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Dec. 30th, 2013 09:18 am
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[ Although his voice is tense -- it's impossible to fully omit the aggression from it -- Norman manages to disguise most of the anger in it as determined authority PR-mode. This is a time of crisis, after all, and he is a man with a plan. His building and his business were evacuated more or less safely (only the latter was in any way his responsibility) but now the very pressing factor of "where are these people going to live" remains pressing.

Especially because of the storm.

This is Norman Osborn. In light of this disaster to which I don't imagine we yet know the cause, I feel it's my duty to offer some shelter to those who may now have to do without. No need to suffer the storm on the streets.

The Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation has been outfitted to accommodate guests; the rooms [ "rooms" ] have fresh bedding and extra blankets, the library, cafeteria, and recreation areas will be open past usual hours, and there is plenty of food. It's impossible to know what the future will bring, but temporary solutions must come before the permanent in a crisis.

In the meantime, let's try to stay alive, shall we.
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[ The video turns on to display the Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation, Norman Osborn himself and the warden, Danger, standing in front of it.

Norman has his trademark smirk in place, though there's a hint of annoyance in his expression -- a hint that's at least not at all present in his tone when he starts speaking:

Afternoon. As most of you know, I'm Norman Osborn, and this behind me is the Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation, subject in recent months and weeks to both terrorist attacks and patches in the security perimeter. Obviously, I was not a bit happy about these incidents befalling such an important institution, nor was my associate here.

[ He indicates Danger. ]

This is the hospital's warden and primary security consultant; she, under my supervision, has been heading a total revamp of the facility's security, fixing what had worn down and overhauling entirely what needed rebuilding from the ground up. But I won't go on-- she can speak for herself.

[ He moves aside for Danger to take the stage. She steps forward. Aside from a slight pinch in her eyebrows that suggests a hint of impatience or something like it, her face is passive and her voice is brisk:]

The majority of our upgrades are structural and technological in nature, with components designed by myself and my colleague. Improved protocols and equipment will be implemented, in addition to new treatment and release programs. However, I will decline to confuse you with the details-- it suffices to say that the breeches in security at the Osborn facility will not be reoccurring.

[ She folds her arms over her chest loosely, her tone becoming pointed: ]

If you should find yourself in our care, I suggest you put thoughts of escape from your mind. Otherwise, I will personally have to disappoint you.

[ Smiling off to her side, Norman claps his hands a couple times in a (perhaps mildly patronizing) signal of approval. ]

Indeed. I hope you all feel in safer and better hands knowing that these problems are being swiftly and successfully contained. There has been no staff turnover, but I'll be taking firmer role in both management and supervision to ensure everything proceeds smoothly. At our current pace everything should be completed in less than a month. Thank you, Danger.

[ But despite the conclusion Norman still appears as if he's about to go on, and after a moment he does: ]

Also, briefly, in other news: I'm sure some of the student-aged populous may have already read online long ago about the undergraduate scholarship my company is sponsoring, but as the deadline draws nearer I'd be remiss not to mention it myself. Consider it a reminder -- but anyone entering college in the Fall with an interest in any science might consider applying if they haven't already. The deadline is still July 1st.

That's all.

( OOC: The details of the NOHoPE security revamp can be read in full HERE. Information on the scholarship can be found HERE & anyone interested can just drop a comment to that post saying so! )

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Oct. 25th, 2012 06:29 pm
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[ The camera turns on, propped on a desk, and Norman Osborn smiles calmly at the screen. Any trace of illness he may have been showing earlier seems to be gone; he looks somewhat tired, but otherwise quite well. His smile broadens more, just slightly, before he speaks. ]

It hasn't been easy, but I ask you: since when is anything worth doing easy? You have to expect struggle in life, now and then, but without the struggle there would be no finish line.

... Maybe I should say, nothing at the finish line. Yes, I'm going somewhere with this. Be patient.

[ He tilts his head slightly, a tired and modest gesture before he folds his hands together on the desk. ]

An antidote has been developed by myself [ A brief pause - ] -- and the aid and efforts of Spider-Man, Dr. McCoy, Professor Solus, Molly Hooper, Piccolo, Danger, Dr. Richards and Dr. Storm, to cure whomever is still suffering the effects of the Import virus. I was more than glad to offer my own expertise to a group driven toward the same goal.

