet it's also a city of danger. ( He says that derisively. ) If you were going to rate this place based on how easy it was to get sick, injured--how would it compare to your home ti--that is, world? Are buildings getting knocked down, people getting crazy interdimensional diseases?

I like to know what I'm working with.
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[Hank just sounds positively giddy.]

How it compares to home? Oh, you wouldn't want to know that, my home tends to be a stressfully overdramatic place on those very subjects. Not to say the danger here isn't real, as it certainly is, but it could just as certainly be worse!
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It needs the occasional polishing, but I think it's entirely possible to keep a positive mood going in spite of the difficulties one might encounter here.
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You think a positive attitude would be uncalled for?
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A relaxed mind isn't overwhelmed by stress, thinks with better clarity. Meets his circumstances more ably.

I understand, you're a doctor, not a yogi, but it goes a lot farther than you might think!
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[The answer may be yes, but Hank knows it's terrible etiquette to tell a new arrival that he's been here before. At least, not when he wouldn't know you. But someone so recognizable deserves a little warning.]

Let's just say that tales of your exploits have made it to our end of the galaxy.
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I'd hardly say that's true. You're part of the illustrious USS Enterprise, aren't you? That in itself is worthy of celebration!
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Would it be a problem if he was? That means he's bragging about your better qualities, doesn't it?
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[He clears his throat, hoping this won't sound awkward, but.]

No one you'll know. My name is Dr. Henry McCoy.
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On neither count, really. But it tends to stick with you when you hear it, at least when you have it in common.
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Oh, not much. Medicine. Genetics. Biochemistry.
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I'm hardly one to brag, if I listed everything I have a degree in, we could be here all night!
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Precisely! Some were more passing or contextual interests, but understand the world well enough, and your limits start shrinking.
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You mean the more you realize how little you know? Well, certainly! There are boundless things to learn in the multiverse, and eventually you have to acknowledge how small your part in all of that can be.

But, once you have, you realize that expanding your knowledge can also expands the paths available to greater knowledge. Sometimes not necessarily for you, personally, but your work can also prepare that path for others to surpass you.

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