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♦ oo3 ♦ video ♦

[God, Harley hates this thing. She's too scared she accidentally turns it on while she's in the shower.

She is not her bright, usual self today. It's a month till Christmas and yet - she is too sad. Her favourite patient is dead and now she's stuck with teenagers. And City Hall. Her life is a depressing one, City.

But, anyway. She has a request. ]

Alright, now that Halloween's outta the way an' I don't haveta look at costumes, I gotta be real honest and say it's been real quiet. I mean - dinosaur wild west aside. I got no idea what was up with that, I'm real glad it wasn't me.

[Man - what was she wanting to say again? She pauses, tapping her chin. Trying to re.. -]

Right! Your pal Harley needs a favor. Anyone got a fat Santa Christmas tree topper? Also I need real snuggly Christmas PJ's. The most obnoxious one's in the City. Gimme your recommendations.
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Christmas enthusiast, huh? [ He's on board with that. Even though he's actually been trying to not think of Christmas without his dad or his friends. ] You might have trouble finding a Santa topper: they're pretty non-traditional as far as decorations go. People pick up stars and angels a lot more.
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Re: video;

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It's a possibility. [ Wouldn't be the first time he heard about a Christmas fire. ] I can respect breaking from traditions, though. You might be able to commission something you like enough.
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If you're handy with crafty stuff, you could always just make one. [ Pause. ] And I dunno if the quiet's such a good thing.
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See, I feel like the City's the same way. You could say maybe it just means the police are doing their job, but...

[ But he wouldn't bet on it. ]

... Anyway. That sounds like a plan. [ Curiously: ] Ain't it a little early to start decorating?
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I know exactly the place to get obnoxious pajamas.
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We're talking brightly-colored footie pajamas.
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Harley, it's not even December yet. I'm all for capitalizing on the season [ And god, isn't he... ] but perhaps waiting a few more weeks might be a bit more appropriate?
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I don't intend to let it slide for that long.

Although, I'm sure preparing this early would ruffle Julian Day's feathers, wouldn't it? [ That prospect, even if he isn't here, makes him a little more willing to settle in for the season. ] Which is perfect.
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Some of us got lives, you know.

[ Not him, though. Not much, lately... ]

Try any department store. It's never exactly been hard to find something Christmas-themed that's also obnoxious.
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It happens every year, Quinn.