Don't worry, it does work. There's no need to sacrifice your privacy for the sake of better health any longer.

[ Still that same smile. ]

It will be dispensed via airborne aerosol to save time; last I heard, some of the Avengers were handling the dispersal. [ He waves his hand in a dismissive gesture. That's out of his department. ] You may notice a slowing or receding of symptoms immediately, but it takes at least twelve hours for the antidote to take complete effect. Between twelve and twenty-four hours the virus should have completely deteriorated, but individual healing rates will be what they'll be.

Yes, it's free.

Take care, everyone. Rest up. This is a gift; not from me, no, but from one part of a community to another. It's only regrettable that it was necessary in the first place.

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Jul. 29th, 2012 02:47 pm
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Humor me for a moment, Network. I've been pondering, and I've decided to indulge outside opinions.

Now, I say this as a man who has had first-hand experience with unsavory reputations, so I can already predict a great deal of your answers. I still wonder where the majority stands on the burden of proof:

Should accusations be believed when there is nothing to back them? "Gut feeling," you might say. Yes, you might say, if the accuser is trustworthy. An optimistic, naive answer, but it's a perspective most of us can relate to. Of course, that answer refuses to acknowledge the cases where both parties may not be worthy of trust. Or the cases where the accusing party might have reason -- quite sound, to them -- to lie. To exaggerate. Or simply, they might be wrong.

After all, everyone makes mistakes.

[ A very deliberate pause, then he continues: ]

Obviously, I'm asking about your personal feelings, not about any legal standpoint. If a man could get arrested without legal evidence, I'm sure we can all agree what an insult to justice that would be.
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[ The comm feed clicks on for a press conference, with the requisite clicking and flashing of cameras, the soft hum of voices, but it’s obvious it was already softening, because they rapidly hush for the figures at the podium. Standing up there is the Mayor, as well as Norman Osborn, who are doing the whole song and dance with smiles and the press faces on. ]

Good afternoon, City. I know there’s been something of a pattern regarding our public works programs. For the past three years, we’ve seen a pattern of the power cutting out, either in localized areas, or even the entire city itself. I know our people have been working in overtime to make sure that our power comes back on as quickly as possible, but I don’t think that’s good enough, and neither did Mr. Osborn here. I’m happy to tell everyone today that thanks to his tireless work over the past few months, we’re finally able to unveil what we think will finally help the City put an end to this particular unpleasant occurrence.

I think Mr. Osborn is more excited about this than I am, so I’ll let him fill everyone in on some of the specifics of our project here.

[ Norman steps forward, adjusting his tie and looking into the camera, smiling rather victoriously. ]

Thank you, Mayor Hundred. For the past few months, I've been working rather tirelessly on a set of generators separate from the main City grid that will keep us all with power no matter what disruptions try to shake us. Obviously, they do not use electricity, but rather a conditioned and stabilized network of chemical reactions, cyclical bonding, and heat of combustion that constantly keeps them "powered."

[ He lifts up a blueprint that shows a table-sized orange disc-shaped device. It says OSCORP along the side in white. ]

Each one has power enough sustain ten City blocks, and is equipped to be capable of doing work enough for two, temporarily, in the event of emergencies; you can imagine how many there are in number. Patent-pending, for now, so no further questions, please.

[ His smile turns a shade drier and he turns to shake Mitch's hand. ]

So that's one problem solved. I thank you for the opportunity.

[ He waves to the camera and the TV feed will dissolve into some minor (non-patent-pending-related) Q&A, while the network feed cuts. ]

( Replies will be ICly delayed a couple of hours! )

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Mar. 6th, 2012 08:02 pm
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[ The camera shows a wooden floor, and then some bloody fingers pawing at the screen. The communicator turns a little and there's an angle shift; now it's filming a very high penthouse ceiling, complete with skylight. Off-screen there is frustrated breathing. ]

You know... [ Norman drawls off-screen, though his tone is less than enthusiastic. ] They say that no man is an island. Which, when you think about it, is probably one of the most singularly inane expressions ever concocted. Not only because it's comparing a human being to a non-sentient landmass that's only self-sustaining under specific criteria.

