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[ the robot named danger is unamused. there is what appears to be a golden basketball-shaped thing with wings and a long tail nestled on top of her head in her cable-dreads. judging by the way she folds her arms pointedly over her chest, it doesn't please her. ]

I require assistance.
My database lacks references for proper maintenance of this creature.
His classification is "golem."
I cannot remove him.
And he will not stop putting his mouth on my projects.

[ a pause. ]

Alternatively, you may answer this inquiry:
Where is Cross Marian?
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He's probably hungry. Let me cook something up and I can try to lure him out of your hair. ...Literally.

You haven't seen Cross either?
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That was the assumption I was working under, [If he hadn't just run out on them all, of course.] though I hadn't really expected Timcampy would remain behind. He'll eat nearly anything, so...be careful about that.
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You mean having an acute need to be reined in by outside forces? Maybe it's hereditary, for all we know the process of bringing him to life may have infused him with some of Cross' own self.

Nonetheless, I've just put some cookies in the oven. Once he gets a whiff of these babies, he should forget all about the lab!
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My dear Danger, baking has always been a skill worth learning for anyone, regardless of their personal nutritional needs!
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Regarding intentions to drop off the face of the Earth? Pack it all in and make a new life elsewhere?

I imagine if anyone knows what's really going on, he's sitting on top of your head. [Which is perhaps what inspires his eagerness to take Timcampy off her hands.]
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Computers didn't yet exist when he's from. But from what I've seen, his methods of communication are largely non-verbal, giving hints through movements and body language...as much as what he has can be considered a body.
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There can be some standard vocabularies within that set, but they tend to be easier to pick out when you're more familiar with the person you're reading. Of course, when you've got so unique a shape as him, it takes a lot of guesswork until you've had ample opportunity to properly observe him.

I'm wondering if I can't set up some sort of pipeline to route the ventilation from my oven into the lab. Give him a trail to follow.
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The idea was to encourage him to voluntarily detach himself, but yes, I suppose we wouldn't have the time to rig a new ventilation system, either.

Give me about ten minutes. These should nearly be done by then.
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It's really no problem at all. Tim might be able to answer some questions I have of my own, in fact.
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I don't know exactly how I'll word it, just looking for hints as to Cross' departure. Whether it's a genuine port-out, or...something else.
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I'll keep you informed as the mystery unfolds. If he's still on this planet, we'll find him.