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56 | voice

[ Although his voice is tense -- it's impossible to fully omit the aggression from it -- Norman manages to disguise most of the anger in it as determined authority PR-mode. This is a time of crisis, after all, and he is a man with a plan. His building and his business were evacuated more or less safely (only the latter was in any way his responsibility) but now the very pressing factor of "where are these people going to live" remains pressing.

Especially because of the storm.

This is Norman Osborn. In light of this disaster to which I don't imagine we yet know the cause, I feel it's my duty to offer some shelter to those who may now have to do without. No need to suffer the storm on the streets.

The Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation has been outfitted to accommodate guests; the rooms [ "rooms" ] have fresh bedding and extra blankets, the library, cafeteria, and recreation areas will be open past usual hours, and there is plenty of food. It's impossible to know what the future will bring, but temporary solutions must come before the permanent in a crisis.

In the meantime, let's try to stay alive, shall we.

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