[ Silence. ]

Because there is nothing appealing about the idea of isolated floating out at sea.

[ Long pause. ]

It's monotonous. Thank goodness no man is an island, lest everyone die of boredom. Maybe that's the entire point, yet I think it would be better made without celebrating codependency in the process.

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Dec. 29th, 2011 07:11 pm
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[ The communicator is propped up on a table, in what looks like a lab -- or some kind of workroom. Norman appears, wearing a lab coat over his suit, and gloves. There's radio music playing softly. ]

We can't function as a society without change. It's simply impossible. As much as we, as a society, are so resistant to change, we're also dependent on it. We must be, of course. We're programmed to want to evolve to our highest capabilities and bring the world and all our toys with us, sometimes making human involvement obsolete. If you look at the rising popularity of combat drones in government and military use, you may know what I mean.

[ A robotic arm reaches from off-screen to hand him a test tube. He glances at the arm and shakes the vial. ]

Actually, I wanted a drink. [ Turns back to the communicator. ] Air force. Police forces. SWAT teams. Et cetera. But I thought it might be only fair to offer contracts to anyone within the City that might be interested first. In the spirit of the New Year and all.


[ He picks up a small orange disc that rested on the table with a gloved hand, turning it over. ]

See this? This is a prototype for an energy generator, one that works on a separate grid than electricity and will produce more reliable results than solar or wind power. It's still small, but...

[ He walks over to the room's circuit breaker and shuts everything off. The lights and the music flicker, but everything stabilizes after a moment or two. ]

... As you can see, functional enough to keep the power operational in the event of an emergency. In this room, anyway. It's obviously still in development, but we would always consider home use.

( ENCRYPTED separately to Oswald Cobblepot, Karla Sofen, LUST, Daken, Black Mask, Edward Nygma, Matt Murdock, Peter Parker, Katurian, it's a formal invite! )

And under a cut. )

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Oct. 31st, 2011 02:04 pm
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I hope that everyone's holiday is as pleasant as it can be under these unfortunate circumstances. As I ventured out today to make a few donations the emptiness of the City became that much more apparent; it's depressing to witness, though all too understandable -- just so long as everyone is safe. It's not a good night to be out.

[ He turns on the video briefly, showing the relatively empty street he's walking down. There's a couple of people, but not many, nor many cars. Several buildings have broken windows. ]

Appropriately eerie, I'd say. Happy Halloween. At least it's not too late to make alternative plans.

(OOC: Tags may be delayed a few hours because I wanted to throw this post up before I had to leave. I'll respond when I get home!)

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Aug. 26th, 2011 12:43 pm
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[ Norman's voice sounds a bit exhilarated this time, a far cry from the bored apathy that's plagued his manner since his release from NOHoPE. Thrilled, slightly breathless. ]

Build, rebuild. You can count on one thing around here: the City's uncanny ability to bounce itself back from seemingly irreparable disaster. Sincerely. The ever unwanted spider in the doorway builds her web over and over undaunted; and so shall we, unwanted by our native peers despite us both having to call this place our home. You have to welcome the tumult, because with it comes the capacity to grow -- to challenge yourself to adapt or die. To learn in the hands of despair. Imagine, opening your mind to what you most fear and painting your walls with that knowledge.

Doesn't it feel like you can overcome anything?

It's a unique experience. Not unique to this city, but unique all the same. Fascinating, isn't it? When you go home, you won't remember a damn second of it. This could be the fountain of knowledge, so long as you don't stray and know where to drink from.

[ There's a pause, then: ]

Hm, Rose. I'm curious, how do you feel about soccer?

Encrypted to Bellatrix )

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Jul. 20th, 2011 06:41 pm
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There's something rather insulting about having your work so inadequately replicated -- you'd think when putting together another government sponsored team they would beseech the advice of someone with experience. No matter, of course. Quite a shame about that young man. I suppose it's not the team that's inadequate, but rather the unwelcoming environment they're been introduced to.

Like clockwork, the question always exists: who do we trust? Hero or menace? Or both? Is it optimism or desperation that we allow ourselves the comfort of someone else's protection? Optimism or naivety that inspires the hero's journey?

