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[Exhale.] Yuma Tsukumo was ported out weeks ago. I apologize, I'm aware that it's better to announce something such as this immediately, but I-- I wasn't ready to admit that he was gone. He was my very first friend, he treated me like I was his partner. But I know he was also friends with many of you, and it was selfish of me to keep such information to myself.

Kaito Tenjo was similarly ported out, only a few days ago. It's possible that he will return in a week, as the Porter has done something like this to him before. [He sniffs. Apparently he was crying before recording this.] However, I doubt his return. [A beat.]

Unlike Yuma, it was difficult for Kaito to interact with others, but he cared about this City and what Vulcanus was trying to do to this world.

So I will not end this transmission feeling... sorry for myself. If I did, it's likely Kaito wouldn't consider me his rival any longer. Yuma would be disappointed in me, too. [From the way he says it, it's like Yuma is an afterthought. Steeling himself is nearly impossible, it helps to imagine Yuma getting angry at him about such rude comments.]

I refuse to believe it's a useless endeavor any longer. I want to help, I don't want this world to become like the one before. New Vesuvius was a terrible place.
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[posted from NO.96's communicator]
[There's something very distinct about his voice; he lacks his usual autotune.] Death threat, report of a murder, cannibalism... Wow, you're all quite busy, aren't you? [He laughs at a joke that's only funny to him.] I haven't checked the Network in months, and I figured it was all the same ole thing. Swimming and birthdays, y'know, boring crap like that. [A beat.]

Well, since you guys already set the mood for me! Let's talk hypothetical. Say you know someone, and they're hurt by another person. Injured horribly. Maybe even killed. I know that doesn't matter much here, but for the purpose of this, let's say it does. What do you do? Do you report to the police? Or take justice into your own hands?

To continue this series of hypotheticals... This person who did it wasn't entirely in control of themselves, a third-party forced their hand. What happens now? Are they still at fault? If you chose to take justice into your own hands before learning this information, doesn't that make you the bad guy?

This is some pretty serious stuff! Watching a couple of homeless people go at it at the shelter a few nights ago really inspired the philosopher in me. [wait, what was that last part]
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It's getting warmer, isn't it? So it must be almost time to partake in summer activities. [Wistful.] Swimming, building sand castles, searching for sea shells – I want to experience things like that for myself, before I was only able to watch others.

Searching for sea shells should be easy enough. But I don't know how to build a sand castle, and I also don't know how to swim. [He found out the hard way at TíraFórsae.] I would like to learn.

I don't have much I can give in return, except offer to teach you how to play Duel Monsters... Though I understand if you're not particularly interested. [This world and its weird non-Duelists.] So, perhaps, we could work something else out.

[He doesn't really know what else to say, so uh, awkwardly ends the transmission.]
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i know this is quite possibly short notice
but yumas birthday is very very soon

i would like to do something special for him
because he always does so much for me and very little for himself

i think being with many of his friends at the same time would be good too
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[Whoa, human Astral! The red hair and similar skin-tone to Yuma is different. The blue bow-tie is new, and looks a little weird with the over-sized yellow sweater. This is a fashion emergency.

Also, he won't stop smiling, it's creepy as shit.]

On Yuma's Earth, it was very rare to find other beings that could hear or see me.

Then I arrived here, and I was able to interact with many, many people. It was an overwhelming experience, to say the least. I was just starting to feel emotions for the first time. What is that saying..? I was thrown out so the wolves may devour me?

But I met many friends here, though some of them are gone now. I was told once that keeping my fingers crossed would mean their eventual return... This is quite selfish of me, wanting to take them away from their dimensions again so I could continue our friendship. But I still hope to see them again.

[HMmm.] I have not posed a question for quite some time... Who do you want to see again? Why?
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[Well, there's someone who hasn't been seen on camera for a while. Sadly, it's 96 and his communicator opposed to Astral. At the very least, they look 96. There are a few things wrong, and he seems... off. Like he's too calm. A particularly keen eye will notice his posture is surprisingly defensive.

When he speaks, his voice lacks a certain cadence. Of course, the undercurrent of anger is still present, but something is missing that just can't be placed. He sounds almost exactly Astral.

It's pretty eerie.]

It's unfortunate that I have even had to come to this, but— [A significant pause, as if he's not certain how to say the next few words.]

I have a problem I can't quite solve on my own. Rather my solution won't work. Not here anyway. [Resignation? Perhaps something else? Who can say at this point.] So someone suggested something to me, and I have given it some thought.

While I didn't want to bring this out to the open, it... [If he produced saliva, he would be swallowing a knot in his throat about now. But he can't, so he's not. Yes, this is pointless action for dramatic effect.]

