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eleventh card: the Tower

[Minako's face is serious and determined in the video feed.]

Hey, everyone. I know there's a lot going on right now, and a lot of us are trying to help however we can. I just want to say that the Pie Hole is open as a meeting place. I can't really offer anyone a place to stay overnight, but if you have people who need someplace to go, we can at least provide a warm place to sit and some food while something better gets worked out.

Or, you know, for anybody who's out there working rescue, you can come by and get some coffee and something hot to eat whenever you want. No charge.

[She pauses a moment, looking uncertain, and then quirks a wry, lopsided little smile.]

...it might be strange to say right now, but... best wishes to everyone in the coming year.
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[ Yako's answering smile is just as wry. ]

I certainly hope it's better than this one.

What about you? Will you be staying at the Pie Hole?
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I'd rather be optimistic about it myself... while preparing for the worst-case scenario.

Is there anything you need help with right now?
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Right. No sense in getting caught off-guard if you can help it. [ She manages a slightly more sincere smile. ]

There should be enough room, but NOHoPE isn't that large a building... and I suppose some people will still object to staying in an asylum. I'm starting to think evacuating might be a better option.
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Are you really going to keep your business opened while all of this is going on?

[ Minako, sometimes she worries too much about you. ]

Anyway, what was with that strange look just now? Are you not fond of the new year?
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Memories, huh?

[ Rin herself doesn't really have any for the holiday, so she wonders just what exactly it might be that she's done. Caution should be exercised above all else, but: ]

Well, spill them out already. I'm asking, so you clearly want to talk about them.
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Ugh--what a terrible coincidence.

[ Now she feels a tiny bit guilty in asking, but there's no other way to go from here besides up. Figuratively. Literally soon? ]

You're not thinking this is the end of the world, are you?
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Are you all right? [He thinks you're taking this too calmly.]
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Uh, no. My apartment was inexplicably made into structural spaghetti, and I couldn't get much work done, thanks to that damned thunderstorm. The generators are highly sufficient at NOHoPE, but not so much for the local eateries.

[Though to be fair, Chilton would probably take this complaining tone if it was only raining too hard.]

What is going on?
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[Oh no, he considers that he might be inducing that anxiety... And figures it's best to continue.]

I'll admit, I'm still relatively unfamiliar with the City's own quirks. Aside from the mistletoe thing, mind -- and while painful in some sense, it was mostly harmless. I can't say I feel the same, here.

But we have heroes for this business, don't we?
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I certainly won't disagree. [A softer, more hesitant tone:] And do you suppose it's possible that we're responsible for these incidents?
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So, bearing that precedent in mind, and how clearly everything had worked out fine -- are you feeling optimistic, I should ask?
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Minako! [ There's a rush of urgency in his voice. ] Are you alright?
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Yes, I'm fine... we had to leave our apartment, but we've been able to stay with someone.

The Pie Hole hasn't been affected either?
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Do you know why the buildings are doing that?

[ A beat. ]

It's good to know you're safe as well.
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Does Vulcanus have this kind of power? I've never heard...

[ But he won't discount it entirely, as skeptical as he is. ]
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But why the buildings, then? It doesn't make sense.
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You have nothing to apologize for. Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.

[ He sighs. ]

Be careful, Minako.
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I'll remember that.

Thank you.
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Best wishes assuming we all survive.
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Maybe -- would be nice if it didn't have to be. Makes resolutions a lot more simple, though.