I know many of you may think I have no business speaking about heroism. Think of me as you please -- I certainly don't need to prove anything to anyone save my probation officer -- but it's a far more multifaceted title than many will try to claim. Some will argue a hero is who will do whatever it takes to improve a situation. Make things better for the people, the city, the country, whatever they mean to represent. Others call that machiavellian at best, unscrupulous at worst, even if the sacrifices in both cases are roughly equal.

Really, it's quite complex, and I've seen all the sides of that rubik's cube. People watching at home know this too, or else we'd all know exactly who to trust. Who not.


Trust really is a fickle thing.


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[ Norman sets the communicator up, smiling into the screen. He's wearing a sharp vest and glasses that he doesn't need, but certainly make him look dapper and legal-y. He's holding a hardcover book with a green dust jacket, and HOW TO RAISE A SUCCESSFUL CHILD by Norman Osborn is splashed on the cover in pale purple fontface, and opens it to an arbitrary page. ]

"It's imperative you don't spoil your child, should you hope for them to succeed in life. People speak of silver spoons, but you may as well be clubbing them with it. Everyone benefits from opportunity, but opportunity must be earned if it's to be of value. A child for whom everything is provided for him until adulthood will not know how to provide for himself once the time comes. He won't know how to succeed on his own accord. Nothing is crueler than instilling failure in your child."

[ With a smirk, he closes it. ]

I was lucky enough that they bumped the release date early -- I insisted. Who wouldn't? My son's left the city again, it'd be a pity if I had nothing to celebrate. The rest of you make sure to take a moment to think about family today. It's so important.

[ He taps his temple. ]

Though sorry, no discounts for friends.

( This book is definitely highly satirical, and for reader's reference, is dedicated to "G.S.". )

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Mar. 10th, 2011 09:32 pm
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[ The screen turns on, set shakily on a table in what appears to be an emergency room. Norman is rather pale, discoloration still evident in his nose, lips and ears, although some color has started returning. Now that he's out of the freezing cold, his healing factor is kicking in a bit more rapidly. He also looks incredibly pissed off. ]

Justice in this city is a joke. Correct me if I'm wrong, but cruel and unusual is still cruel and unusual even if it's a quote-unquote "hero" that's doing it. [ He holds his hands up to finger-quote, but no dice there; the bandaged fingers won't bend. He puts them down again. ] Or if it's a God who thinks he's above human law. Is that really who we have protecting us? Is that really who we want protecting us?

I'd like to speak to someone about pressing charges.

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Mar. 6th, 2011 09:35 pm
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[ Norman hold up the communicator, looking at the screen while sitting on a bench, dressed sharply in a suit-vest and eating french fries. Mm, junk food. ]

Well, it seems like things are clearing up. It's nice not to have to spend another evening dealing with riots and mayhem; had I still my team I would have loved to be able to put a stop to the violence days ago. But that is life for you, isn't it?

I much prefer the park at night, anyway.

[ Oh yeah, he is outside, isn't he? ]
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[ There's a few moments of dead air, as Norman turns on his communicator and just lets it record the silence of his cell. One minute, two minutes, three-- ]

Mr. Nygma.

There's something I'd like to discuss with you, when you have a moment.

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Jan. 1st, 2011 05:21 pm
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Happy New Year.

Tell me: how were the fireworks?

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[ There's a long moment of silence before he speaks, searching for the right way to approach this. Finally, he decides to keep things simple: ]

Cavil. Are you busy?

(OOC: Norman's encryptions and side of the conversations are a little looser than usual and hackable to a certain genius with Spider-sense. Not on purpose, mind...)

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Nov. 30th, 2010 07:46 pm
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[ There was probably a brief TV spot yesterday to this effect, but Norman loves delivering the news personally because he gets to hear himself talk about... himself. And I didn't get around to it. Norman's wearing a pressed dark green suit with a purple tie, standing outside the up and running NOHoPE facility. ]

As many of you are already aware, the Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation is open for business and admitting patients, as of Monday afternoon. I wish again to offer my thanks to those that have been supporting the cause and to the late Geraldo Bendis, and of course to our talented team of staff and doctors. It's truly a shared success.