Might be beneficial if it's public. So others may see that I am trying alternative methods other than destruction. [Even though he's acting really weird, 96 still gleefully cracks on that particular word. It's a habit.]

Recently there has been a rather marked increase of humans from my... Dimension. Two of which pose a threat to not only my continued existence, but others as well. While I am uncertain of the abilities that may have been granted to them by the machine, I know what they are capable of doing.

It's not too much of a stretch to assume they possess the same powers. Perhaps even augmented in a way that allows them to bypass Dueling, similar to us Numbers.

But they are human! Humans want to reason before acting on their baser instincts, yes? Because that's what makes them intelligent creatures. [His voice cracks again, but this time he seems insulted by himself apparently.]

Kaito. And that other one, the one with the short hair and cut on your face.

I propose a truce.
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i was wondering who else will be attending opening night for the crescent movie ? perhaps we could go together

it would be fun i think
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people of the network what are some of your favorite foods

if i am to be stuck in this form i feel i should try as many new foods as possible but i need to know where to start

( i prefer not to eat animals )
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[auto-tuned and monotone for listening pleasure, maybe:] Are there any marriage counselors that specialize in imPort relationships?

[pause] Or anyone knowledgeable in how to mediate particular relationships with significant others.
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i wondered this for quite a while

what are some characteristics that make humans unique on your home world or in your dimension

for example the humans i am more familiar with typically have bright colorful hair
very similar to tropical birds
its much easier to differentiate them compared to the humans present on this earth
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[hello network, how is everybody today? doing good? good. Astral floats on screen as usual, holding the communicator at a safe distance so everyone watching can see him and Steve. practical!] Steve was showing me his butterfly knife earlier--

[moving from one side of the screen to the other behind Astral, looking white-faced and distressed. "Please, hurry if you can, I think...oh..."]

--which is a rather peculiar name for the weapon... It doesn't resemble a butterfly at all.

Then he managed to sever his finger. It's quite fascinating, actually! I had no idea what human tissue looked like when it wasn't apart of the body. [that sure is a severed finger in Astral's free hand]

[turns his head over his shoulder, attention focused on Steve] Oh my, perhaps it'll help if you stopped bleeding? [and back to the camera]

Anyway, the reason why I was made this video is because we were wondering how would Steve re-attach his finger? ["Oh, oh, this is..." Again, from one side of the screen to the other...and backward he goes, falling off-screen with a magnificent thud.] Steve..?
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Do you know what it's like to be a rice cooker? It's humiliating. Humans, rats... They aren't much different from each other. They've got legs. They can move. So it's easy to position them in a way to switch to more, ah, favorable hosts...

[monotone:] But a rice cooker is stationary. You sit there all day. You can't do nothing but steam rice, maybe burn it if people aren't paying attention. [it doesn't last, 96's voice breaks] What point is there to that when a person can MAGICALLY PRODUCE ALREADY-COOKED RICE? Why do they even own a rice cooker?! It's stupid! Stupid, inefficient!

Stupid, stupid, stupid! [he kinda... smoulders on screen for a few minutes... Then calm, eerily so.]

I have my own communicator now. [oooh, a NO.96 identification tag and everything]
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it was suggested by feferi before she left that i create a tournament for yumas birthday
however i do not know how many duelists are in this world

how many are from a world that features wild colorful hair and familiar with the game duel monsters
im aware of at least four people including myself but i wonder if there are more

how many are not from that world but familiar with the game duel monsters

for those who do not know the game
are you willing to learn i dont mean to brag but i am a capable teacher

and how willing are you to participate in a duel tournament

the red haired hunter may not reply
go away you are not allowed to participate
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What is a birthday? Why is it important? I understand it's some sort of human invention... [oh my, oh dear, Astral's not rambling forever this time!!!]
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Y'know what's boring? Riddles. Word games, too. Seriously, "give me words starting with the letter 'D'", who comes up with that kind of stuff? [titters]

So I thought I would try that heroism thing, but justice isn't for me. [a beat]

Now I'm supposed to ask some generic question about human morals, right? Go through some sort of weird crisis about my existence? I have committed evil once, certainly I am evil forever! No matter how hard I repent and work towards good, I cannot live with my mistakes and grievous sins!

Oh, oh, oh, maybe even imprison myself 'cos I'm such a monster. [wow stop laughing 96] But really, where's the fun in that?
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When a person is ported out, the humans closest to them display a great amount of concern and openly grieve on the Network. If I am not human, should I do the same?
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Consider this a diversion of sorts. What are possible words the letter 'D' can stand for?

