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016 [ Video ]

[ It takes a moment for anything to be visible on the screen. There's a kind of green haze, then the camera clatters onto something hard and falls at an angle.

Then Julian appears. He's standing on a desk, right in front of the camera. He's also got a pen in his hand, but he's holding it beside him like a staff. Because it's as tall as his shoulder now.

He looks kind of pissed.

Okay. You know what? Fuck this shit. Val! Don't think I didn't just hear you talking, I know this was you! Why the hell is anyone letting her near anything with buttons? Of course it went wrong! We're lucky she didn't teleport a goddamn dragon on our heads again!

[ So, needless to say he's not actually going out in public like this. He points his penstaff at the screen. ]

Someone pick me up. I'm not fucking kidding, I'm not staying in the office like this! Who can fix it? I almost wish Nemesis and Jeffries were still here.
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I'd keep the pen onhand if I were you. You might need it to ward off any stray cats that wander past.

[He keeps a completely straight face as he says this. It takes a lot of effort.]
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[He just stares a moment.]

See, the thing about paperclips is they aren't alive. They also don't messily explode when your TK bursts.
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[As Karima could attest. Hypothetically.]

Still, I think it would be better to favor pushing over pulling. Just in case. For anything else, use the pen.
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[Yeah that would be cool with pretty much everyone, honestly.]

I actually have no idea! You may want to test it against a few things. Non-living things.

The paperclips may be a bit bigger now, but I have some I could lend you, if you'd like.
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Maybe you could practice your typing, then. That sounds like a good exercises.
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Julian, do I look like I'm laughing?

[He is keeping all of his laughter inside. There is a lot of it.]