[ He pulls out a pair sunglasses from his coat pocket, and puts them on. Deal with it. He smiles and tips the camera a wave, before turning it off. ]

[ ENCRYPTED to Boyd Langton/Rossum ]

Hello. My name is Norman Osborn, and I'm the financier behind the new hospital. I was hoping you and I could talk.
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[Norman Osborn/Sucks and Has Stupid Hair and Wants to Be Stark]

[ Norman sounds serious when he speaks, perhaps even... super serious. This must be important or something. ]

For far too long, our rights as citizens in the City have been consistently denied and stomped upon. While I'm certain many of us can understand the origin of such trepidation, it has been only up until recently that imPorts have been unjustly scapegoated in manners of global or economic concern, or otherwise punished for an act of "immigration" entirely out of any of our hands.

Now. My aim here isn't to preach. These are simple facts, and I wholeheartedly offer my support to those who allowed us to register as citizens as long last so that we, like any other natives in the City, could have an equal say in who our Mayor would be.

Some people understand this, but some people still obviously do not. What happened today was a tragedy, and to think that there are still people so opposed to our existence that they would kill to prove a point speaks little for progress, but heavily for the reaction to progress.

Well I, for one, embrace progress. Candidate Bendis' support will not go forgotten or ignored, nor will his death and the implications behind it stop our right to contribute to our society. The Norman Osborn Hospital of Psychiatric Evaluation will be opening as scheduled. If anyone has further objections, I'd suggest that you put your weapons away and come speak with me. My office door is open.
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[ We bring you to a midday Press Conference, being held in front of a building outside of the City limits. Although it appears to be abandoned, some construction and restoration seems to be in motion. [livejournal.com profile] greengosborn is present, as is [livejournal.com profile] dogabuse, standing to his left and a bit aside. However, it is Norman who is the one speaking to the press. ]

Since this is long and not Boggart-related )

(OOC: More information on this is of course, over here. Angelica will be doing a follow-up post later on, calling for staff, so sit tight doctors. o/)
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There's a situation in Italy -- I want you there as quickly as possible. Mention if you need transportation.

Now is your time to shine, team. Let's go be heroes.

(OOC: I'm not going to be able to set up or participate in a log right now, but if you guys want to set one up that is fine! Godmode rights go to Jason or Jill, in that case.)
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[ This post is visible only to the people on this list. All replies are encrypted. ]

I'm sure you all know better, but for the sake of you new recruits, I feel it's necessary to get the obvious across. Do not engage this man if he tries anything with you. Our team neither stands for nor humors false and inaccurate accusations, nor illegal movement against us -- and I want you all only moving in self-defense if at all. The post is public, though I'm not certain why. All the more reason not to engage in the event he's trying to position us to act first.

The people I do want you on guard for are Tony Stark, Henry Pym, Quicksilver, and Thor. I don't want you ignoring them, I want you all avoiding them. They are dangerous men and they are expecting -- and hoping -- for you all to fail. We'll prove them wrong, of course.

But just be aware. You are all being watched, and no -- there is hardly any justified reason for it. We're perhaps the only ones here who believe in what we're doing and perhaps they feel threatened by that. I can't fathom why.
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[ At 12 o'clock PM on channel 4, a youngish-looking reporter is sitting at his desk -- the screen in the corner shows live footage of Rockefeller Center. ]

In light of the recent events hitting the City as of late and the general… well, the state of this City in general, I'm sure we could all stand a little good news. Well, worry not, because we have Norman Osborn, better known as the Iron Patriot of the… well, of one of the Avengers, live at Rockefeller Center to introduce to us the new members of his team. Take us there, Rodney!

Cut for your sanity. This really only barely qualifies as news. )
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[ ENCRYPTED to Shego ]

I have another job for you. I know you've been getting antsy.

[ ENCRYPTED to the Comedian + Ranamon (separate encryptions)]

You're going live on Friday with the rest of the team -- I hope you're prepared. I'll make sure the cameras get your good side.

[ ENCRYPTED to Ghost + The Riddler (separate encryptions) ]

I need you to do something for me.

[ ENCRYPTED to Ichigo + Hichigo ]

Hello. My name is Norman Osborn -- perhaps you've heard of me. I've certainly heard of you. You've got quite interesting abilities under your belts, don't you? I was wondering if either of you might be interested in a job putting them to use.

[ ENCRYPTED to Avengers (Terra, Mara, Raimi) ]

Clear your schedule on Friday. We're going to be busy.