Degenerate? Derelict? Daft?
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Who can fly?

If you can, do you wish to play a game with me? Or partake in any other suitable mid-air activity. Perhaps a race.

I've been grounded for far too long.
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Look! Look!

[For the first time since his resurrection, Astral's using the video function. He's a little shy about being human right now. Look at all that red hair that's shoved back behind a headband to keep it out of his face! His skin tone is similar to Yuma's, and his facial markings are even darker. The only thing that remained the same are his creepy as fuck yellow eyes. Also, he's practically drowning in scarves.

There's an umbrella cockatoo sitting on his hand! And that is the most important thing to take from this action tag. He's so excited by this, you have no idea.]

The woman who sells animals is allowing me to purchase him today. She's gathering all that's necessary in order for me to take care of him. She said I require a cage and food, that I must give him proper attention. It is a major responsibility.

[Suddenly the camera is full of cockatoo! The cockatoo pressing his beak into the camera, like he's trying to eat it.]

His hair can stand up like mine. [Or would, if he wasn't human right now. Completely beside the point.] I've named him Tweema!
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It seems that with the inclusion of eight hours sleep in my schedule, time moves distressingly fast. I did not know two weeks could pass so quickly! In order to make up for this lost time, I will address several matters at once. [efficiency! ... or so he thinks anyway]

Why do humans of this Earth celebrate a holiday about a very strange imPort?

Jesus Christ, I do not appreciate your cat image attachments and it is rude to force your bizarre human holidays onto me. While I may have asked [forced] Yuma to purchase a dead pine tree to decorate with many bright lights and colorful round bulbs, it was because they were quite pretty and did not have much to do with your horribly hairy, four-legged abominations. To be honest I am reluctant to fully partake in your holiday and would appreciate it that you never send me another e-mail again.

[clears this throat] Now, onto other matters...

On November 27th, ten cards were scattered across the City. A friend of mine managed to reclaim some of them. It is of utmost importance that anyone who possesses these cards return them to me immediately.

They are dangerous. I'm aware that it is strange that something so simple could cause such devastation, but they are more than just cards.

They are pieces of my memory.

They bind to Duelists and amplify the desires in their heart; it's logical they take the form of an object only a Duelist yields.

What happened that week far exceeded my expectations. I never thought they were capable of mutating inanimate objects. I also did not know their influence could be so widespread. If you or anyone else were acting strangely during that period, it is extremely likely to be due to them.

I've been informed there are more Duelists in this world, much more than I originally thought. I urge you not handle them. While it is possible to overcome their influence on your own, such instances are rare. In my current state, I do not have power necessary to extract them from your body should they bind to you.

They are black cards and written in my native language. If you have one, Yuma will be the one to reclaim them. [translation: it is cold and I don't want to, so I'm going to make the person I threw out a window go instead]

[a beat, if you think the feed will end here you are so wrong]

...How can I make my hair stand up straight again? It continues to fall into my face, and it is very distracting.
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Why am I in this room again? [There's a familiar voice, but no monotone here. In fact, Astral sounds more like he did when Black Mist had control of his body. Only you know, scared and a complete wreck.] Everything feels wrong and I can't fly and my feet have fingers and my skin is weird and my hair keeps falling into my face and it's cold and hard and uncomfortable and- [HEAVES. Now he's crying.]

What's this? My face is wet. Aren't these tears? Why? Why am I crying? What's going on?

Yuma? Yuma? Yuma? Are you still here? Are you alright? I don't know what's going on. What's happening to me? Yuma. [He remembers throwing him out a window oh my oh my oh my]

[identity profile]
[The video opens with Astral, who looks... different. He's pitch-black now, opposed to his typical white and light blue. His markings are almost the same outside the vaguely heart-shaped red ones on his face. Did he get into a fight with that one Ferngully villain and lose? Yes, yes he did. The camera is at an odd angle above him, somehow it's suspended in the air.]

[Astral starts rather cheerfully:]
Heeello, Network!

[His face twists into something that should be concern, but is nothing like it.] Isn't all this destruction just terrible? Does anyone know who caused it? [Dramatic pause! Tilts his head up towards the communicator, waiting for an answer that will never come.]

... I do! [The more he speaks, the more erratic his voice sounds. He's trying to mask it with his usual monotone, but he's failing pretty hard.]

I even went ahead and caught the perpetrator! No need to thank me. [Trying not to laugh at how corny he sounds. He can't-] I'm just doing my job as an upstanding Cityzen to- [Ok, no. This is just too hilarious. He doubles over in laughter. Give him a moment, he needs to get this out of his system.]

Ah, protect the City.