36 | video.

Jul. 6th, 2010 10:25 pm
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[ He looks vaguely like he's gotten bad news, though it doesn't show in his voice. And it's only brief, because then he's got his usual affected calmness going on, smiling for the camera, a lighter and a barely visible pack of cigarettes at the very corner of the frame. ]

I hope everyone had a good holiday. Those of you who haven't experienced an Independence Day before this one: what did you think? Simply curious, of course -- it's such an American staple I'm sure a lot of the American citizens here can feel reassured that some things don't change. But to others, it must be a rather fascinating, if not inspiring, new experience.

Mm. Anyway, I wanted to mention that as of yesterday, I'm stepping back in as Director of the Avengers. Victoria Hand has done a wonderful job, but it was always going to be temporary. Beyond that, the structure of the team won't be changing, just the leadership back to how it was. And no, it isn't because of the Fourth, that's just a funny little coincidence. Though, Victoria, I'd like you to go about arranging what we discussed -- soon, please.

[ He looks -- subtly -- troubled, idly playing with a golden bang on his ring finger for a very brief moment. ]

I suppose that's everything. Good night.

[ ENCRYPTED to Desire ]

Delirium's gone.

Did you do this?
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[ Oh hi network. Long time no post. Nope, he's not going to get into where he was or why he's been quiet, why? ]

I'm aware that this is delayed, but unfortunately there was no way around it. Things came up unexpectedly, and I was unable to use my communicator until now. That said, better late than never, yes?

I wanted to express my own thank you to all of those who worked along side my team throughout the recent disasters -- temporary members, you are, as agreed, under no obligation to stay any longer. Though if you would like to, by all means: I'll put you in contact with Victoria Hand right away. She is going to remain director of the Avengers for a brief time, but in case my team was concerned: I'm here, I'm fine, and this change is only brief. For now she's doing, and I'm sure will continue to do, a wonderful job.

[ Pause, and looks at his watch. ]

And I think that's all for now. Let's not be strangers.

[ ENCRYPTED to Madelyne Pryor | unhackable ]

I apologize for my sudden disappearance. Rest assured, it doesn't change anything. It's rather complicated, but unimportant now. How are you doing?

[ PRIVATE to his (non-temporary) Avengers ]

Some of you may have questions, but let's skip those since I won't be answering them anyway. Saves time. I wanted to congratulate you for your hard work recently, particularly those of you who went on to help rebuild in LA. Unfortunately I can't reward you with vacation time, considering, but really: good work. I'll see if I can't come up with something shiny to distract you from your troubles. Though feel free to make the most of the current downtime. I just wouldn't expect it to last.

[ ENCRYPTED to Delirium | unhackable ]

I have something for you.
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[ Video turns on. Don't worry, this will be brief, City. ]

In honor of the united effort that is being made to combine each of our respective manpower into an organized, collaborative effort, and as a follow-up to my words at last night's event, I wanted to announce that for the next two weeks, I personally am opening up Avengers membership to those who have wanted to dedicate themselves to helping the City and its people, but lacked the individual resources to do so.

Even those who may not be suited for the regular offensive (or defensive, as the case may be) conflicts that the team ordinarily handles may still wear the title of Honorary Avenger, because I, Norman Osborn -- and my team -- fully support and encourage every effort, even from those of you who make a difference on a smaller, or perhaps less noticeable scale. This doesn't even have to be a long-term commitment [ he pauses ] though it's not out of the question, if everyone is happy with the arrangements as they are; just an outreach to strengthen our own community in these unsettling times.

Thank you, and God bless.

[ ENCRYPTED to Terra ]

Apologies for my absence; I'm sure we have much to still go over about your membership, don't we? Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. Has Victoria given you a tour of the Tower?

[ ENCRYPTED to Dr. Horrible ]

Doctor. I hear you've expressed interest in becoming an Avenger, as well? I'm willing to offer you a chance, if that wasn't already made clear: though I'm curious about what skills you have beyond R&D.

[ ENCRYPTED to Invincible ]

I heard you had a concern. How may I address that?

(OOC: The responses from all interested parties regarding membership will be automatically encrypted; just procedure, of course.)
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[ Shortly after the Major's broadcast. Video pings on after a long moment of static, and we see a view of the airship overhead launching it's missiles, as the communicator has fallen onto the sidewalk.