[The camera shifts away from Astral. Hey, it's Yuma! Hey Yu-oh. Smoky, black tentacles are everywhere. Well, that certainly explains how the communicator is in the air.]

["Let me go! Astral, can you hear me?! ASTRAL!"]

It's not like I'm not even here! C'mooon, Yuma.

["You bastard...!"]

Rude..! I'm sorry everyone, he's not being very cooperative. [He grits his teeth.] He's not even playing along.

We would've been so great together, Yuma. You and I... A truly splendid partnership! The whole world set ablaze. This Earth or that Earth, as long as it's an Earth, who really cares? But noo. [Yanks hard at Yuma's arms and legs while strangling him. Yuma kicking and flailing only makes Astral pull harder!]

You're too defective to be affected by my power. Almost half the entire population of this City falls before me, with more and more and more by each passing moment! [His other tentacles relent, the only one left is the one wrapped around Yuma's throat.]

But not youuu. Oh nooo, not you. [Considers his awfully sharp nails, not paying much attention to the communicator or Yuma.] Do you have any idea know how infuriating that is? [Suddenly he rushes forward, nearly nose to nose with Yuma. Yuma tries recoiling back, but it's not exactly feasible with a tentacle around his throat.] A city full of people, yet I can't even fully control a stupid human boy like you. [He backs away, only to cup Yuma's face in his hands. Those sharp fingernails cut into the skin right between his eyes. The kid screams as lines are carved around his eyes and across his forehead. Man, sucks to be Yuma.]

This could've been so easy, Yuma. So, so easy. But you always have to make everything so difficult for everyone. [Astral grins, wide-eyed and showing brilliant white teeth. The screaming is just so atmospheric.]

But that's okay. [It's eerie how fast his demeanor changes; the smile presses down to a tight line across his face, calm, almost neutral as he examines the blood on Yuma's face.] It's what you do. The only thing you're even remotely good at...

Y'know, I really don't have any use for you. I waaas going to let that stupid human law-enforcement thing take you or whatever, so you'd live juuust a little bit longer. Just long enough to see what'll happen.

Even though your body is still under my control, I can't touch your mind. There's no fooling me this time, Yuma. [Astral tweaks his nose.] I could simply force you to stop breathing and watch you slooowly asphyxiate. I doubt that'd be any fun though.

I've decided! I want to destroy you! I want to see your body break and have all that red stuff inside you stain the sidewalk..! [The tentacle wrapped around Yuma's throat tightens, pulling him through the air towards the camera - before suddenly changing direction, flinging Yuma towards the window. The sound of his body hitting and crashing through glass is simply music to Astral's ears, along with that wonderful little "ASTRAAAAL" at the end.]

[Now that creepy evil obsessive monologue and tossing Yuma out the window over with! Turns his attention back to the communicator with his arms akimbo.] Anyway. Hello, Network. Isn't all this destruction just terrific?

I can't stay for long! I've got someone to check on, on the first floor.
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I understand these... [what should he say, crap] Entities... from another world wish to destroy the City and possibly this world, but for what reason? Why are they angry?

[avoids looking at the camera directly, continues on]

There must be some pretext for their actions. [senseless destruction? naaah. and now he looks even more uncomfortable, despite his face being void of any emotion. it's almost like he's hiding something]
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[Look at this camera angle! It's all tilted. It does give a clear view of the computer it's filming, though. Hey, what's this on the screen? Some sort of website dosed in black and terrible font color choices? Is that Comic Sans? This is the most interesting video ever.

The Geocities-inspired sparkly banner at the top reads ASTRAL WORLD. And the amount of star fields make it look like someone's on tumblr, but nope. It's Angelfire.

Astral turns the camera away a little too fast thanks to being an amateur at this kind of thing. That must leave someone out there disappointed because MAN that was a gorgeous website for the eyes to feast on.

Whoa, this kid... He's all glowing blue, for the love of your eyes don't look directly at him. And he's in a library. This is all very fascinating.

Astral, being the most important character in this video because he's in the foreground, looks... confused. Yeah, that definitely appears to be confusion written all over his face.

I'm told that "Google" is capable of searching for anything. While it presented me what it knows about my home world, it's not helpful. It leaves me with more questions than answers.

[He continues, sounding more hopeful than auto-tuned monotone:] Everyone who uses this Network comes from a different world. And from what I've observed, not everyone is a human. [Pause] This information must come from somewhere... Is anyone familiar with the Astral World?
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i dont understand

why inquire someones hero alias if the intention is not to give them the one they request

such action is a waste of time

i am esper astral i ask that you call me that

while the machine has given me the alias soulbonder i have no intention of using it


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