There's off-screen conversation, and then Norman bends down to pick up the communicator he dropped. Visibly he's in front of a restaurant, and Madelyne Pryor can be seen over his shoulder looking at the sky, as he addresses the communicator.

Avengers! [ Distant explosion. ] Assemble! I'll contact you for further instructions when I know more about just what is going on.

32 | voice.

Apr. 2nd, 2010 06:24 pm
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I'd like to extend my condolences -- belated as they may be -- to the remaining members of Stark's Avengers; I would have spoken sooner but I felt it would be best to wait, lest he return twenty-four hours later. And speaking yesterday would have been in rather poor taste, I felt.

But considering the circumstances as they are and the fact that his team has been effectively reduced by a quarter, I felt I should inform the team that if they need it, I'm offering back-up from my own Avengers. May as well cast differences aside when what we really want is efficiency.

[ A pause, and then he clicks off. ]

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[ The video opens on our intrepid redhead, seen almost gliding down the slightly dingy staircase of a train station. If you weren't already aware, blood red lettering on the bottom of the screen introduces you to Carmine "Red" Zuigiber, reporting for the WNN, a network you've never heard of. Chaos reigns around her -- smoke is filling the subway station, commuters are running this way and that, and a growing fist fight has broken out at the turnstiles -- but she is unruffled. In fact, as she makes her way to the platform, one might call her the calm in the eye of the impending storm, or, perhaps, more accurately, before it. ]

This is Carmine Zuigiber, reporting from a downtown platform of the Lexington Avenue Express line. We've gotten word that a number four train has inexplicably turned on itself and is heading back toward this station, where a number five train is fast approaching. It's far too late to reroute any trains -- very dangerous if you ask me -- and with MTA officials declining to comment, it seems that we will be witnessing the inevitable collision in just a few moments. Projected deaths are estimated to be in the hundreds; injuries are likely to number in the thousands.

[ Carmine seems to be uninterested in these facts. She is also casually disregarding her own personal safety, especially as she approaches the edge of the platform, heels dangling over as she gestures for the camera to film the approaching errant number four. When all hope seems to be lost, her smile widens almost imperceptibly. ]

Wait. What is this?

[ Two blurs rush by. Due to the magic of modern photography, or perhaps due to entirely something else, the camera is able to capture, in a brief screenshot, a clear image of the Iron Patriot and Invincible jumping on to the rails. In the time it would take to blink, all motion stops -- the smoke clears, the commuters turn to watch -- and the collision is thwarted. The crowd is shocked into silence, and then, suddenly, bursts into cheers. ]

Chaps, you've seen it all here first. The fate of two trains destined to meet on this day has been fabulously diverted by none other than the Iron Patriot himself, Norman Osborn, who has emerged from between the trains and is now helping scared passengers off. Mr. Osborn, may we have a word? That was indeed smashing! How did you accomplish such a heroic feat?

[ Osborn turns toward our reporter and removes his helmet.]

Well. When I heard there was a problem with the trains, it was only a matter of rushing over here to try to prevent as much damage as possible. Luckily, I think Invincible and I prevented any lives from being lost. We had to stop the trains ourselves. Physically.

Very lucky, indeed. Can you imagine what might have happened should our heroes not have been here? How dangerous these city streets have recently become.

[ The crowd, including the rescued passengers, begin to murmur as Osborn returns to assisting the passengers. Certainly dangerous, someone whispered. This city is going to hell, said someone else. Not even trains are safe. We can't trust anyone to protect us. All of these heroes, what good do they do? Only Osborn... ]

It looks as if the excitement has ebbed for now, so I shall take that as my cue to sign off. We are all a little safer tonight, it seems, because of the man called the Iron Patriot. How aptly named.

[ Video cuts. ]

[ Since War was unable to deal in death and destruction this time, her role was to incite internal conflict. Expect many NPCs to be irrationally paranoid over the next couple of days, lauding Normal Osborn as their savior. Also, if your character is prone to such paranoia, feel free to have him or her experience a milder form of OH MY GOD, THIS CITY IS RIDICULOUS and NORMAN OSBORN, MY HERO. ]


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